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NBC Stops Saturday Morning TV; Screech Fans Place Their Heads on Pikes
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NBC has joined Fox in throwing their hands up and saying they just can't do it anymore.

And by "it," I don't mean air lame comedies. NBC can do that forever.

NBC has put up its 3-hour chunk of Saturday morning programming on the auction block, hoping that somebody, anybody, will buy it from them. Like Fox, they are saying they just can't compete with cable for Sat. a.m. viewers anymore.

The Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon are more popular than either network's stuff. The WB, though, is doing well, thanks to the inexorable juggernaut that is Pokemon.

Jackie Chan Adventures is really good, though.

They want to sell to someone who does that kind of thing for a living. (CBS already did, to Nickelodeon. ABC's Saturday morning is run by Disney.)

They're both talking to companies already in the kid TV business, such as Nelvana and DIC, who've done a zillion cartoons. So they're not abandoning the kids' market to fishing shows.

Unless a fishing show company buys those time chunks.

Throughout my 30 years on this planet, there was always something to watch on Saturday morning on free broadcast TV. But I have something to say to NBC.

You gave up on the kids awhile back already, to only do sitcoms directed at teens. Like Basketball Kids, or Skate Thrashers, or Saved By The Bell: Endless Waltz.

All because of Saved by The Bell. Well, now look at yourselves. Why don't you stop thinking about yourselves? Why can't you think about Screech?

It's all right. Joe Crowe is saved by the bell.

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