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Alien: Out of the Shadows
Reviewed by Joe Crowe (@yojoecrowe), © 2014

Format: Book
By:   Tim Lebbon
Genre:   Aliens!
Review Date:   January 16, 2014
RevSF Rating:   8/10 (What Is This?)

This one is the first in a book series in the Alien universe, the one from the movies with Ripley and Lance Hendriksen and Bill Paxton and Newt, and Alien 3, the existence of which I officially deny.

It starts as Alien stories must: with people in space, slowly marching toward death.

I didn't read the back cover or the press release when I got the book. I just dived right in. It's Alien. I didn't need to know any other stuff. I'm glad I didn't, because I was genuinely surprised after a few dozen pages of good face-hugging death.


Then there she is, in the shuttle with the cat, after the end of the first movie.

This is the beginning of an official trilogy that bridges the gap between Alien and Aliens. I know that now. The Amazon listing even says that itís part of the canon. This is how far we have come, continuity perverts.

But never mind that now. Hereís what you want to know: There is lots of murder by alien. Most of the favorite breeds are present. Ripley does Ripley stuff. Itís easy to picture in your head because youíve seen it. Thatís good. I would have read about a doomed crew, but Iím tickled to read about Ripley.

Alien: Out of the Shadows does the job that an Alien book should. Itís neat to revisit this universe. One cast member almost harshes my buzz, though. He yells ďgame over!Ē

That took me out of the story. Dude. Weíre reading an Alien story. We know. Iím 100-percent for wink-wink nudge-nudge say-no-more references. See what I did there? But that is Bill Paxtonís line and he knows it.

Here's a buy link for Aliens: Out of the Shadows. Buy it often!

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