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Jurassic Park in 3D
Reviewed by Rick Klaw , Alex, Stanley, & Natalie Brand, © 2013

Format: Movie
By:   Steven Spielberg (director)
Genre:   Science Fiction
Review Date:   April 04, 2013
Audience Rating:   PG-13

Jurassic Park returns to theaters in a special 3D edition to commemorate its 20th anniversary. Based on the best-selling novel by Michael Crichton, the film set new special effect standards with its magnificent computer-generated imagery and remains one of the most popular movies of all time.

For this special re-release, niece Natalie (age 13) and my nephews, Alex (16) and Stanley (13), wrote their impressions of the film. All three of them had seen Jurassic Park previously but never on the big screen. These are their words, only corrected for spelling, grammar, and other obvious errors.


Everybody knows about the classic dinosaur movie, Jurassic Park, but until now, no one had seen it in 3D. The 3D enhanced the dinosaur scenes for the most part, although during some scenes the realism of the visual effects was impeded partially because of them.

Itís always much cooler to have dinosaurs chasing you in 3D. They help add to the depth of the movie and draw you in. Sometimes during the movie I would find myself leaning forward on the edge of my seat, having to reposition myself. When there wasnít dinosaurs on the big screen, as you can expect, the movie got quite boring. Thankfully, there were plenty. Overall the experience was fun and exciting, and I hope they also recreate the next two in 3D.


I thought the 3D effect of the movie made it much more entertaining especially since I have already seen the movie. I was still thrilled by it. The special effects, dinosaurs' roar and suspense from multiple scenes made the movie Jurassic Park seem like a real roller coaster. Seeing the movie a second time just made me want to see the movie a third, and I believe the 3D effect made the movie completely real, different, and life-like. I enjoyed watching Jurassic Park greatly.


I thought the 3D version of this movie was better than the original because the original one wasn't HD and as good quality. I havenít seen the original in many years so I didn't really remember what it was about that well. Overall I thought it was a very good movie and I'm very glad I went to go see it!

Unlike Alex, Stanley, and Natalie, the fact that I saw Jurassic Park in the theater during its initial run colored my commentary. While agreeing with a lot of what they say, this new enhanced, restored, whatever-it-you-call-it version did little to improve on the original. As Alex pointed out, the 3D even weakened some of the scenes.

This could be a result of the theater, but apparently all the efforts appear to only focus on the visuals and not the sound. One of the hallmarks of the original was literally earthshaking sounds. As the dinosaurs walked and roared, the theater seats shook, further immersing the viewer withing the reality of the picture. Not so in this screening, shattering some of the illusion of reality so important to Jurassic Park.

No amount of 3D could alter the painfully ponderous scenes between dinosaur appearances, make the Spielberg by-the-numbers kids more palatable, nor diminish the desire to see the shrill Ariana Richards get trampled or eaten. Sam Neill and Laura Dern remain boring, completely overshadowed by Jeff Goldblum, Samuel Jackson, and of course the true stars: the dinosaurs.

Even 20 years later, with 3D or not, Jurassic Park delivers some of the most exciting, believable, and scariest dinosaurs ever. It remains a motion picture best experienced in a theater, where the sheer spectacle overshadows the flaws.

Oh, fudge.

RevolutionSF editor-at-large Rick Klaw likes dinosaurs but not as much as apes. Alex, Stanley, and Natalie Brandt like dinosaurs as well. This is their first published review.

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