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Comics Reviews and Features
Comics Editor: Jay Willson

RevolutionSF Podcast: DC Comics Rebirth
DC relaunches yet again, and we are here to talk for hours about it. (Review by Various RevSF Artists, July 15, 2016.)

Knight Rider, Airwolf Comic Books
80s TV revived as comic books! What would Ernest Borgnine think? (Review by Joe Crowe and @revolutionsf, October 29, 2013.)

Comic Book Probe: Saga, Batman
Collections of alien drama Saga and the latest from Batman get reviews. (Review by Sarah Arnold and @sarah_arnold , April 09, 2013.)

RevolutionSF Remembers Joe Kubert
Far too few words about comic book legend Joe Kubert. (Feature by Mark Finn, August 13, 2012.)

Webcomic Recommendations: The System
Webcomics that you should be reading. Now, I said. (Review by Daikun, August 09, 2012.)

Axe Cop
This webcomic about the world`s toughest policeman and his dinosaur partner is required reading. (Review by Daikun, May 21, 2012.)

Uncanny Un-Collectibles Update: Sugar and Spike, Flex Mentallo,
You`re welcome, comics fans! Presenting our list of comics that were collected since we did our big list of long-lost comics. (Feature by Various RevolutionSF artists and Rick Klaw (editor), April 29, 2012.)

Jack of Fables
The Fables spinoff lurches to a less than satisfying end. (Review by Wesley Kerr, April 13, 2012.)

Y The Last Man creator Brian K. Vaughan starts up a new sci-fi comic book. (Review by Sarah Azrarnold, March 16, 2012.)

Walking Dead Comic Book Vol. 1 and 2
A look at the comics behind the show. (Review by Smurfley Kerr, March 07, 2012.)

Hellboy Camp Is Happiest Place on Earth
Ron Perlman not included. (News by Joe Crowe @revolutionsf, February 27, 2012.)

Before Watchmen: RevolutionSF Watercooler
New Watchmen comics are coming. The Internet went all Rorschach. Here are our thoughts. (Feature by RevolutionSF (@revolutionsf), February 03, 2012.)

Adventures of Alibi Jones
A promising new sci-fi comic book. (Review by Sarah Arnold, November 21, 2011.)

DC Comics Relaunch 2011: A RevolutionSF Retort
Our comics fan rebuts the DC relaunch. (Feature by Sarah Arnold, September 08, 2011.)

Top Shelf Roundup: Liar`s Kiss, Chester 5000, Lucille, Any Empire
A few from the Top Shelf comics catalog. Spoiler alert: They are all awesome. (Review by Sarah Arnold, August 16, 2011.)

DC Comics Revamp Crisis 2011: A RevolutionSF Special Retort
Our nerds react to DC Comics' crazy-ass plan. (Feature by RevolutionSF, June 03, 2011.)

Spider-Man : Turn Off The Dark musical
An awesome review of the Spider-Man musical. Note that we said the review is awesome. (Review by Tom Bessellieu, April 29, 2011.)

A cop gets psychic flashes on the history of everything he eats. Hijinks ensue. (Review by Joe Crowe, April 14, 2011.)

Batman by Grant Morrison: Loving the Magnificent Genius Bastard
A Bat-fan learns to love magnificent genius bastard Grant Morrison. (Review by Todd Gray, February 16, 2011.)

Batman and Grant Morrison: Batman vs. Bad Art
One Bat-fan understands Morrison more the second time around. (Review by Todd Gray, February 16, 2011.)


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