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Ben Affleck To Play Batman's Nose and Chin; Internet Explosively Projects
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August 29, 2013

Ben Affleck will play Batman's lower face in the Batman/Superman team-up movie with Henry Cavill, from Man of Steel. (Here's the official news.)


RevolutionSF did a podcast right here where we over-analyzed the whole thing, as we must when any national emergency strikes.

He was Daredevil, and if and when his playing Batman happens, he will officially be only the third person to play a live-action character in both DC and Marvel universes. (The other two are Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool and Green Lantern) and Terrence Stamp. (General Zod and Stick, in Elektra, a spinoff of Daredevil.)

Would you deny Affleck that prestige?

We don't know any other thing about the movie except Ben Affleck is in it, which was enough to make me see Chasing Amy, damn you, sir.

The correct response to this news as an informed fan who isn't a dingleberry is as follows. Share the truth everywhere you go.

"It's Batman and Superman in a live action movie. Kimmy Gibler from Full House could play Batman and I would still go see it."

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