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Adoption Advocates Ask For Avengers Apology
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May 23, 2012

OMG Avengers movie spoiler! Thor tells the Avengers Loki is his brother. Maria Hill says he killed 80 people. Thor says "He's adopted."

One line in the Avengers movie led a group of adoption advocates to seek an apology from the makers of the movie.

Here goes the petition link.

Some on the Internet may demand an apology from this group because they wanted an apology. I do not, because I like their spunk. They are the only ones to ask for an apology, when there are so many, many other people and groups to whom the Avengers movie people should apologize.

Nuclear weapon makers. The Avengers sent a nuclear weapon into a hole in space. They did not own it. Finders keepers is not a thing.

Hypnosis experts. For the outrageous idea that mind control can be accomplished by a poke with a pole. It takes years of training.

Baseball card collectors. The Avengers only perceived value in Agent Coulson's cards when they were covered in his blood. Collectors know that blood stains are detrimental to any card's value.

Russian gun-runners. Their guilt or innocence was not ascertained by Black Widow, yet she assaulted them physically in a hurtful manner.

Doctors. Dr. Bruce Banner is "always angry." That implies that medical practitioners have not informed him of the risks to the body and mind caused by rage.

Shakespeare in the park actors. Iron Man's use of the term "Shakespeare in the Park" as an insult to Thor. Thor is not from England, and he is not an actor.

The United States immigration department. The Avengers blew up, beat up, and dismembered a group of aliens. Deportation through the hole in space would have been considered by proper authorities.

Quims. Name calling is not an acceptable action by a mature adult.

Building contractors. Dr. Bruce Banner's assault on Loki displayed crushed concrete in its aftermath. The idea that a body propelled at lightning speed over and over again could harm flooring is an accusation of shoddy workmanship.

The makers of the movie Point Break. The resemblance of Thor to Patrick Swayze should have been considered a compliment.

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