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Sci-Fi TV 2012: Syfy Has 28 Crazy Ideas
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© Joe Crowe
May 10, 2012

Syfy is imagining greater for 2012 and 2013, by announcing by press release a huge list of ideas they have for 2012 and 2013. Only one, Defiance is for sure going to air. One.

So my snap judgments from their press release are making fun of ideas that may never come to be. And that makes me sad, because some of these sound super awesome.


About a devastated Earth after an alien war. Rockne O'Bannon, the Farscape guy, is in charge. So that bodes really well. The cast includes Julie Benz. The negatives: An MMO is part of the show. Dudes. I just want to watch it, not play it.


The press release says everything else is in "development." But there are some neat ideas here.

Rewind: High-tech people travel back in time to fix the future so a big bad thing doesn't happen. Here's a good idea: Make the bad thing the alien war from Defiance

Let's work together, people. One show happening, and another show trying to prevent that show from happening! It would be great! But my genius remains unheralded.

High Moon: Moon miners. Well, we wanted a show on Syfy that took place in space.

Booster Gold: DC Comics superhero in live action! I really am excited. Booster Gold rules. I want more superhero shows. Now.

Adjustment Bureau: Based on the Matt Damon movie. The show better have the movie's magic fedoras, or I will riot.

Grave Sight: From True Blood creator Charlaine Harris. A girl can sense the last memories of dead people. For example "AAAGGHHHH!"

Seeing Things: Dead cop comes back as a ghost. I bet he remembers his last memory. "AAAAGGHH!"

Defender: "In the aftermath of an intergalactic war between humans and transhumans, the starship Defender, populated by a combustible mix of former enemies, is sent on a seemingly simple goodwill mission, which turns into a fight for their lives and for the safety of the Universe at large."

The writer is Robert Hewitt Wolfe (Alphas). This sounds so much like the video game Defender. If it is I will be super excited.

The Family: Generations of alien factions hidden among humans. Now they want to come out in public. This sounds too much like real life.

Eyes Of The Dragon: Based on the Stephen King novel. Magic rules after technology goes away. Yay, it's like Thundarr the Barbarian! Probably not. Sigh.

One Mile Straight Down: An adventurer explores a hidden world when an earthquake opens up a big hole. Hidden world stories are fun. Make this happen!


The rest of the list is all the reality shows they are working on. It sounds like a dream I had when I had the flu. I can't wait.

The Genie follows an "extreme concierge" who it appears makes wacky ideas for birthday parties happen. The examples they give include "living life as a hobbit." For extra realism, they burn down your neighborhood.

Stranded: A "paranormal social experiment," where people move into an infamously haunted area and document what happens. Have they seen Paranormal Activity? This is not a good plan.

Awesome Foundation: Inventors pitch ideas, then a foundation gives them money so they can do it. Capitalism!

Exit: A game show where people must escape "diabolical rooms." So it's like Saw, but also like Design on a Dime.

Buyer Beware: It's a real estate show about how to sell a house that's haunted.

I just bought a house. This is not funny. What is that noise?

Untitled Mark Burnett Project Where Fans Make Sci-Fi Food Wow. This one is so much in "development" that they don't even have a name for it. It's a game show where fans make up food from sci-fi and fantasy books. I already tasted Butterbeer at Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Game over. But I do like food, so I would watch this.

Deadfinder: Mediums try to close cold cases. I already saw this. And this one doesn't even have Jennifer Love Hewitt.

Ghost Town, USA. Takes place in a famously haunted New Jersey town, Mount Holly. It is so hard not to make a Jersey Shore reference here. I hope you recognize my struggle.

The Wrights: Descendants of the Wright Brothers don't build airplanes. They build things to talk to dead people. If they built airplanes that talked to dead people, I'm in.

Chris Cox Project: It's about a "mind reader who can't read minds." We already have Psych and Mentalist. This is those shows, if you take out the murder.

Divas of Dress Up: The "six hottest cosplay stars." I hope one of them is the first woman who came up with the female Stormtrooper costume. Ha! Just kidding. No woman came up with that.

Fan Girl/Fan Boy Project: Another show with no name. Get to work, people. This one is "from the producer of Jersey Shore." but it's about geeks. I have no words.

Limitless: People tell how they discovered their real hidden powers. One guy worked out for six months -- and then discovered he had super-strength!

Master Control: Fans make videos and the host and the audience judges and it is America's Funniest Home Videos. We had that show already. If people get hit in the junk, though, I'm in.

Superhumans: They make people do "on-location challenges," and then go to a lab where they answer "How did they do that?" This is from the actual press release. We already have Mythbusters. Did Syfy know that?

Stranger than Fiction: Comedians compete to see who makes the funniest comments about viral videos. This is a whole idea for a show.

Toy Traveler: Guy looks for collectible toys. The press release calls him, "The Indiana Jones of toy collectors."

Just like Indiana Jones, when you're scouring the toy aisles at Wal-Mart, it is fairly likely you will encounter snakes and Nazis.

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