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Star Wars Prequels: 4-Word Reviews
© Various RevSF artists
December 16, 2015

The RevolutionSF and RevCast challenge: Review the three Star Wars prequels in four words. Some of us did three, but them we formed a perimeter around. Send us yours at @RevolutionSF

Phantom Menace: Rage-crying.
Attack of the Clones: Yoda!
Revenge of the Sith: Needs more Wookiees. -- Joe Crowe, @yojoecrowe

Phantom Menace: The Unamazing Race.
Attack of the Clones: Law and Order: Coruscant.
Revenge of the Sith: Good guys lose. -- Keith R.A. DeCandido, @KRADeC

Phantom Menace: Needs more polish.
Attack of the Clones: Chemistry gone wrong.
Revenge of the Sith: Order 66 (tears). -- Michael Falkner, @WompRat99

Phantom Menace:"Meesa." "Yippee!" Groan.
Attack of the Clones: Yer prettier than sand.
Revenge of the Sith: "NOOOOOOOOOOO." Sigh. -- Dave Farnell

Phantom Menace: Kids in space suck.
Attack of the Clones: Apology for Binks.
Revenge of the Sith: We knew that already. Mark Finn, @FinnsWake

Phantom Menace: Maybe Vader someday later.
Attack of the Clones: Kit Fisto rules.
Revenge of the Sith: High ground advantage. -- Michael Gordon, @NewLegendMike

Phantom Menace: Jar Jar? Midichlorians? No.
Attack of the Clones: SENATOR JAR JAR? F&#$ YOU.
Revenge of the Sith: Epic yet empty. -- Peggy Hailey, @peggyhailey

Phantom Menace: Screw you, Space Jesus!
Attack of the Clones: Shut up, Anakin!
Revenge of the Sith: They had it coming. -- Tegan Hendrickson, @JustTegan

Phantom Menace: Jedi make lousy babysitters.
Attack of the Clones: WTF.
Revenge of the Sith: Hide Yo Kids. -- Elizabeth Jones

Phantom Menace: OK for kids.
Attack of the Clones: Marrying a mass murderer?
Revenge of the Sith: Plot lazy. Continuity destroyed. -- Nathan Laws, @_blogger_who

Phantom Menace: Oh, no. Liam gone.
Attack of the Clones: So many Fetts.
Revenge of the Sith: The good prequel. -- Gary Mitchel, @Gary_Mitchel

Phantom Menace: Whining about slavery.
Attack of the Clones: Whining about sandpeople.
Revenge of the Sith: Whining about permanent disfigurement. -- Jason Myers

Phantom Menace: Whine and cheese everywhere.
Attack of the Clones: IT BURNS MY EYES!
Revenge of the Sith: .".". . huh. -- K.C. Ryan-Pierce, @ThatKCRyan

Phantom Menace: When's it get good?
Attack of the Clones: It's a kissing movie???
Revenge of the Sith:Murdered by Jedi's good. -- Beck Pano, @GlassSpiider

Phantom Menace: Trade federation folderol. Zzzzzz.
Attack of the Clones: WORST. VIDEOGAME LEVEL. EVER.
Revenge of the Sith: Written into a corner. -- Geena Phillips

Phantom Menace: Minstrel show.
Attack of the Clones: A Boba dance.
Revenge of the Sith: Continuity errors abound. -- Podcast Queen Deanna Toxopeus, @ubalstecha

Phantom Menace: This movie doesn't exist.
Attack of the Clones: I don't like sand.
Revenge of the Sith: Hey, look. It's Tarkin! -- Noel Wood, @DorkDroppings

Phantom Menace: Pass.
Attack of the Clones: Skip.
Revenge of the Sith: Ignore. -- Lloyd Woodall, @FrogWart

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