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Marvel Movies Get Spider-Man, Blow Off Everything Else
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February 10, 2015

I hope North Korea likes Spider-Man, because otherwise we are in trouble.

Spider-Man will appear in one Marvel Universe movie, so far, Marvel and the Sony movie people announced. Sony will put out the next solo Spidey movie in 2017 and Marvel's movie big shot Kevin Fiege will help out.

Marvel Universe and Sony are also ďexploring opportunitiesĒ for Marvel movie characters to be in Spider-Man movies.

This is really fun. Marvel was doing fine without Spidey. I would say that the Spidey movies need Marvel more than the other way around. Now he can appear with his Marvel Universe costars like heís done in the comics since day one. My only caveat: He better be super-sad like in Amazing Spider-Man 2.

Hereís the official news story, if that's your thing. .

Nowhere in the press release is Spider-Man movie director Marc Webb or star Andrew Garfield mentioned.

I'm calling it right now.

Every third Spider-Man movie is cursed! CURSED. YOU'RE ALL GONNA DIEEEEEEEEEE IN THERE.

Which studio owns what movies is only a big deal if you work there and have to file paperwork. I would only have a problem if Marvelís movies were being harmed by this new development.

Now Marvel movies are being harmed by this new development.

To accommodate Spider-Man, Marvel is pushing back their new movies based on characters new to live-action. Black Panther, Inhumans and Captain Marvel are all being pushed back six months into the distant future years 2018 and 2019.

I almost missed the part of the press release where Sony made a sweeping statement that said they still have full control of the Spider franchise. Marvelís only confirmed Spider-deal is one Marvel movie. So really Sony isnít giving Marvel back Spider-Man. Theyíre just letting Marvel rescue their franchise.

Marvel ventured out of their safe zone with all the Cinematic Universe movies because they didnít have Spider-Man. Now they have him, but I hope they keep growing the Marvel Universe. They better keep doing it or I will watch their movies anyway no matter what.

New Spidey movies were going to be made at Sony anyway, whether or not Marvel was involved. Spidey spinoffs are still in the works.

To add Spidey to their workload, Marvel is pushing brand-new Marvel characters into the dim, distant future, 2018 and 2019, in which we will fly our jet-cars to get our cyber-movies implanted in our electro-domes.

On the other hand, waiting on a movie is a geek-world problem of the highest order. I can wait. I say that now. Ask me again when Iím a nervous wreck in 2018, standing in line desperate for a glimpse at Carol Danvers, TíChalla and Black Bolt.

RevolutionSF talks lots more about Spidey and Marvel movies on this episode of the RevolutionSF Roundtable podcast .

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