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SciFighters! Darth Vader vs. Severus Snape!
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March 11, 2014

This is SciFighters! We debate important geek culture clashes, not the ones you already got way too mad yelling about on Facebook. The winner is up to you.

You voters and commenters are excellent and clever folks. Search your heart. You know it to be true.

Darth Vader vs. Severus Snape

Your winner with 54 percent to 45 percent: DARTH VADER.

How It Starts

Darth Vader: I sense a darkness within you. Join the Empire and together we can teach a galaxy.
Snape: Do you have a hall pass?

How It Went

Vader wins, but Snape dies in true Alan Rickman style, convulsions taking him dramatically for about 10 minutes, to his beautifully bitter end! -- Louise Hopes

Vader would easily win if neither had a chance to prepare in advance. Force powers don't require verbalization or somatic gestures. Vader's go-to attack is the Force choke. Snape dies. If Snape knew Vader and could prepare, he would stand a better chance. -- Michael Oliver

Snape. But that's only because the prequel trilogy established that Darth Vader, at center, is a whiny brat. –Megan Wiseman

I love Darth Vader but Snape is wily, cunning and intellectually superior. Snape would also be able to block Vader's thought control easily and make him trust him, before completely turning it around and becoming the unlikely hero of good! – Alison Pearce

The "I don't need to make a silly gesture with a wand" thing would suggest Vader will win this one, hands down. Mind you, Severus has all that knowledge with the "Defense against the dark arts" thing going for him. So maybe he'd have the know-how to defeat Vader. I still doubt that knowledge is enough to save him, and give this to Vader. –Ryan Toxopeus

This one goes to Vader, all the way.

I say this because at least for a time, like killing a bunch of Jedi younglings to willingly standing by as millions, perhaps billions, were killed on Alderaan when he could have stopped it easily, Vader was the personification of the Dark Side and evil acts.

Snape, on the other hand, was only acting evil the entire time. What this means is that, in the end, Vader at his baddest would do anything to win, without reservation or care for the consequences.

Snape: Not so. He would ultimately hesitate, even if only for an instant, and it would cost him his life. Good trumps evil most days, but evil trumps pretend evil every day. – Ryan Guthrie

While a bonus point must be given for the great acting of Alan Rickman, there really is no contest here. Darth Vader would use his lightsaber to show Snape a true Sectumsempra curse. – Jeffrey Cook

It would be over so fast, Snape wouldn't even have time to realize he'd lost. With the snap-hiss of the Sith Lord's lightsaber, Snape would whip out his wand. Using the force to foresee Snape's next move, Vader would level his saber at Snape, and as the former Dark Magician shouts "Expelliamus!" Vader would simply use the Force to make sure the tip of his saber is aimed like a missile at Snape's heart. Seconds later, Severus is muttering that he wants to look Harry Potter in the eyes, while Lord Vader retrieves his lightsaber, in search of more sporting opponents. –Steve Karmazenuk

One flick of a finger with the Force and Snape is disarmed. One gesture and Snape is silenced with a Force choke. Either way, his power is immediately removed. Victory to the Dark Lord. – Michael Falkner

But can a counter-spell block the Force, like they do in the wizard duels? -- Gary Mitchel

Magic exists in the Star Wars canon, but it is only a manipulation of the energy of the Force. I don't know if there are spells to prevent Force pushes or chokes.

If Snape can get an Avadra Kedavra off before Vader can use either of those Force tricks, and if Vader can't dodge the killing curse, Snape might have a chance. But Vader doesn't often go into situations without doing his research on his opponents. He'd know exactly what to expect.

: This is why I love this series from you folks. -- Michael Falkner

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