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Batman 66 Bat-Probe Episode 14: Batman Stands Pat
Reviewed by Geena Phillips, © 2014

Format: TV
Genre:   Batman!
Review Date:   September 30, 2014

Dear Narrator: In the "last episode" wrap up, you don't need to tell us they were sexy women; I think we've all watched enough of this show by now to know that's basically a given. And, in the Things Are Different Now department: showing a picture of an attractive woman with the narration, “Another dish,” followed immediately by the phrase, “Another snatch” (even if it's about the kidnapping of a different woman) is pretty bad optics, as they say nowadays.

 I know, the sight of Robin tied-up and gagged astride a horse statue isn't supposed to be funny. But, dammit, it just IS. I got to say, Batman's escape from his plaster coffin here isn't exactly loaded down with derring-do: he just kinda breaks through the plaster (“Easier than it seems, Robin; I simply held my breath.” While plaster dried. Uh huh.)

Stupid supervillain! If you'd watched the first episode of the show, you'd know the Batmobile is protected by Viper.

Come on now, Bats. Did you really need to turn on the Bat-computer just to Google what types of things come in a dozen? You know it costs like 80 grand every time you turn that thing on, right?

So, the Mad Hatter's last intended target is named Turkey Bowinkle, eh? If you say so, show. I guess Batman sends Alfred to go talk to Turkey Bowinkle because he's afraid that if he goes himself, he won't be able to stop laughing at the guy's name.

 “Do you usually carry a homing Bat-transmitter in your bowler, Mr. Bowinkle? is not just a great line of dialogue, it's also the title of my favorite Nancy Sinatra song.

The more the Mad Hatter's scheme comes together, the more like it starts to sound like it was conceived by the Underpants Gnomes:
Step one: Kidnap all 12 jurors from your last trial.
Step two: Kill Batman and steal his cowl.
Step three: ???
Step four: PROFIT!!!

Of course, B&R show up, and immediately fall into the Mad Hatter’s clutches. I notice that the more vitriol he speaks with, the more posh the Mad Hatter’s accent gets. And I'm beginning to think ol' Jervis may have oversold the lethality of the hardware in his "hat factory" just a bit; alas, when the Mad Hatter is finally pitched into his own vat of acid by the Caped Crusader, he doesn't seem to be much worse for wear when they fish him out.

And let’s spare a moment to think about the poor henchmen: Recipients of a capital ass-whuppin', but not so much as a single paycheck.


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