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Sci-ku: February 13, 2002
Contest Hosted by Joe Crowe

Enterprise? Star Trek?
Okay man if you say so,
I stick with Picard. (ajlandon@hotmail.com)

Lord of the Rings Novelization
Many dumb people.
They don't know what a joke is.
Novelization? (arc_highbeam@yahoo.com)

George Lucas
He who pushes crap,
Makes a crap-load of money.
The joy of Lucas. (arc_highbeam@yahoo.com)

Sci-Fi Valentines
Klingons smash them up
Love is strange for all creatures
Sci-Fi hearts grow light (nettroll@email.com)

It's Keneda's bike!
It's red, fast, and really cool.
Then Akira came... (arc_highbeam@yahoo.com)

DVD Player
DVD player,
Will not play my anime,
It's out to get me. (ajlandon@hotmail.com)

Three About Reading Tolkien
Marathon reading
History of Middle Earth
Friends say "Where is she?"

A real addiction
Can't stop rereading Tolkien
Eight more books to go

I'm like a hobbit
In a hole, please send pipeweed
And lots of mushrooms (ahsturgis@mindspring.com)

Sci-Ku vacation
Sci-ku vacation.
New contest starts! Play because
We will give you stuff.

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