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RevolutionSF Podcast: Where Are You Coming From, Spider-Man?
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March 20, 2015

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RevolutionSF Podcast: Where Are You Coming From, Spider-Man?

The rumors about Spider-Man and the MARVEL Cinematic Universe started last year after a series of studio emails were leaked, and then the nearly unthinkable actually happened! Sony and Marvel came to a deal and the web-head can come home! Or at least, to the movie studio created by his home! RevNews host Gary Mitchel called together a collection of web(page)-slingers, the Titaness Tegan Hendrickson and the Mighty Michael Falkner to fully cover this amazing news!

Listen in as they go over the details of the deal; how MARVEL had a movie plan that they could not change . . . until this happened; whether the studio should go with Parker or Miles; what this deal means to non-comics fans; when we'll first see Spidey in the MCU; if Marvel could or should try a similar deal with FOX; and Gary making what might be the worst analogy ever, comparing Spider-Man to whipped cream.

For more Marvel Cinematic Universe, check out our pals elsewhere on the network at ESO: MCU!

March Movie Preview: Chappie 5 Is Alive

It's March! Spring is in the air and the warm winds have blown in some new offerings from Hollywood. Our hosts Deanna and Gary sit down with Tegan Hendrickson and Michael Falkner to discuss the warming of the movies. In this episode, we learn that Tegan will do a lot for a movie ticket and some booze. Take note, listeners! Also she keeps a mullet list, because why not? The contributors wax poetic about wanting a plucky underdog movie about Quidditch. And, for some reason, everyone except Deanna wants to talk about The Sexorcist.

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We learned everything we needed to know from Spider-Man and Morgan Freeman.

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