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Birds of Prey TV Show: All About The Ladies
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A pilot based on DC Comics' Birds of Prey is being worked on as a possible new fall show on The WB. The executive producers of the pilot all work on Smallville.

Birds of Prey, the comic, is about Barbara Gordon, formerly the original Batgirl, who was shot and paralyzed by The Joker. Now she runs a computer network as Oracle. She helps out all the other superheroes with information on supervillains and e-mail chain letters. And she works with fishnet-wearing Black Canary, sexy DC heroine with a sonic scream.

Which sounds like an easy enough show to do, Charlie's Angels with superheroes. They don't have to use any of the history, since the Batman franchise is tied up in movies (And Alicia Silverstone was the most recent Batgirl, so, well, let's just not talk about it).

But check this out. They will show the Batgirl costume, and refer to her as Batgirl. AND mention Batman, but not show him. He's cast off the job and gone away. The Huntress will be a regular character. The odd thing about this is that Huntress is just another costumed hot chick in DC Comics continuity.

But in 1980s storylines, she was a parallel Earth Batman and Catwoman's daughter. In the pilot, she will be Batman's daughter. Black Canary is there, but she will be a teenage runaway. What the who what?

Here's the cast:

Barbara Gordon -- Dina Meyer (the one who showered with the boys on Starship Troopers).

Huntress -- Ashley Scott (Asha in Dark Angel, Gigolo Jane in A.I.)

Black Canary -- Rachel Skarsten from The Famous Jett Jackson

The Gotham Clock Tower site rumors that in the pilot, Twin Peaks' Sherilyn Fenn will play the Huntress' psychiatrist, Dr. Harleen Quinnzel. That's the secret ID of the Joker's sweetie, Harley Quinn. Live action Harley Quinn!

So I'm anticipating this a little bit. Will it make it to the air and be interesting, like Smallville? Or will it make it to a convention bootleg table and be available for $10 if you buy the Star Wars Holiday Special with it, like the Justice League live action pilot?

News editor Joe Crowe is just another costumed hot chick. On weekends.

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