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Sharknado and Sharknado 2: The Second One
Reviewed by Joe Crowe, @yojoecrowe, © 2014

Format: Movie
By:   Thunder Levin
Genre:   Natural disaster
Review Date:   December 19, 2014
RevSF Rating:   7/10 (What Is This?)

Sharknado is a self-fulfilling self-parody. What should have been a regular Asylum movie or a standard Syfy Saturday night cheesefest turned into a whole thing with Sharknado and I’m tickled about that.

Sharknado is not the bombastic cheese-fest that the non-B-movie watcher was led to believe. It’s a standard survival flick but with sharks that fall out of a waterspout. They smash things when they land. They eat people. They bite limbs off. The spurting gore looks acceptably gross.

Ian Ziering, so convincingly wooden on Beverly Hills 90210, is so convincingly wooden here, too. If you’re coming into a movie called Sharknado and acting skill levels are a point of interest for you, I suggest looking elsewhere. I can direct you to something in a Megacroc vs. Dinogator.

With such a crazy, outrageous name, I expected Sharknado to be crazy and outrageous. But everyone plays it deadly seriously. The movie lacks quotable lines and crazy characters. I’m happy that the movie took off like it did, but its lack of craziness and outrageous bummed me out.

An appearance by Robbie Rist, who was Cousin Oliver on The Brady Bunch almost put it in the win column. But the movie only lets loose in the final fight, where Steve from 90210 fights a shark with a chainsaw. Those couple of minutes are what I wanted from the whole movie.

The legendary Rifftrax did Sharknado only a few weeks before I co-hosted my live movie riffing at Dragon Con. We decided against doing Sharknado because that would be like painting the Sistine Chapel a week after Michaelangelo finished.

I did a fun interview with Thunder Levin, the Sharknado director with the awesome name. Check it out right here .

Sharknado 2: The Second One

Now this is more like it.

After Sharknado became SHARKNADO, it became a pop culture joke that everyone knew. So for the sequel, personalities and celebrities and other words for famous people flocked to it. Before, their people would have the Sharknado people kicked out of the building. So that’s a victory for B-movies everywhere.

This is the most star-studded Asylum picture in history, and I say that without doing any research.

Sharknado 2 was a punchline on an episode of Big Bang Theory where Wil Wheaton got a role in it. He's in the beginning airplane sequence, in which he is eaten. Sweet.

Ian Ziering gives an inspiring speech. He rides on the back of a shark. He is now the bad-dude action hero that he always wasn’t.

Most of the celebrity cameos are not celebrity death cameos. After numerous news report scenes throughout the movie, I was hoping for the deaths of Today Show’s Al Roker and Matt Lauer.

Comedian Judah Friedlander and wrestler Kurt Angle played serious supporting roles, with no punch lines about their day jobs. They were really acting, you guys.

Tara Reid is burdened with the emotional heart of the story. Yes! My favorite thing is when she screams. She very carefully says the word “Aaaaaaaargh.”

Sharknado is a wacky piece of work, a B-movie accepted by the mainstream, yet purposeful in its B-movietude. Sharknado 2 is the B-movie that the mainstream thinks B-movies are, so it's a rising tide that raises all boats (until the sharks attack the boats).

Buy Them Often

Buy the first Sharknado here.

Then buy Sharknado 2: The Second One here

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