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Star Trek May Be About Cannibal or Guy Who Revives Dead People
Revolution News
© Joe Crowe, @RevolutionSF
February 11, 2016

A new Star Trek series is in the works from CBS for its inaccurately-named CBS All Access, because only those people who pay for it can watch it. The first episode is free. That's how Big TV keeps us down, man. (But I'm totally signing up already.)

The Star Trek movie's Alex Kurtzman is involved, and so is Bryan Fuller, who did the excellent and revolting Hannibal and the excellent and adorable Pushing Daisies.

Here's the official news story, if that's your thing.

We know nothing else. Nothing! Except CBS All Access is going to get my sweet money, because Bryan Fuller knows his stuff.

He was a writer on 22 episodes of Voyager and on Deep Space Nine. He created Pushing Daisies, which is precious. Just precious.

He also wrote the cartoon short The Amazing Screw-On Head which is so funny and delightful that it hurts. Watch it right here.. Speaking of patience, I'm running out of mine. Do it right now. Then tweet us at @RevolutionSF to tell us how right we were.

All that was before he created Hannibal, where we saw a totem pole of human bodies and a grain silo full of people sewn together.

Sure, we could complain about the alleged imperfections of the recent Star Trek movies.

But guys. Bryan Fuller. I choose to think positively about this, because otherwise, I will have to think of the human cello and the angel wings made out of human flesh and the wow, I need to stop Googling images of that show..

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