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What Would Gollum Do?
Contest Hosted by Joe Crowe

Today's Dilemma: I'm in a financial pinch. What's the best way to manage my money?


Don't make a habit of throwing preciousss rings to hobbits. (n9oca@aol.com)
Eeeeeeeeeee! Don'TOUCH MY PRECIOUS! *devours your eyes* (skypilot@ptd.net)
Stay the hell away from anyone called Baggins. They are thieves and we hates them forever. (sarah-neko@dove.gen.nz)
The green... Like pastures... beautiful scars of acid from the beyond...  Invest in GOLD, GOOOOOOOOOOOOLD! My one, my five, my ten, my twenty dollars of loooove... my preciousssss... (imadharmabum@aol.com)
Investment in even a small amount of gold can allow for a long retirement in seclusion eating tasty cave fishes. (theonlynolan@yahoo.com)
Precious should have cashed in ring for moneysss. Collect interest for five hundred years at banks. Nice bankses. (nancyd007@aol.com)
Invest...yes...invest all your precious....my precious... it was my birthday present...yes...invest money in the things that bring you joy...my precious brought me joy...the hours of looking at it...oh the power...but now it is gone...my precious ENRON is gone...oh the power, my precious.... (nettroll@email.com)
Even torture at the hands of orcs can sometimes lead to wisdom. Or, sometimes not.
What has it gots in its pockets? Nothing! It needs to learn preciousss secrets of financial freedom from us, it does! Invests in Real Estate it does! Creates a preciouss portfolio, yes, yes! Buy Gollum's book, it must! "My Preciousss Secrets of Financial Freedom" Has it $19.95? Buy "My Preciousss..." (bhaskins@aqinc.com)

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