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RevolutionSF at DragonCon 2014
March 21, 2015 • We knocked DragonCon out of the park, and we have hours of podcasts and videos to show for it.

Reviews and Features

Twelve Monkeys
Could use more Brad Pitt. [TV]

Penny Dreadful
Vampires! Werewolves! London! [TV]

RevolutionSF Podcast: Where Are You Coming From, Spider-Man?
Two podcasts! The news about Spidey joining Marvel movies and a look at movies of March 2015. [Humor]

Arrow Seasons 2 and 3
You have failed this razor. [TV]

Agent Carter
Rescued from a comic book footnote, Agent Carter is awesome. [TV]

RevolutionSF Podcast : Agents of SHIELD
May vs. Anti-May! We talk for an hour about it. [Humor]

1960s people in SPAAAAAAAAACE. [TV]

Trailer Probe: Avengers Age of Ultron

RevolutionSF News

Marvel Movies Get Spider-Man, Blow Off Everything Else
Where are you coming from, Spider-Man? [News]

Star Wars VII Subtitle Might Be OK, Is A Sentence
Star Wars: The Subtitle Arrives! [News]

Justice League Movie Schedule Tosses Pebble At Mighty Marvel Throne
Aquaman is getting a movie. Hey, they said it, not us. [News]

Twin Peaks To Return, Laura Palmer Spins In Grave
Come back, Log Lady! [News]

Short Stories

God Has Left The Building
After extraterrestrials make contact with mankind, can a man help his brother come to terms with what they reveal?

A Broken Promise
Slowly he reached in, inch by careful inch until he finally grasped Excalibur.

RevolutionSF Blogs

The Geek Curmudgeon
Where opinionated geek Rick Klaw expresses his views.

RevSF podcast queen Deanna Toxopeus.

The Culture
The 21st century is when everything changes.

Daikun's Webcomic Recommendations
I recommend Internet-published comics.

Roll for Ragnarok
Thrilling tales from the gaming table!

Things to Buy
Yes, YOU can get more from the brains behind RevSF.

James Bond:
The History of the Illustrated 007

RevolutionSF Poll
Who is the biggest Debbie Downer on TV?

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