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Subspace: Giving Buffy a Break
Hosted by Kenn McCracken

Sick. Flu-ridden. No voice.

Anyone got any NyQuil?

Subject: RE: Marshmallows

[When you're out camping in the woods, how do you like your marshmallows: charred, or until golden-brown?]

I don't know about the rest of you guys, but *I* would rather stick it in the fire and FRY THAT SUCKER! (Fnchnst@home.com)

I say the same thing about cats, sometimes.

Subject: No More FOX Kraps'

Halleluhia! Sing it brothers and sisters! No more classic animes ripped to parts like our beloved Tenkuu no Escaflowne was, no more Flint: Time Detective (shudder) and Dinozaurs (double shudder)! After all, when it comes to anime, FOX really knows how to torture folks. And don't get me started on Mon Colle Knights (triple shudder). There are only two redeeming qualities: 1) One of the lead villans sidekicks, purple-haired girl with glasses, is cute, 'cause I'm a sucker for purple hair and glasses. 2) The little green-haired girl is sooo adorable! Everytime she's on screen you wanna scream "KAWAII"!!! But still, FOX Kids' has gotta go. (wolvie110@hotmail.com)

I know nothing of this FOX anime of which you speak. But I will agree with you on one thing: girls with purple hair and glasses are, indeed, worthwhile.

Subject: Malcolm's not even in the middle

So I take it the character of Malcolm Reed (the weapons officer with the spikey Corey Hart hair and Austin Powers accent) is now the official Chekov of Enterprise, due to be bashed, thwapped, and generally abused forever henceforth. First he's shot, captured, and held captive, and the Captain, even after finding out he's wounded, just leaves him there to age like wine in the underground tunnels until they are ready to leave. Then he's sent to a comet and warned that light will disintegrate its surface and yet, when he is dragging his wounded comrade across the snow and the light is pouring down on them, the Captain is off filing his nails, oblivious to his distress. Only the Vulcan seems to care if he lives or dies. Pretty tragic for the character, especially since the actor shows the potential of being able to act occasionally... Ah, so it goes.

A sciku for the newest Trek:

The Enterprise men
None sexy as Chakotay
But the beagle's cute

On another note, it's good to hear that Liam Neeson is back at it again. I blame none of Episode I's many unforgivable problems on the Neeson man, I'll have you know, and I'm looking forward to this Exorcist prequel.

One last thought: though I still defend my position that its premise is not new, I must admit that I am beginning to like Farscape. Not love it, mind you, but like it. You may say "I told you so" once with feeling -- and then kiss my stiletto heels, if you're very good.

I'm still waiting on those adult Underoos... (ahsturgis@mindspring.com)

Letters that end like this make me feel better.

I'm looking forward to the Exorcist prequel as well, and not just because of Neeson (though he is a great actor). Make no mistake -- he had nothing to do with the downfall of the Star Wars franchise. That's all Lucas, all the time.

Subject: Jigglypuff.wav

ok so kjkearney's jigglypuff .wav was fruity and odd and an earmark of geekitude as well as retarded in ever way/shape/form but it was in the past. now its more than made up for with his sci-ku's. The poor bastard's paid his due. 'sides....they say judge not lest ye be judged. but um.....can you post the .wav one more time, please? buuuuuuurn kearney buuuuuurn! (smapdi_joe@hotmail.com)


[Ugh. Here. I wash my hands of this business. - Shane, webmaster]

Subject: Jhonen

I know you probably get thousands of e-mails all about him, so thanks for taking time to read this.

This probably won't happen, but I still need to try. I use lOcke's art on my website (with his permission), and would also like to use some of Jhonens, since I can't find a site of his, I figured I could ask someone to ask him for me. This probably isn't going to work because it usually doesn't unless you ask them yourself... but it's worth a try neh? thanks much either way.

~Rokiyu (lorelai121@hotmail.com)

I tried asking him for you, but the restraining order he took out against me prevents me from getting close enough to ask him.

What? Like you've never broken into a man's house and waited patiently for him to come home so that he could sign your still warm kidney? I mean, come on!

Maybe someone else on here can help, though. I understand he's pretty cool, as long as you don't wear your internal organs as gloves.

Subject: ???

What the Hell happened to Invader ZIM? After seeing that weird Butt-Ugly Martians show on Friday night (instead of what we're SUPPOSED to see), and I can't find the show anywhere on Nickelodeon.com's schedule pages!


Also, when I click on the "Select a TV Show" list, you can't find ZIM in it. What's going on? Please don't be dead, ZIM. ::Prays:: (Masenko2@hotmail.com)

Yep. He's gone... Cancelled. Gone the way of Ren and Stimpy, Duckman, and all good animated features designed with 'special' people in mind (like me!).


Just kidding. Try searching here instead.



MY HAMPSTER IS SCREWED IN BACKWARDS!!!! (?) (clickclickboom@weasil.net)

Yet, strangely, it stills works for ya, doesn't it?

Besides. there is no 'p' in hamster -- well, maybe in yours.

