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Trailer Probe: Knights of Badassdom
Reviewed by Deanna Toxopeus, © 2011

Format: Movie
By:   Joe Lynch (director)
Genre:   Fantasy - comedy
Review Date:   July 30, 2011

Trailer Probe helps you decide which geeky movies you need to waste your comic book money on. Geek explosion content is good parts, dork disengagement level is bad parts, geek parts per million is total nerdy enjoyment.

Knights of Badassdom

Dork disengagement level:

Look! It's LARPers looking like real LARPers. Sort of. Many of them are too fit. Minus 50,000 points.

And a little too good looking. Minus 50,000 points.

Damn it, they're Hollywood extras, aren't they?

They could not find a LARP player or two that was free for the week or so it took to shoot the movie? Minus 100,000 points.

They read from a spellbook they found. Have they not seen Evil Dead? From the style this movie has, they must have seen Evil Dead.. So minus 100,000 for not learning from filmmaking history.

Sookie Stackhouse's brother Jason is the main character, and he's "too cool" to be a LARPer. The main character should have been one of us. Are we not cool enough? Minus 25,000.

Yay Summer Glau! Boo her outfit! Minus 100,000 (If I was a man, it would be Plus 500,000.)

Geek explosion content:

It has the "In A World" movie trailer announcer. Plus 10,000 points.

It's about LARPing. Now my non-geek family and friends will know what the heck that means. Plus 10,000.

I love the king in the electric wheelchair. Plus 50,000 points.

Looks like some people get possessed, such as Glau and Dinklage. Plus 100,000 points.

They say, "Huzzah!" Plus 10,000 points.

It looks like Shaun of the Dead meets LARPing. So it could be brilliant, or this could have been all the funny bits. No points gained or lost.

Peter Dinklage. IT'S DINKLAGE!!! His appearance alone is worth hardbound graphic novel money. I'm talking library bindings here, people. Plus 1,000,000 points.

Geek parts per billion: 855,000.

For more about Knights of Badassdom, here's the movie's official site.

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