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Star Wars Goes Bye Bye Bye
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N'Sync might be in Star Wars Episode 2.

When you stop screaming, read the rest of the story.

The Sci Fi Wire is hedging its bet, saying the New York Post's entertainment section, Page Six, reported that Mr. George Lucas was thinking about putting them in because his daughters are into them.

But MTV News has a different take on the exact same story, saying that it's actually official, that "a spokesperson for Lucasfilm" says they're in. In this story -- which may or may not be considered canon -- the spokesperson says N'Sync called producer Rick McCallum and asked for bit parts.

MTV also reports that their scenes are cameos, and that the "Men of N'Sync," as MTV calls them, will get blowed up real good. On this part, the New York Post and MTV agree.

But the Post's Page Six says they will be anonymous Jedi Knights. Other reports have said they will be part of the Jedi army in the big battle with the Clones at the end of the movie. A "boy band" fighting an army of clones; who says George Lucas doesn't know irony?

Anyway. If this is true, who do the Jedi turn down?

Last night, Conan O'Brien said they're in the movie because the producers "want C-3P0 to seem less gay."

I say this: if this is true, Lucas better not say another discouraging word about the Star Wars Holiday Special ever again. Popular 70s musical group Jefferson Starship was in that, and Lucas has been pretending it didn't happen. But then, Starship lead singer Grace Slick's dancing was never as tight as Justin Timberlake's.

On the other hand, maybe it's witty to have celebrity cameos.

On the other other hand, does Star Wars really need to follow the example of Scary Movie?

News Editor Joe Crowe is as disgusted as the rest of us. He just hides it better.

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