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Sci-ku: January 29, 2002
Contest Hosted by Joe Crowe

Several About The Fifth Element, or
What Happens When French Fashion Designers Make Sci-Fi

The Fifth Element
Reran on Sci-Fi Channel
My stomach does churn

Evil entity
Has power to cause you to
Bleed chocolate sauce

Willis is hero
Kicks alien booty while
Wearing orange halter?

Blue opera singer
Unneeded musical scene
That Geena Davis?

Tucker in rose bush
Shrill voice and womanly screams
Well, no kids for me (richard_the_shaggy_dog@hotmail.com)
Several About Invader ZIM
Oh, Invader Zim!
I never got to know you
Now my chance is gone. (etoilebp@hotmail.com)
I like Jhonen V.
His show is not on anymore
i am sad. yum, corn (spoot_spooty_zim@hotmail.com)
Why is ZIM leaving?
SpongeBob deserves the torture.
What is Nick's problem? (fnchnst@home.com)
Enterprise Captain
Scott was better as
Dr. Samuel Beckett
Where the heck is Al? (smarko98@aol.com)
No new Farscape
Listless bland malaise.
No new Farscape for HOW long?
Is it April yet? (afroning@chatham.edu)
Christmas Gift
What's that Christmas gift?
Robotech on DVD!
Best sister ever! (afroning@chatham.edu)
Lord of the Rings
Saw lord of the rings
Six times and thats
eighteen hours of life (di@null.net)
John McEnroe's Chair
John McEnroe's Chair
Hot or cold, not new not old
What a dumbass show (kniofheart@aol.com)
Lord of the Rings: The Novelization
The Lord of the Rings--
The worst novelization
I have ever seen. (shynicet@aol.com)
Tribute to Ian Holm
priest cornelius,
napoleon, Bilbo, Ash
Baron Frankenstein. (gtfirefly@hotmail.com)
Women in SF
'Women in SF'
class full! That many geeks at
my school?  Who knew? (afroning@chatham.edu)
Why Am I Even Here?
why am i even here?
sci-fi dorks scare me Ha! Ha!
no, no i just kid (stellarchick08@hotmail.com)

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