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Killer Klowns From Outer Space Sequel Sucks / Rocks
© Deanna Toxopeus, Gary Mitchel, Matt Cowger
January 02, 2012

The movie Killer Klowns from Outer Space came out in 1988. It has a well-deserved cult fame, because it has killer klowns in it. Its makers are sequelizing it, they announced on the Killer Klowns 2 Facebook site. Respected killer klown authorities Deanna Toxopeus, Gary Mitchel, and Matt Cowger weigh in on the good parts and bad parts of this auspicious news.

Deanna: I am outraged. How about you?

Gary: I'm waiting to see more details before I go into nerd-rage. And I need to watch the original again. It’s been ages.

Deanna: This is the movie that gave us the word HUTA, with its "hand up the ass" puppet joke. Here’s why the sequel will suck. I’ll cover the Sucks side, you get the Rocks.

Gary: Awww, why do I have to defend it?

Deanna: Because we both know you have no taste, Mr. "Scott Pilgrim movie sucks." (Read Gary's Scott Pilgrim review.)

Killer Klowns Reboot Sucks: The original was so bad it was good. It is B movie making at its finest. You can't capture lightning in a bottle like that.

Sucks: The sequel is going to be intentionally campy (think Scream), and that's not going to work.

Or it will be HARDCORE!!! That will make it Saw with clowns.

You argue why it rocks now, while I cook up another batch of bile.

Gary: Killer Klowns Reboot Rocks: We need to keep this message going until people get it: Clowns are evil and will eat you.

Rocks: Syfy needs more things that aren't wrestling.

Rocks: It's being written and directed by the Chiodo Brothers, the same guys who did the first one, so it could have the same level of good/ bad quality and be fun. Now back to why the Killer Klowns Reboot Sucks.

Deanna: In the original the clowns were bad make-up jobs with rubber so stiff, it looked like it had been in a Canadian ice storm. It inspired generations of Halloween masks. But it's 2012. I fear they are going to CGI the crap out of it.

Creators returning to the well this long after the original is rarely a good thing. Consider the Sequel Gap at this TV Tropes page.

Rocks: If Beavis & Butthead can come back, so can the clowns.

Rocks: With the CGI, we might get some new clown-related gags that they couldn't do last time. Like, um, like, ah. Balloon-animal attack dogs.

Sucks: Nowadays, could they even get away with the meat puppet scene?

Rocks: If the Saw movies can get away with what they do, the meat puppet should be no problem.

Gary: I got nothing more. It's a bad idea. But who knows?

Deanna: I know. For I know these things. It’s going to suck!

Matt Cowger: Both of you be quiet, this is a tempest in a teapot. The Ash-free Evil Dead remake (cited in this on RevolutionSF right here is the one I am apprehensive about.

Deanna & Gary: Matt wins.

Deanna and Gary co-host the RevolutionSF podcast, the RevolutionSF Roundtable. Matt hopes to someday be on that podcast. Let's make this thing happen, people.

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