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Batman 66 Bat-Probe: Episode 4: The Penguin`s A Jinx
Reviewed by Geena Phillips, © 2014

Format: TV
By:   Various artists
Genre:   Batman!
Review Date:   July 21, 2014

(How in the hell did I never before notice that the titles of Parts One and Two ALWAYS rhyme?)

I've never been partial to the whole "Batman is a psycho" school of thought, BUT this episode gives a little insight into what such a delusional architecture might be like. The overall arc of the Penguin's scheme is that he's not gonna plan his next crime wave, but instead plant fake clues to cause Batman to overthink these clues, and (using the bugged umbrella he gave the Dynamic Duo in the first part) then glean the details of what to do to pull the crimes off. Now, this is almost the textbook definition of a delusional codependent relationship: Not only is Batman creating his more outlandish nemeses (as pop psychologists in DC Comics often claim), but he's basically giving them their marching orders. Now, like I said, I don't really buy into this idea, but this story really does give some weight to the assertion.

I have never seen a copy of Funboy Magazine, but from the title, I'm proceeding from the assumption that its primary centerfold is NOT likely to be a sexy female movie star.

Which do I love more?

that Batman and Robin can only get a rope up to the top of a really tall building by employing the Batzooka;
that Penguin exclaims "Sounds like a Batzooka!"; or
that he and his minions thoroughly and painstakingly describe the successful deployment of the Batzooka and its grappling hook; now, some cynics might choose to interpret this as the show saving money by not showing critical action, but I choose to believe the producers simply wanted to give us some more Burgess Meredith.

Speaking of which, let's talk about my favorite of all the upper-tier Guest Villains. First of all, Burgess Meredith is an objectively great actor (would that he had, even once, admonished Batman of the need to eat lightning and crap thunder). Also, his elocution whilst keeping his teeth clenched 100% of the time is genuinely breathtaking. And how is it the Penguin's prosthetic nose looks EXPONENTIALLY better than the "Richard Nixon" prosthetic makeup from Watchmen, made 42 years later?

Anyhoo, B&R trick, and ultimately defeat, the Penguin (by using Alfred as bait; NOT COOL, BATMAN). In the episode's denouement, which takes place during a social event at Stately Wayne Manor, we learn three things:

1) Dick Grayson's Aunt Harriet still clearly believes that her nephew is eight years old (she might as well sew him a pink bunny suit);

2) "We were fishing at the time" sounds no more plausible to the ears of hot society ladies than it does to nosy relatives; and, most importantly

3)The beautiful movie starlet (rescued earlier in the episode) is now hopelessly smitten with Batman, a condition Bruce Wayne clearly intends to exploit in order to give her a seriously deep dicking (pun COMPLETELY intended) later on in the evening.

Looks like Robin's sleeping on the couch tonight, folks!


Check out RevolutionSF reviews of every episode of Batman 66 Geena Phillips knows more about the umbrella industry than you. Write her at geenacanblowme@gmail.com.

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