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Confessions of a B-Movie Fanatic: The Legend of Bigfoot (1976)
Reviewed by AJ Landon, © 2011

Format: Movie
By:   Ivan Marx
Genre:   Bigfoot!
Review Date:   September 09, 2011

You probably read the subject line and thought that I would be reviewing a movie that was about Bigfoot. You would be wrong.

There is a "Bigfoot" in the film, but it's director Ivan Marx dressed up as an ape-thing ambling through a meadow. Other than that, there is very little of its title character.

The Legend of Bigfoot is a documentary about Ivan Marx, a man who dedicated his life to the pursuit of Bigfoot.

He caught the "creature" on video a couple of times, amounting to maybe five minutes of footage, and so had to fill the rest of his feature-length work with vaguely related wildlife scenes and a good ten minutes or so of someone's headlights.

According to Marx, Bigfoot lives up in the mountains (of the Rocky variety) somewhere and migrates many thousands of miles with the seasons. He spent most of his life tracking this creature.

After years of relative lack of success in his endeavor, he decided to ask some elder of one of the First Nations for help. The elder basically messed with Marx and told him that, to find Bigfoot, he would have to find the breeding grounds of the moose and do some weird dance and music routine at night on (presumably) the tundra.

Footage of moose copulation and someone's car headlights ensue (separately, of course). That is the gist of the Bigfoot-related part of the movie, which amounts to maybe 15 minutes.

The rest of the documentary is filled in with nature footage, most of which he explains with strange philosophical musings (you know, the savagery of nature, the natural order of things, the beauty of big scary animals).

One scene in particular sticks out in my mind that involves two squirrels. I will not ruin it for you, but will say that it involves one frisky male, one frisky female and an accident with a jeep.

If for no other reason, watch the movie for the squirrel scene.

The whole movie is a disjointed mess of nature footage and dubious Bigfoot footage loosely tied together with a monologue by Ivan Marx. It's good entertainment so long as one is prepared with, say, a few shots of tequila or a few good friends.

I should note that Ivan Marx held that his Bigfoot footage, in all of its blurry and bumbling glory, was genuine even up to his death in 2002.

Flow: 2 (out of 10)
Special effects: 4
Character development:6
Entertainment value: 10

Buy the movie right here . . . if you dare!

And here is a compilation of every time in the movie that Ivan Marx says "Bigfoot."

AJ Landon dedicates this byline to a phrase making its debut on RevolutionSF.com: Moose copulation!

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