Subject: Lord of the Rings

I have it!! I have it!! The One Ring is MINE!! All shall bow before my unthinkable might. HaHahAhA....What the ...? Work you lousy POS!!Stupid, friggin Cracker Jack prizes! I guess I'll just have to do this the old fashioned way. Thanks to you, Trekkies everywhere are probably talking about the new show "Touched by a Voyager" Stop that. Don't give Trekkies ideas, they always end badly. (bblatt11@aol.com)

I thought they preferred the term 'Trekkers?' Which just makes me think of preggers, and that's not good...

Subject: Kiss and Tell

Madra7of9 seemed to have a problem with the lovely little scene of Buffy and Spike snogging. Why, we ask. Many of us have been waiting for this for hundreds of years. It always annoys me when fans are against the pairing of two characters, because they are ultimate fans of a certain supercouple--you see a lot of this with soap opera fans.

Why shouldn't people move on or play the field or explore their options? It adds to plot devices, it adds twists that can later be exploited to the writers' advantage and sometimes it's just plain fun to watch.

Personally, I hope they do something really interesting with Buffy and Spike, instead of just angst and denial. At least we know that they could sleep together without any curses being messed with. C'mon, give Buffy a break! She hasn't gotten any since Riley left. (splifford@hotmail.com)

She has my number.

Interesting, eh? Like... I don't know... throwing Willow into the mix?

Gods. I need to take something to reduce this fever. I just realized that all I'm doing is helping someone write their slashfic.


Subject: Star Warz trailers

I just finished downloading the first star wars "only on dvd" trailer, and my first reaction is "Filk Yeah, thats Darth's breathin! Filk Yeah" The trailer is ok, and then as I go to watch it, the only sound comming out of my dorm was "FILK"

why? They're going to mess with vader. I know it. I didn't really relize it earlyer, but everything is going to get twisted with him. I just know it. Mess with Lea's origin and family, don't care. mess with 3p0's origin, don't care. Mess with the whole Fett thing, couldn't care less (no a EU guy).

Filk up Vader, Heads will roll

if you haven't found them by now, you can check out the trailers here at http://www.movie-list.com/s/starwars2.shtml (drobvious@madmail.com)

I can't believe that you think Lucas will screw up Vader. Come on, now. You should KNOW that Vader is screwed. Lucas is the man with the anti-Midas touch these days, and you people keep goosing him on with all this excitement and fandom and buying of DVDs and movie tickets.

You'll be lucky if Anakin's transformation to Vader isn't caused by an event that forces Natalie Portman to exclaim, "Oh, come on, baby -- it happens to everyone..."

Attack of the Clones, indeed.

Subject: : Hello all.
I haven't subspaced in a while, so here's my stuff:
1)Just curious, but are there any Jewish Revolutionaries(?) out there? I am, and just wanted to know if there were others.
2)Anybody ever read Scott McCloud's "Understanding Comics?" It's great, and it is exactly the kind of book I would like to just carry around with me so
that whenever I get mocked for being a "geeky comic geek" I can just whip out the book and be like "Hey crapface, read this!" Then, when he's done reading it and wants to go out and read comics, I'll be all like "Hey, who's the geeky comic geek now, you geeky comic geek!" Heh heh.
3)Looking forward to the Justice League premiere. Whoo hoo!
4)Saw the X-Files season premiere. Slightly disappointed. Cary Elwes is a great actor, but he needs to let his British accent out more. It sounded like he didn't know whether to be from London or Long Island. Also, THEY CAN'T KILL DOGGETT!!!!!! HE NEEDS TO STICK AROUND SO HE CAN HAVE HIS OWN SPIN-OFF: John Doggett, Ass-Kicker of the Unnatural (thanks, Zea... errr...the site that cannot be named!). The Simpsons, however, are still as funny as ever.
5)I've said enough. Peace to the Middle East. (smarko98@aol.com)

1) Hey, isn't it enough that there are female Revolutionaries?
2) Read it, loved it, and PS -- if you've read that, you can join me in
being a *true* comic geek.
3) Ditto. Even if J'onn J'onzz is depowered.
4) *Slightly?*
5) <snicker>


At the end of my Subspace entry today, I said that I had said enough for now. That was before I read the supposed "Greatest Comic Stories Ever" article. I got a bone to pick with you. My favorite character, Batman, was not present in any of them (except COIE, but that doesn't count). No story containing just Batman. No Long Halloween. No Killing Joke. Not even filking Dark Knight Returns! Also, you forgot probably the only good Elseworlds book: Generations. That book is so great. It perfectly captures the Batman and Superman as they were written at the time they take place in, while still making it seem like a fluid story. You like COIE because Superman cries? He cries a lot in this one. And it's for good reason. This is a great book. I should write my own "Best Comics" article and then skool you all at C&C Red Alert: Aftermath. Bee-yotch! (smarko98@aol.com)

If I was going to pick a Batman storyline, it would have either been the most recent World's Finest mini-series, or else the No Man's Land run. Unfortunately for you, I didn't.

Secret Wars II, anyone?

Kenn McCracken is comics editor for RevolutionSF, except when he's had too much Nyquil. Then he's just about anybody you want him to be.

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