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RevolutionSF RevCast: Captain America: Civil War: Backpack Full of Feels
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May 06, 2016

Check out the latest editions of The RevCast, the podcast of RevolutionSF.com. We talk about every geek genre with our brand of sci-fi smarty-pants.

Captain America Civil War: Backpack Full of Feels!

Marvel's Phase Three begins here! And it begins with a story that we're sure is going to make us emotionally compromised! Best friend vs best friend over previous best friend! To discuss this movie, the comics that inspired it, and what to look forward in it, RevNews hosts Gary Mitchel & Tegan Hendrickson have called together a group of registered experts on the MCU: Mike Nelson, Ryan Guthrie and host of our ESO sister show, Earth Station MCU,, Jennifer Hartshorn!

Tune in as our comic book heroes discuss if Tony is a supervillain now; Steve's character arc vs Tony's in the MCU; they try not to get Tegan started on the "Martha" thing again; what Spidey's role in all this is going to be; everyone's love of the Russo brothers; how we need Captain America branded tissues for the screening; the Team Cap and Team Tony lineups, with how Steve should have played some MMOs before this to better understand making a balanced team; a breakdown on known Infinity Gems so far; Mike's need for Zemo to be Cobra Commandered; Tegan's terrible Force Awakens joke and the greenhouse mystery.

Bonus RevCast! Civil War in Comics: Crisis in Infinite Politics

The RevNews coverage of all things Captain America: Civil War continues! In this new episode, host Gary Mitchel calls in the world's foremost Flash fan and comics expert Shaun Rosado to discuss the epic comics event, and all its related series, which has inspired the movie!

Tune in as they explain why this movie may be the closest the MCU will come to the actual comics; a little history of The Avengers in comics along with everything going on in comics & the real world that influenced this epic event; the differences in how MARVEL handles a recalibration vs how DC does it; what started the Civil war & the two sides' arguments; what the series did to Tony Stark as a character & how Movie Tony and Comics Tony differ; how all the character moments seem to be in the side-books and the BIG moments are in the main book; which sides Gary and Shaun are on; where Shaun thinks all the villains were while the heroes fought; the final fight that ended the war, the denouement, the lingering aftermath & how it affected the Marvel Comics Universe for the next few years; and what they consider to be essential (and NON-essential) reading for the event.

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