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My Zombie Journal
© Matt Betts, @Betts_Matt
April 13, 2016

But first a word from RevolutionSF's Joe Crowe:
You need to go ahead and pick up Underwater Fistfight, the book of poetry and other short things from Matt Betts.As a learned individual, I find it difficult to find poetry that is not trying to be capital-M Meaningful. It's tougher still to find poems that are not titled “Untitled.” Dude. You wrote the whole poem. The title should be the easy part.

But Matt Betts succeeds in both realms with this collection of his poetry. All of it is informed by years of geekiness, of which I heartily approve. Zombies. Mothra. Deathbots. You'll find something you like herein. I highly recommend “The Patchwork Monster Looks On As the Mad Scientist Shaves Himself,” and “UFOs over Toledo Spell Out Dirty Word.”

And “The Secondary Character's Revenge.” And “The Great Zombie Pyramid Scheme.”

You'll thank me later. But first, enjoy this free excerpt. There is more like this in the book.

My Zombie Journal

Day 1
This isn't so bad.
Took me forever to walk to the
Post Office, though. Wish I were one
of those fast zombies like in the movies.

I wonder if that
guy on the lawn
is dead or sleeping?

Day 2
Turns out the guy
on the lawn
was dead. Too bad.
So hungry. Wandered along with some other
zombies toward the mall for a while.
Seemed like
a stupid idea. Who would hide at the mall?

Day 3
Down brains the river
I brains some
people hiding on a boat. They waved and
taunted me with
their brains. Mmmm. Sea food.
Sadly, I discovered I can\'t swim anymore.

Brains 5
Brains in brains
brains brains the brains others won\'t
share brains
with the brains
of us.
Stupid brains making me brains even more.

Day 6
Floated into
a city filled
with brains.

Some guy shot me twice. I ate him.
It was great. Not so hungry anymore.
I think better on a full stomach.

Day 21
I know I had
arms when I came into this town
But I seem
to have left one somewhere.
Ah well,
dude with the chainsaw was tasty.

Day 28
Started walking down the highway toward the capitol. Ran into a group of zombies all chanting
“Spleens, Spleens.”
You really
find some weirdos out in the suburbs.

Buy Underwater Fistfight

Right there at the link.

Follow Matt Betts on the Twitters at @Betts_Matt . DO IT.

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