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The Last Ship
Reviewed by Joe Crowe, @revolutionsf, © 2014

Format: TV
By:   Michael Bay, Brad Fuller
Review Date:   November 03, 2014
RevSF Rating:   7/10 (What Is This?)

"Tonight .†.†. we hunt." -- McSteamy

This is based on a book about a battleship thatís the only ship left after a virus breaks out and makes society go kablooey. The book was a sad look at the sad post-virus world. But never mind that, because the show is nothing like the book. Maybe they just wanted the name of the book because itís so on the nose.

I imagine the meeting went like this:
ďThis is a show about the last ship. We have to call it The Last ShipĒ.

ďBut I want to call it Outbreak Boat!"
ďSon, thatís why youíre vice president material.Ē

Outbreak Boat could have aired in the 1980s, and starred Robert Conrad as the captain and Morgan Fairchild as the smart doctor and it would be the same show. Itís the most patriotic show on TV. The main villain is a stereotypically evil Russian ship captain. He could have wrestled Hulk Hogan at Wrestlemania. I mean all this as compliments.

The show is about Americans on the boat curing the virus, and kicking the Commie butts of anybody who tries to stop them. The first episode is a bummer and shows civilians being sick, but the rest of the season (until the season finale) does not show the mainland at all, so we donít see or know how bad things are. That ratchets up the tension and the melodrama, because the cast wonders if their families are alive.

Eric Dane was McSteamy on Grey's Anatomy and now he's the take-charge ship cap'n. Jayne himself, Mr. Adam Baldwin, is the second in command. He plays a tough guy with no sense of humor. Heís not the straight man to someone elseís jokes. In other words, heís Jayne without the funny parts. This is the military, son.

Itís not about a crazy sci-fi outbreak such as Helix and The Strain. Nobody turns into vampires or zombies. They just sweat and die.

Itís a show about the American response, which is to kick that virus in the rear, because thatís how we do things in the U. S. of A!

Itís watchable for the heroic good guys as they struggle to not get infected by the virus. The fight scenes are cathartic, like an Ď80s movie. Most involve the superiority of American firepower. In more than one episode, Captain McSteamy threatens a bad guy by aiming his battleship guns at him.

Outbreak Boat is a good time. Eat a steak with your bare hands when you watch.

I'll be in my bunk, memorizing the Constitution.

Watch Jayne and McSteamy at the official show site.

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