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Reviewed by Sarah Azrarnold, © 2012

Format: Comics
By:   Brian K. Vaughan
Review Date:   March 16, 2012

Brian K. Vaughan's new comic Saga, from Image Comics, was released this week and within a few hours was sold out from Diamond distributors. This tells you something about the popularity of Vaughan and why it’s almost compulsory to pick up his latest work.

Vaughan wrote Y The Last Man, Ex Machina and was a principal writer of the TV show Lost.

The first thing that impressed me with this first chapter of Saga is that it conveys the world and the surrounding conflict well and is straightforward. I like some mystery in my stories, but if I can’t even figure out who the protagonist is or roughly where/ when it is taking place I won’t be on board.

We’re introduced to Alana and Marko, in the throes of childbirth within the first panel. I don’t know of a better hook.

The story is narrated by their newly born daughter, who has a sharp sense of humor.

I tend to pick up trades when I’m looking for comics, and shy away from singles of series I don’t know. I like to have as much of the story in my hands as possible and I tend to be picky about what I spend $4 on. But I’m glad I took the risk of buying this new story.

I’m not only intrigued by the story, I want to see more art from Fiona Staples, who has been in comics for a few years but this is her first well known series, where she has the helm.

I enjoyed her minimalist style and fluid use of color. Vaughan notes in the letter-column that she hand paints all the covers and does the pencils, inking, and colors all on her own. It takes a strong artist to pull all three aspects off Staples doesn’t disappoint.

If you can’t tell, I highly suggest picking up this first chapter whenever your local shop has one in stock.

Saga is artistically highly stylized and a beautifully rendered future fantasy world.

For more about this comic book, visit the Saga site.

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