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Sci Fi Dads: Batman, Henry Jones
© Joe Crowe
June 16, 2012

Here`s to all the fathers in sci-fi, fantasy, and other nerd-related things. You saved us from the Emperors of the world who tried dropping us down the shaft of life, then you got killed by the Force lightning of your love for us and we looked at the burned-up skull of your true feelings.

The Cape

Awake Guy

Somebody on Game of Thrones

Henry Jones, father of Henry \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"Indiana\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" Jones

Henry Jones Sr. didn\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t spend much time with young Indy as he grew up. But they made up for lost time in The Last Crusade. They bonded over their shared love of killing Nazis and their mutual interest in being awesome.

Batman, father of Damien

For years Batman has surrounded himself with children he adopted, ones he teamed up with, and ones he treated like targets. Then he found out that Ra\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s Al Ghul\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s daughter took care of his freaky Bat-business one night and became his baby mama.

The boy\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s name is Damien, which is just asking for trouble. Because Batman is Batman and he is great at everything, he\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s got this fatherhood thing handled. He does what all good fathers must: Make his son wear red tights and fight crime.

Corin, father of Conan

Little was known about the father of Conan until the 2011 movie, where Mr. Ron Perlman was the only actor truly worthy to portray him.

We know Corin was a good dad, because by the time Conan was 10 he was already crushing his enemies and seeing them driven before him. Corin must have also given Conan the talk about hearing the lamentations of the women.

Rick Grimes, father of Carl, Walking Dead

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