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Star Wars Episode II : The Trailer You Might Get to See
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© Joe Crowe

Want to see a trailer for Star Wars Episode II? Well, you can't.

Unless you see Monsters, Inc. this weekend, too.

Pixar Animation and Walt Disney announced that a trailer will "only" appear along with Monsters, Inc, according to the pact they made with Lucas. I see here that's it's written in BLOOD!
So if you don't want to pay $7.25 each, not counting the 50 bucks for small popcorn, you'll be up the creek, naked, in a barbed-wire boat.
Not that one wouldn't want to go see Monsters, Inc. It looks interesting.

At least it's not like when they said they were debuting a Lord of the Rings trailer last year along with a Kevin Costner movie about JFK, and then I went, and paid them money to see the trailer, and then they didn't show it, and then I was Costnerized for what seemed like six to twelve hours.

Moral of the story: Ask the theater guy if, for good and dad-gum sure, they really are showing the trailer before the movie. Hopefully he will not say, "Unnhhhh. What trailer?"

News editor Joe Crowe vows to support John Goodman in all his works.

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