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Batman 66 Bat-Probe Episode 8: Rats Like Cheese
Reviewed by Geena Phillips, © 2014

Format: TV
Genre:   Batman!
Review Date:   August 18, 2014

(I'm guessing this is the point at which the writers realized that the gimmick of always having the titles of Parts 1 and 2 rhyme might be something of a prison in the long term.)

"Patience, O'Hara. No public official elected by the people can allow his emotions to overrule his dedication to duty, and carrying out the due process of law."

Translation: Commissioner Gordon is a DEEPLY SHITTY politician.

So Batman and Robin are frozen solid, and manage to emerge from the experience without losing so much as a little toe. "Saints be praised!" indeed, Chief O'Hara (cuz there sure ain't a rational explanation as to how that happened).

You can only milk the gag of Mr. Freeze absent-mindedly forgetting to extend his hideout's non- 50-degrees-below "safe area" (so his underlings can safely move about the place) so much, before it starts to just sound like he's a bad boss.

Okay, Mr. Sports-Announcer, I get that you MAY be suffering from a kind of Stockholm Syndrome from being in the Batman world, wherein you start to believe that various supervillains' dastardly plans actually amount to something more than a low-level nuisance; nonetheless, referring to two opposing baseball teams as "deadliest rivals" still strikes me as a tad hyperbolic.

Dear Producers of Batman;

I suspend a LOT of disbelief in the course of watching this show. But having a European princess who sounds like she just came off the bus from Billings, Montana MAY be a bridge too far.


Are they DELIBERATELY choosing stock footage that so completely mismatches the rest of the show's lighting and film stock?

Aw. Alfred is holding the TINIEST bag of peanuts I've ever seen. Is this an Olympic venue or something?

Yeah, Robin, now that the professional athlete has been saved, you should totally just leave him tied up on a park bench to wait for help. I mean, it's not like there's a bunch of guys you could use help beating up on or anything.

Robin: "What took you so long? I phoned before I came here, over an hour ago!"

Chief O'Hara: "We took a wrong turn on Route 49."

Is life-threatening police incompetence really an appropriate subject for this much whimsy? I mean, sure, O'Hara was backed up at the scene by crack officers Toody and Muldoon, but still.

And of course, the final wrap-up scene features Princess Midwest, about to start an international incident by hooking up with an American baseball player; as well as Aunt Harriet, pushing Bruce and Dick's PTSD-buttons by serving baked Alaska for dessert.

Geez, Aunt Harriet, how about a trigger warning next time'



p.s. Mad props to ME, for making it through two entire Mr. Freeze episodes without a SINGLE "Let It Go" joke.

Geena Phillips knows more about tiny bags of peanuts than you. All of Geena's Batman 66 reviews can be found found right here. Send Geena feedback and comments at geenacanblowme@gmail.com.

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