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Geek Probe: King Deluxe, Access Fantasy, Johnny Shotgun,
Reviewed by Joe Crowe ( @revolutionsf), © 2012

Format: Movie
Review Date:   October 19, 2012

Geek Probe features our favorite Kickstarter projects, web series, and short films, to help you in your hunt for good things. (Links are in the titles.)

King Deluxe: Project 2999

Project 2999 is a music and art project by the collective King Deluxe. They seek creative folks to supply narration for artwork. They're looking for anything from hard science to realism to retro-futurist. Contact them on Facebook and on the Twitter, creative people. You know who you are.

Access Fantasy

This is a Kickstarter page with a trailer and an interview with the creator. It's about what one guy would do to make it big, in a super-crowded future where the poor live in their cars on overpasses. And the rich folks have zeppelins.

YES. ZEPPELINS. That alone is good enough to get a high grade from me.

The crowded overpass in the trailer is mesmerizing. But the zeppelin is in it, too.

Johnny Shotgun and the Woman in Black

This Kickstarter is a short "psychedelic sci-fi" film. The creator has worked with Felicia Day, and he's looking to finish his movie.

The clip shows a guy fighting a monster, with sweet looking gore effects. It looks fun, like Army of Darkness, but with a touch of mind-trippiness.


Here's a dark comedy about guys who fake alien abductions. There is no footage in its successful Kickstarter page, but the enthusiasm and dry wit of the creators sold it for me. Hopefully this in in the works.

Out There

This is a trailer for a movie about a couple who wake up in the woods with no idea how they got there. Naturally, that is no fun. Also naturally, unpleasant hijinks ensue.

The trailer has zombies. In only a few seconds of dramatic music, I don't know if the whole movie is about zombies. But nicely gored-up zombies are in it, so it's worth a look.

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