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RevolutionSF Podcast: Marvel Throws Down Infinity Gauntlet
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November 11, 2014

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Marvel Throws Down The Infinity Gauntlet

MARVEL has released their slate of the movies for Phase Three! 10 movies! Three years! THANOS! The introduction of Black Panther and Captain Marvel!

This comes on the heels of DC's announcing their movie plans for the Justice League, Wonder Woman, and more through 2020, Fox's merry mutant movies and the ongoing tribulations at Sony with the Spider-Man series.

There's a lot to discuss, unpack and get excited about here. So RevNews host Gary Mitchel has called in comics and movie experts Nathan Laws, Tegan Hendrickson and Michael Falkner to go over this impressive schedule of spandex-clad films!

Listen in as they talk all about MARVEL broadening their roster vs giving existing characters new movies; DC's conservative mindset vs MARVEL's fan-based announcements; Gary's adventures in tooth removal and medication; how if you announce Hiddleston, the Tumblr will be there; details on the Sony/MARVEL Spider-Man situation; how Kevin Feige is MARVEL's secret weapon for success; MARVEL's integrated universe vs DC's multiverse; Tegan's position on Cumberbatch being in all of the things; their squee over the Age of Ultron trailer and the bonus scene; the reason Nathan is a fan of Tegan; and MARVEL's success at making each movie feel different, and not just "another super-hero movie."

Our theme music this episode is "20 Minutes of Oxygen" by Darkest of the Hillside Thickets courtesy of Divine Industries.Inc. RevolutionSF Roundtable theme music is "20 Minutes of Oxygen" by Darkest of the Hillside Thickets. Find them at thickets.net, if you dare.

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Still no love for Tagak the Leopard Lord.

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