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Subspace: Taking Requests All Night Long
Hosted by Shane Ivey

Subject: I still think Frohike's the Dad of Scully's Baby

While everyone's talking comics, let's be sure to mention the brand-spanking-new one-shot Lone Gunmen comic from Dark Horse. It's very well done, and word has it that Dark Horse has been bowled over by the positive response. More Lone Gunmen comics may follow -- if, that is, Dark Horse shows more sense than Fox and recognizes they've got a good thing in Byers, Langly, and Frohike. In memory of a show gone too soon, allow me to offer a sciku:

It's Frohike's kid
Langly's kung foo is the best
But I love Byers

BCNU! (ahsturgis@mindspring.com)

If any of the Gunmen could have gotten Scully's babymaking freak on, it's Frohike. But I don't know if Mulder would be smooching her like that if that was the case.

Subject: Re: Stephen King's new TV Series

Lemme be the FIRST! (OK the worst, but hey..)

When has it been a good idea for the King to cross media? I went into a state of MISERY when I heard about IT. Made me want to commit hari-CARRIE, and leave a GREEN MILE of slobber SHINING down into some dark basement filled with rats.

And I have a request- play "Sister Christian" by Night Ranger. (rhythman1234@hotmail.com)

Sorry, rhythman. No free music. You want us to get Napsterized or something?

Subject: I agree with runewitch

I totally agree that it sucks that the people spitting out what's supposed to be entertainment often have female characters take their clothes off to make the story interesting!

I also agree that there's nothing wrong with a woman expressing her own sexuality, and it doesn't make her a slut if she does. (mntlward@earthlink.net)

Especially if she's Jessica Alba.

Subject: A Disgruntled Grunt Poses a Poser

I'm not particularly disgruntled, I'm not really a grunt, I'm technically posing two questions, and neither are posers. Now that I have destroyed all of your childhood illusions, I have a mere two questions.

I will answer as best I may.

Firstly, can you tell me what happened to Zealot.com after it just froze some months back? And if you can but don't want to, can you link me somewhere that will explain it? And if you can't tell me why, will you tell me who is responsible for you not being allowed to tell me, so I can find said person/persons and quietly disconnect them from worldly concerns so that you may be free to do any telling you damn well please?


No need for all that trouble. For you newcomers, our grunt here is asking about Zealot.com, the science fiction website which many of the founders of RevolutionSF founded and built from 1999 to 2001 while working for Hecklers Entertainment, Inc.

The answer is, we all got fired. The whole company. Well, all except the three founders and one networking guy and one ad sales executive. Something about spending untold scads of money without earning very much. But two of the three founders quit a couple weeks later, and the ad sales exec is gone now, too (something about not getting a paycheck for the past month - people can be so inflexible!), so it's pretty much down to the two of them, now. Neither gives a flip about Zealot, so it's stuck there until they decide to kill it or they talk more investors out of venture capital and hire a new staff.

The second and much more important question I will write in all caps, because it's just that important: IS THERE ANY LEGAL OR OBLIGATORY CONNECTION BETWEEN THIS SITE AND HECKLERS ONLINE?

No, by which I mean HELL NO. RevolutionSF is owned and trademarked by Revolution Web Development, Inc., of which I am the founder and sole shareholder, and I have a big stack of legal documents (not to mention legal bills) to say so.

Because Hecklers Online officially sucks, and, damn PlayBoy. Don't burn me alive, I'll say it again: Damn PlayBoy.

Now, now. Let's not say anything rash about Playboy. That magazine publishes some fine, fine articles. With hefty, well-oiled, firm young writing.

NOW burn me alive, I've said what I came to say. (collin@crosslink.net)

Well, okay, then. We'll be over at eleven.

Subject: Oh, goodness.

I wasn't expecting to make the headline of Subspace -- actually I wasn't necessarily expecting my entire article to be in there :) Good damned thing I didn't go into more detail. Heh!

I have to share this with y'all, because I'm just a glutton for attention. Check out my site at Elfwood, which is FINALLY back up & running. In particular, check out the Half-Orc (Myev) female towards the bottom. She's one of the characters I play now in D&D -- a 3/3 Sorcerer/Barbarian. I drew her because I was greatly disappointed with the female orc that was in the Player's Handbook, which is no more than a male orc in drag :P

Yes, I'm aware my stuff has nowhere near the talent and polish of H(RSF)G Todd's, but I'm still proud of my stuff, damnit :) (runewitch@hotmail.com)

That's okay. We can't all be as skillful as Todd (that being Todd Shearer, RevolutionSF art guy), and your stuff is pretty dang good anyway. Let us know when you update it!

As for detail, well, I'm sure Joe would do his editing magic if I my glasses get too foggy to keep the entries clean. It's not like he hasn't had to, before.

Shane Ivey is producer for RevolutionSF.

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