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Fantastic Fest 2011
Reviewed by Rick Klaw, © 2011

Format: Movie
By:   Various artists
Genre:   Movies
Review Date:   October 09, 2011

Rick Klaw blogged about Fantastic Fest, the horror, sci-fi, fantasy, and action film festival, on his RevolutionSF blog Geek Curmudgeon. Here is his big list of links to his reviews and thoughts about the weird stuff, sci-fi, imports, and weird sci-fi imports he saw there.

Day 1: Let the Bullets Fly, Kill Me Please, Polvora Negra

"Screen legends Chow Yun Fat and Jiang Wen (who also directs and wrote the screenplay) deliver virtuoso performances as the power hungry, greedy gangster and the Robin Hood style bandit."

Day 2: Yellow Sea, Invasion of Alien Bikini, Extraterrestrial

"The balls-to-walls Korean crime drama The Yellow Sea electrifies with creative bloody combat using a machete, kitchen knives, and even a dog leg."

Day 3: El Narco, Calibre 9

"The weapon, possessed by the soul of dead hooker Sarah, grants Yann nearly superhuman abilities to kill people while avoiding bullets."

Day 4: The Corridor, Headhunters, Carre Blanc

"See Headhunters before the inferior American remake hits theaters."

Day 5: Juan of The Dead

"Easily the best and most original zombie film of the year."

"According to the director, many of the weird occurrences actually happened."

Day 6: Julia X, Haunters, Smuggler

"Kevin Sorbo's aw shucks charm lends a surprising strength and credence to the role."

Day 7 and 8: A Boy and His Samurai, Rabies, Clown, A Lonely Place To Die

"The bored warrior also discovers the art of dessert making, even entering a Top Chef -style contest."

Rick Klaw's blog Geek Curmudgeon.
Klaw on Twitter: @RickKlaw
The Fantastic Fest festival site.

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