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Funniest Differences Between the Harry Potter Movie and The Book
Contest Hosted by Joe Crowe

11. I don't recall Harry playing with action figure versions of himself, or mentioning that they're available at a Toy R' Us near you in the book. (theonlynolan@yahoo.com)

10. Hermione's chatty new girlfriend Tori (bessellieu@excite.com)

9. The movie turned a blind eye to the daily owl-droppings-in-the-porridge problem of morning mail delivery. (ahsturgis@mindspring.com)

8. Nearly Headless Nick renamed Richard, and something else is nearly off... (bessellieu@excite.com)

7. That scene where Harry's Magic Fingers wander into his Magic Pants was pretty damn disturbing. (leissuit@aol.com)

6. Book doesn't include subliminal messaging saying "Hey kid! This is what you want! Right here! Not that Gan-dollf crap!" *gripe mumble the Nazgul will find you* (megatonnage@hotmail.com)

5. I don't remember EVER reading the word "midichlorians" in Philosopher's Stone... (themacrocosm@sympatico.ca)

4. Hermione Granger now played by Jennifer Love Hewitt to attract that all-important "horndog" element not otherwise bothered by getting all hot-and-bothered over an 11-year-old (hpoomail@usa.net)

3. Harry now has eye-lasers, a mechanical arm, and his best friend is The Pope! (skypilot@ptd.net)

2. In the adaptions for the American audience the following name changes were made to the release: Hagrid became "Bubba"; Hermione became "Princess"; The Philosopher's Stone became "the Nifty Widget"; and the Nimbus 2000 became "The Crotch Rocket Maximus". (nettroll@email.com)

1. Wil Wheaton as Harry Potter, Pamela Anderson as Hermione Granger, Jerry Falwell as Ron Weasel-y, Janet Reno as Hagrid, Roseanne as Fluffy, Stephen Hawking as Dumbledore, Callista Flockhart as the Nimbus 2000, and Robert Downey as The Sorceror, Stoned (kingfisher61@cs.com)

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