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Subspace: Playing Our Parts
Hosted by Joe Crowe

"Life's a show... and we all play our PA-ARTS..."

Get out of my head, Buffy musical! GET... OUT!

Subject: Six degrees of Angel to touched by an Angel

I do not, and have never, watched Touched by an Angel. That you would think so cuts me deep. Now, if you'll excuse me, Touc... er... I mean Stargate is on. (bblatt11@aol.com)

I apologize. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go watch Days of Our... I mean, Passions... I mean, Enterprise.

Subject: invader zim!!
i luv it, this site is the only site that gives us the best invader zim info. the keeper of this show "nickelodeon" doesn't even have all the stuff u give us on invader zim just some phony message board no one looks at. i luv dis show and i luv that this site shows interest in it. Too bad invader zim is owned by the stupid t.v. corporation nickelodeon if it wasn't they would probably be allowed to show more things on the show. bye sarah (coolkids@warwick.net)

Yeah, we are pretty cool.

But look at this way: If ZIM wasn't owned by Nickelodeon, it might be on another network, like MTV. And N-Sync would have to guest star, and instead of showing you the whole episode, they would interrupt it every 2 minutes with somebody hollering, "Hi I'm Kimmy from Baltimore and I think Zim rocks because he is really cool! WHOOOOOOOOOOO!!!"

Subject: about utena
i personally like utena even know sometimes is a little hard to understand and part about the flowers is one of the few things i dont like about utena anyway is a really cool show to watch and sailor moon the only season i liked was the sailor moon stars "because sailor moon was naked"

serie's like dragon ball z , utena , buble gum crisis and others are really cool to watch ,, please contact me to talk moore about anime my e-mail is: ,,, bye

Sailor Moon was naked. SAILOR MOON WAS NAKED! Does Cartoon Network know that Sailor Moon was naked? I think I need to lie down.

Subject: der JHONEN THINGY!
HI!!!!!!!! I tried to go to that Jhonen Vasquez Chat thing on...uh...that other friday, but, I left cuz, nothing was happening and there was toooo much noize. So, anyways, then I came back here and read the interview chat things and, it made me happy!!!!!! so...er, I JUST WANTED TO SAY THANKS!!!!!!! EEEEEEE!!!!!!! Thanks for putting it up on your site that is. Um, and If you talk to MISTA V anytime soon, tell him that, uh, I like his lucky charms...of doom. ~ FROM, A FAN CALLED SARAH. *i like corn flakes* (spoot_spooty_zim@hotmail.com)

I'm more of a Franken Berry man, myself. I'd like to have a bowl of 'em right now. EEEEEEE!!!

Subject: Remember when Xena was a good and wonderful show?
<<The final episode of Xena: Warrior Princess will air with an EXTRA SIXTEEN WHOLE MINUTES November 3 on the Oxygen cable network >>
But...WHY!?!? The last ep was SUCH a disappointment. *sob* So many years a loyal fan...and then they give us THAT!? Ick! It was sooooooo boring. Not goodness at all. Now it will be a whole sixteen more minutes of pain and suffering. Mocking us. It was once such a wonderful show. And then it just got bad....so very very bad....*sigh* (mnewman@tulane.edu)

Are you breathless with anticipation, as I am, about Lucy Lawless' new gig on The X-Files? Maybe she can tour all sci-fi shows that have worn out their welcome. Oh, wait -- Voyager's already gone.

Subject: a stay in the drab room
well it seems I've put my time in your torment you call the drab room and I can only say : It has made me stronger.

Fear the power of he who goes only by Dr. Obvious

P.S. Because of my newfound power, I am now forced to capitalize the D in Dr (drobvious@madmail.com)

Excellent, excellent. You are learning the power of drabness.

And Dr., regarding your letter last Subspace, if I might defend How To Speak Hollywood: I wasn't plagiarizing myself. I was paying homage to the work of someone I love and respect, namely me.

Subject: Belated birthday wishes to Kenn
<<Where're my birthday gifts? Shouldn't you all be sending me neat toys, rare comics, and copies of Gates of Hell on VHS?>>

Happy Birthday, dear! I'd send you a gift, but being a poor college student makes that tough. But I'm sure my tone deaf singing will make it all up!!!

Happy Birthday tooooooo yooooooooooou! Happy Birthday toooooooo yoooooooooooou! Happy Birthday dear Kenn! Happy Birthday tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo yooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooou!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (mnewman@tulane.edu)

You know, after that 17th exclamation point, the feeling behind it is pretty much lost.

Subject: Ack!!! I is a baaaad woman!!!
Kenn, I am so sorry I forgot your birthday! Siren even reminded me and said don't forget 'cause she's still banished from the net because of lack of laptop. That'll teach her to remind me about stuff. Welcome to the big 30, where the IQ no longer matters and gravity is a friend only to men.

Has anyone seen From Hell yet? Don't give me crap about it not being Sci-Fi related. It was based on a graphic novel for H.L. Mencken's sake. Besides, it's got Johnny Depp. If that ain't related in a weird and possibly not from this planet sort of way, nothing qualifies. Is it worth seeing? Someone told me it was too gorey which means nothing to me. It's a story about Jack the Ripper, okay? If you're looking for good clean fun, that is not the way to go. I'm surrounded by morons. Except for Siren who will hurt me if I don't add that.

This ought to make someone wince, but I'm going to say it anyway--only twelve more days 'til the Harry Potter premiere! Can't wait to see the flying motorcycle. Why can I not live in a world where flying Harley's are the norm? WHY? WHY? WHY?

And the countdown to the LOTR's is getting closer and closer. I haven't been this nuts about action figures since they came out with two versions of Ian Nottingham.

Oh, any latest news on the X-men sequel or is it a dream never to be?

BTW, the Saber sisters are back, or at least they will be as soon as Siren get's wired in again. (jaer@knight-sabers.com)

1) I have seen From Hell. I took my sweetie to it on our Halloween date. Aren't we cute? It's a date movie, that makes you think about your own relationship. Especially if one of you is a street-walking bang-tail, and the other one likes the opium.

2) Believe me, when there's legitimate X-Men 2 news, I will provide it here on RevolutionSF News, as is my humble duty. I'll be on it like digital shrinking is on the Hobbits.

I am the master of the simile. Or is that metaphor?

Subject: The One
I don't know of a comic book titled The One, but Vertigo's The Books of Magic had a story arc very similar to the premise of The One. (mntlward@earthlink.net)

Actually, there was a comic called The One back in the 1980s. But it had nothing to do with this One. Which just goes to show you, there are no new ideas, nor are there limits to how much minute trivia is crammed in my head.

Subject: Pika
Pika. Chu. Pika. Ka Pika. Pikachu. (pikachu@pokemon.com)

Yes, we actually get letters like this. Does anyone else remember back when Pokemon references were funny?

Nope, me neither.

"Where do we go... from... HEEEEEERE?"


Joe Crowe is Humor Editor and stuff for RevolutionSF.

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