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Pacific Rim Haiku!
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July 09, 2013

We are not exaggerating when we say that Pacific Rim has every single thing we ever wanted in a movie. Giant robots. Giant monsters. Idris Elba.

RevolutionSF held a contest to win the official making-of book. Contestants wrote haiku about Pacific Rim. We got tons of excellent entries. Here are our favorites. We're going to need more books.

The Winner!

There's blue everywhere
Kaiju carcass, toxic scare
Chain sword in mid-air
-- Argel Matanguihan

More favorites!

The kaiju stomps me
My body forms gross toe jam
Lackluster vengeance.
-- Stephen Matthew Doner-Pond

Monsters underground
Stop the apocalypse now
Will we win or lose?
-- @EduardKhilFans

Godzilla: Big! Huge!
Made you King Kaiju!
-- @allcoolthings

Who needs the Hobbit?
Idris Elba, Ron Perlman
-- Ryan Guthrie

That Kaiju gave chase
Elbow rocket in your face
Looks like jaw displaced
-- Argel Matanguihan

Kaiju, oh Kaiju
Why did you hit me so hard?
I think I love you!
-- Margaret Parsons

Extinction is nigh
Jaegers are up, Kaiju down
Apocalypse When?
-- Tegan Hendrickson

Hungry, I yearn for
At the Mountains of Madness
Del Toro's chew-toy
-- Becky Panovich

Soon to be released:
The Triple X Parody!
Pacific Rimjob.
-- Steve Karmazenuk

Kaiju haunt my dreams
Arise, from watery depths!
No one sleeps tonight
-- Franko Hashiguchi

Here's what the winner wins!

Pacific Rim

It's a celebration in book form. The book shows off gorgeous concept art and pages from creator Guillermo Del Toroís notebooks. It tells all about the story of the movie, the cast, and filming.

The book has fun removable bits, victory posters and ID badges. And blueprints! Blueprints of the armored Jaegers. Did they find these in my history notebook from when I was 13?

There is so very much in this book that we were afraid to open it. Itís a spoiler warning on every page, so I confess I have only seen pages as I flipped rapidly through, afraid to dwell too long, fearing that I could not handle the joy held within.

If you have not seen the movie, I forbid you from ever opening this book. It's a safety issue.

RevolutionSF Rating: 10 out of 10.

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