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Batman v. Superman Dawn of Justice: 4-Word Reviews
"Waiting on Wonder Twins."
Reviewed by Various RevSF Artists, © 2016

Format: Movie
By:   Zack Snyder (director)
Genre:   Batman! (and Superman)
Review Date:   April 07, 2016

The RevolutionSF and RevCast challenge: Review Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice in four words. If anyone wrote more than that, we spray painted their sidekick's costume. Send us yours at @RevolutionSF

”I like this. It's therapeutic, like writing Haiku to the man who hurt you.” –Mark Finn

Third act saves movie. -- Shaun Rosado, @pneumaz

Waiting for Wonder Twins. -- Deanna Toxopeus @ubalstecha

Lex went total badass. -- Mike Nelson

Sturm vs. Drang. Sigh. -- Gary Mitchel, @gary_mitchel

I'll wait till HBO. -- Shane Ivey @shaneivey

Whiplash ensues. Pacing sucked. -- Kellen Harkins, @DConAMSFMedia

Only extreme responses allowed. -- Ryan Guthrie

DC's Age of Ultron. -- Ryan Guthrie

Liked out of pity. - Ryan Guthrie

Diana steals the show. -- Michael Gordon, @NewLegendMike

Please just kiss already. Joe Crowe, @yojoecrowe

Your mileage may vary. Mark Finn, @FinnsWake

Hollywood hubris destroys everything. Mark Finn, @FinnsWake

Neckbeards will hate this. Mark Finn, @FinnsWake

Affleck was good, though. Mark Finn, @FinnsWake

Generation Y's Superman Sucks. Mark Finn, @FinnsWake

Everyone's opinions are wrong. -- Michael Falkner, @womprat99

(See image). Van Plexico, @vanallenplexico

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