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Movie Probe: Life Tracker
Reviewed by Joe Crowe, @revolutionsf, © 2013

Format: Movie
By:   Joe McLean
Review Date:   November 16, 2013

Movie Probe finds viewing possibilities for you to consume. (Links are in the title.) Enjoy them or else.

Life Tracker

Life Tracker is a flick shot in documentary style, where the stars of the flick are filming a documentary with a Twilight Zone-style premise blown out to feature length. That in itself is impressive, but the remarkable thing is the story.

It asks questions, like a good Twilight Zone story should, but the answers are not what I expected.

A nebbishy 20-ish guy becomes fascinated with a fad that claims DNA tests can predict a person's future. So he documents the fad on video. This is the first terrible decision made during the movie.

The movie stars Matt Dallas, the handsome star of the handsome series Kyle XY. Naturally, nebbishy Dillon, Kyle XY, and Kyle's girlfriend take the test. It predicts that the girlfriend will have a baby with Dillon, not her boyfriend.

My first thought was that clearly, the power of suggestion would make that happen. But then the characters within the story point that out, too. I didn't expect that. Of course, relationship drama ensues anyway.

Master-class character actors Jay Thomas and Ron Canada help with exposition. Ron Canada, literally, sits down with the characters and explains the science. That made the story drag, but not as much as the hand-wringing by Drake. He becomes tedious. Women throw themselves at him, like he's Woody Allen in every Woody Allen movie.

But then the movie takes a turn. The DNA program predicts when people will die, and everyone's death prediction lands on the same day.

So, that's bad. Dramatic stuff ensues, and then the story ends.

But then it takes a turn that lands like a kick in the nards. I mean that as a compliment.

Give this one a watch, but be ready.

RevSF Rating: 8 out of 10

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