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Six Degrees of Justice League to the Breakfast Club
Contest Hosted by Joe Crowe

The Green Arrow is a member of the Justice League.
Kevin Smith is the current writer of Green Arrow for DC
Kevin Smith plays Silent Bob in all of his movies.
Silent Bob appears in the Jay and Silent Bob comic, where he watches Breakfast Club in a video store.
Everything comes back to the Bob. (c_oder@yahoo.com)

Athony Michael Hall was in Breakfast Club, and didn't he steal AquaMan's panties in 16 Candles? I don't really remember that movie. Let's try again. Hall was in Freddy Got Fingered. And speaking of getting fingered, I think Apache Chief and Wonder Woman had something going on. No, that's no good. One last time:
- Anthony Michael Hall was in Breakfast Club
- He also played Bill Gates in Pirates of Silicon Valley
- Bill Gates is actually Brainiac
- Brainiac fought Superman, who is a member of the Justice League
Yeah, that sounds right. (dm2phx@yahoo.com)

You were almost there, until you announced that Bill Gates is Brainiac. People who find that out tend to disappear.

Batman is a member of the JLA
He did a crossover with Spawn
Spawn the movie starred Martin Sheen
Who is the father of Emilio Estevez
Who is a member of the Breakfast Club (timothy.lea@osd.mil)

Where oh where to begin! Phil Lamar, of MadTV fame voices John Stewart, the Green Lantern, on the current Justice League series... who, btw, is a poor interpretaion of the comic version... Phil Lamar also voiced the Letter M on my favorite wrongly abandoned series, Invader Zim. A semi-regular on Zim, as the Allmighty Tallest, was Kid In The Hall and all around loveable Canadian Kevin McDonald... can I stay entirely in cartoons... McDonald played the Zoo Keeper... (for a second I thought he played the farmer... sigh) with Nick Bakay who voiced Salem in Sabrina the Animated Series. Damn this is taking a while... OK. Melissa Joan Hart was in the Hercules cartoon series as Celena, which had almost everyone doing some voice or another, including Ben Stein, Paul Reubens and, most notably, Eric Idle. Keeping to comics... I can do this... Eric Idle was in the Transformers Movie, one of the best ever, as one of the trash guys... err... I don't need his name, you know who... and also in that as Hot Rod was Breakfast Clubber Judd Nelson. There. (blibfeld@ic.sunysb.edu)

Mark Hamil did a voice for Justice League, and appeared in the HORRID Star Wars Holiday Special (even if he did have Carrie Fisher's makeup on) with James Earl Jones. Jones was in The Hunt for Red October with Tim Curry, who appeared in Lexx, as did Nigel Bennett who was a regular in Forever Knight along with John Kapelos who was the janitor in The Breakfast Club. 5 Links that run right through Canada!

Also, Replace the Holiday Special with Return of the Jedi and throw in Robert Carridine from Revenge of the Nerds who appeared in Kung Fu: The Legend Continues along with Nigel Bennett so we've got both of last week's movies as well. Not quite a straight line, but it's something. (thegrandepoobah@thetorontoline.com)

Let's try this the harder way... Ally Sheedy, Emilio Estevez and Judd Nelson were both in Breakfast Club. They were in St. Elmo's Fire with Demi Moore.
1) Demi Moore was in One Crazy Summer with John Cusack.
2) John Cusack was in Better Off Dead with David Ogden Stiers.
3) David Ogden Stiers played J'onn J'onzz in that godawful Justice League TV pilot back in '97. (crow_steve@hotmail.com)

You invoked the name of the unaired Justice League TV pilot! Stand fast, lest it pull you into the vortex!

Let us recover from that near-tragedy, and take a break for a moment. Attend as I expound upon a link everyone missed. Judd Nelson played the villain in the little-seen movie Steel, starring Shaquille O'Neal. Steel is based on the DC Comics superhero Steel, who is a member of the comic book Justice League, and who guest-starred on the Superman cartoon.

Wait -- upon mention of the Steel movie, the vortex is opening again!

Whew, this was a filkin' tough one!! Ok, Batman is in the Justice League and in one of the Batman movies Michael Keaton played Batman. Then Tracy Walter was in Desperate Measures with the aforementioned Michael Keaton. Tracy Walter was also in Young Guns II with Martin Sheen's little biatch kid Emilio Estevez. And good ole Emilio was in the Breakfast Club. Yipee-skipee do da day. I win. (civ2starw@aol.com)

Well, almost.

After thinking about it, it seemed like cheating to use Mark Hamill, who, isn't one of the voices of the members of Justice League, so it takes me a little bit longer: Emilio Estevez was in Young Guns II with Christian Slater, who was in Pump Up the Volume with Seth Green, who was in America's Sweethearts with Maria Canals, who is the voice of Hawkgirl. (oneiros@dcr.net)

Today's most successful degreesers are very hot! Very hot!

Let's go through the current animated JLA series. 1) Michael Rosenbaum does the voice of the Flash on Justice League. In the two part Justice League/Manhunter episode of JLA, Kurtwood Smith plays an alien prosecutor faced with the Flash (Michael Rosenbaum) trying to stall for time. Kurtwood Smith was in Heart of Dixie with Ally Sheedy of The Breakfast Club. (crow_steve@hotmail.com)

Michael Rosenbaum (voice of the Flash, as well as the best Lex Luthor ever on Smallville) had a small role in Midnight in the Garden of Good & Evil with the inimitable John Cusack. Cusack was in Sixteen Candles with both Molly Ringwald and Anthony Michael Hall. (robo_randy@yahoo.com)

Superman is a member of the Justice League. In Superman IV: The Quest for Peace (the movie in which Superman finally gets to use his rebuildthegreatwallofchina-vision) Jon Cryer played the part of Lex Luthor's nephew or somesuch. Jon Cryer starred with Molly Ringwald in Pretty in Pink. Molly was in The Breakfast Club. (mntlward@earthlink.net)

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