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Movie Probe: Found in Time
© Joe Crowe, @RevolutionSF
June 01, 2015

Movie Probe finds movies of geeky interest and tells you about them. We tell you what to watch, thus removing troublesome freedom of choice.

“What the hell’s wrong with you?”

A guy compulsively picks up items that people throw away or forget. He experiences life out of order. Then he murders somebody in the future and has to change the present to prevent it. But he doesn’t know when his present is!

That’s a most sci-fi of sci-fi premises, and it plays out more like 13 Going on 30 than Timecop. By that I mean, it’s a crazy relationship drama, not a crazy action flick.

It gets twisty and weird. That's a good thing. Every character is imperative to the resolution of the movie. The emotional guts of it are top-notch. The hero of the movie is sweet. He's a jerk. He's a murderer. He's all three. Most importantly, though, the the movie makes a concerted effort to sort itself out.

“You killed me then.” “Which then?” That’s the sweet stuff right there.

This is going around tons of festivals and you can watch it online. All the details are at the movie’s site, FoundinTimeFilm.com.

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