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Reviewed by Joe Crowe, @revolutionsf, © 2013

Format: Movie
By:   Wes Sullivan
Genre:   Bigfeet!
Review Date:   November 26, 2013
RevSF Rating:   8/10 (What Is This?)

""You expect me to believe that monsters are walkin' around? That they exist or somethin'?" -- Zach Galligan

The very first scene in this Bigfoot movie shows the first monster kill, as monster flicks are wont to do. But the victim gets it not in some generic off-camera way, or some gory slasher-flick way.

He gets pimp-slapped. The bigfoot knocks him the filk out. So, if you don't want to see this movie now, you and I have nothing further to discuss.

Wes Sullivan put together a movie that looks exactly like 1970s and 1980s horror flicks. All that's missing is a giant VHS tape box with lurid artwork. The movie's poster would fit perfectly on just such a box.

Zach Galligan from Gremlins is in this movie and his face is covered in stubble. He asks, "You want me to believe that monsters are walkin around? That they exist or somethin'?"

Yes. First we want you to believe they are walking around. THEN we want you to believe that they exist.

He smokes like a chimney, which is funny because you don't see that nowadays, and it looks like Galligan is having the most awful time while he does it. He barely conceals the grimace as he puffs away.

Galligan tries to bond with his son. Naturally, he takes him into the woods where there have been Bigfoot sightings. This is true of all fathers.

Native Americans fill out the supporting cast, and every one has a full, interesting story arc; not all of them are destined for pimp-slapping.

The movie does not skimp on the Bigfeet. These are real men in suits, the best kind. The Bigfeet are all in white fur. They look cuddly and sweet. But they're still threatening, especially in one great shot when all we see is the shadow of Dad, followed by son, followed by big hair Bigfoot shadow. That one shot makes the movie for me.

The movie is full of wisecracks and hammy actors, including the goofy deputy who spends much of the movie in his underwear and yells "Run, Sheriff, run!"

This movie had me at Bigfoot. The rest of it is old-school fun.

The movie title got the Bob Seger song "Night Moves" stuck in my head. Now I stick it in yours.

Then I saw the tagline on the poster: THEY COME OUT AT NIGHT. And that stuck "The Freaks Come Out At Night" by Whodini in there.

So I've had a totally awesome time. Thank you, Nightbeasts!

Nightbeasts is watchable right now for a mere $3.99. Do it for the Bigfeet.

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