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Reviewed by Joe Crowe, @yojoecrowe, © 2015

Format: TV
By:   Rob Thomas
Genre:   Zom-com
Review Date:   March 24, 2015

iZombie was a comic book created by Chris Roberson and Mike Allred. Chris is a friend of RevolutionSF.com’s Texan branch, and he and I have shared sci-fi convention panel time. So knowing Chris, I knew I’d like the iZombie comic. Luckily for my terrible skill at lying, I did. It’s about a zombie detective who solves crimes while also eating brains. She gains the dead person’s knowledge, and she likes it because she’s a zombie. The book had a were-terrier and a ghost from the 1960s. The book had pop culture-soaked creativity from Roberson and Allred’s trademark subversive silliness.

So the TV show took all that out.

The show uses the name “iZombie” and the zombie part and none of the character names. So as a comic book adaptation, it’s somewhere on the scale near the Japanese Spider-Man where he piloted a robot leopard. (This is not a criticism of the Japanese Spider-Man,, because it is great and you have to YouTube it right now.)

It’s so neat that a guy I know created something that became a TV show. I want this to be outrageously popular. Allred is the artist for the show’s excellent opening credits. Like the Japanese Spider-Man, I hope this will be a different, successful thing.

I get that the show can be pushed to the general public if you take out all the “weird” stuff. Maybe it will lead the general public to the iZombie comic and the work of Roberson, Allred and everyone else from the comic. You’ll like the were-terrier. Trust me.

If you take stuff out, you need to replace it with something. They replaced it with a standard TV crime show crime of the week.

The show is cute. It reminds me of Veronica Mars, which it should; its creator Rob Thomas and Diane Ruggiero-Wright created Veronica.

The show avoids the usual zombie questions by not having an apocalypse, by not having zombie hordes, and by saying what caused the zombie-ism. It’s the show’s regular villain. So convenient!

On this show, zombie movies exist and people have heard of zombies. That's different. Zombie-ism is a metaphor for feeling disconnected and bummed out.

Besides an awful lot of navel-gazing melodrama, it's a crime of the week show. The funny bits are in the dialogue. More of that, please. The whole show is inoffensive and contains an adequate amount of fun.


For more info, clips and such, go to The CW's iZombie site.


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