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Star Wars : Jar Jar Almost Beat It
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We've all asked, "Could that whole Jar Jar thing have been more disturbing?"

Our answer comes from Rolling Stone magazine, in an interview with future sci-fi convention regular Ahmed Best, the man they chroma-keyed Jar Jar around.

In London, Lucas, Natalie (Queen Amidala) Portman, and Best went to a Michael Jackson concert, Best told Rolling Stone. "Backstage, George introduced me.

He goes, 'This is Ahmed, also known as Jar Jar Binks.' I thought, 'I wonder why he said that.'

"Come to find out, Michael was campaigning for the part. George said to cast him would compromise the movie because he's such a big star."

"Casting Michael Jackson would have compromised the movie."

I would say it was already compromised, but that would just be mean.


Joe Crowe , are you OK? Are you OK, Joe Crowe?

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