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14 Things You Missed in Batman v Superman. #6 Will Shock You.
Numbers 3, 5, 7, 11, 12 and 13 will shock you. (By Joe Crowe and @RevolutionSF, April 29, 2016.)

Acacia: Chapter 5
The complete Chapter Five from David Anthony Durham's "Acacia." (By David Anthony Durham, July 14, 2007.)

Adult Swim Q&A
Cowboy Bebop and Sealab 2021, Aqua Team Hunger Force and Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law... and more new Space Ghost: Coast to Coast! (By Jason Myers.)

After Harry : City of Ember, Awake and Dreaming, Runemarks
Three more books to soothe your lack of Potter. (By Deanna Toxopeus, June 08, 2008.)

After Harry : Septimus Heap, Howl's Moving Castle, Dragonsong
Fall is the perfect time to return to Potter. But you lent yours to your cousin. What to read now? (By Deanna Toxopeus, October 06, 2008.)

After Harry : Alex and the Ironic Gentleman, The Arrival, Mrs. Frisby
Fantasy, horror, and sci-fi books for the Harry Potter deprived. (By Deanna Toxopeus, April 03, 2010.)

After Harry : Fairest, Flotsam, Magic Thief, A Horse and His Boy
Books to satisfy the Potter jones after they already ready Beedle the Bard five times. (By Deanna Toxopeus, December 11, 2008.)

After Harry : Fanboy and Gothgirl, Dish and Spoon, Phantom Tollbooth
Books for reading on the beach while awaiting the sunburn. (By Deanna Toxopeus, April 02, 2009.)

After Harry : Hunger Games, Wink, Graceling
A selection of books to make the con lines less social. (By Deanna Toxopeus , July 18, 2010.)

After Harry : Terrier, Secret of Platform 13, Repossessed, Belgariad
Tamora Pierce, and more recommendations for young adult book-reading. (By Deanna Toxopeus, August 27, 2008.)

After Harry : The Big List
The master list of books to satisfy post-Potter withdrawals. (By Deanna Toxopeus, July 07, 2008.)

After Harry : Wimpy Kid, Tamora Pierce, Mo Willems
Sci-fi and fantasy for young folks, wimpy kids included. (By Deanna Toxopeus, July 30, 2009.)

After Harry : Zombiekins, Blue Girl, Hearts at Stake
Zombiekins! (By Deanna Toxopeus, October 31, 2010.)

After Harry: Squids Will Be Squids, Bone
Librarians are trying to take over the world, and other true stories in our latest review of YA books. (By Deanna Toxopeus, February 04, 2010.)

After Harry: His Dark Materials, Bartamaeus, Holes
After the Harry buzz wears off, you want another hit. We're here to enable you. (By Deanna Toxopeus, August 07, 2007.)

Alabama Phoenix Festival 2013
RevolutionSF invaded the Birmingham convention and apologized to a comic book legend. (By David Wright, May 31, 2013.)

Alabama Phoenix Festival 2013: A Shifter, A Delorean, and A Wedding
RevolutionSF and friends strutted our stuff at Phoenix Fest. Our incredible story is within. (By Joe Crowe, June 17, 2013.)

Alex Ross: Better Reading Through Art
His work can turn a great story into an instant classic. Revolution takes a look at Alex Ross' contributions to comics, and finds it a much better place. (By Kenn McCracken.)

Alien Voices
We hear alien voices - and they sound a lot like Spock and Q. (By Amy H. Sturgis.)

All The Video Game Movies Are Belong To Us
Resident Evil is the latest movie to be based on a video game. And so, we ... um... celebrate, I guess... its release with this look back at every movie that has ever been based on a video game. (By Joe Crowe and Jason Myers.)

American Sci-Fi Classics 2015: Female Heroes of Classic Sci-Fi
We hosted a panel about female heroes of classic sci-fi, and the lady who played Jadzia Dax was there. (By Various artists, October 25, 2015.)

Angel: Episode 1
Leap Day Special: A look back two Leap Years ago to the premiere of Angel. (By Shane Ivey and Joe Crowe, February 29, 2008.)

Anime You've Probably Never Seen, But Damn Well Ought To: Part 1
If you've missed these, you've missed out: Revolution's anime editor picks a few of the reasons to watch anime! (By Kevin Pezzano.)

Anita Blake
Naughty time with vampires and wereleopards in convenient book form. (By Deanna Toxopeus, August 03, 2007.)

Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter Drinking Game
When a vampire and/or werewolf sex scene lasts an entire chapter, take a drink. (By Deanna Toxopeus, September 19, 2008.)

Apocalypse Favorites : Swan Song, Galapagos Delta, Alas, Babylon, Threads
The best terrible things to happen to our little planet. (By RevolutionSF, April 22, 2008.)

Apocalypse Favorites : Zombies, Planet of the Apes, End of the World News
Awful things to happen to our planet are cool. (By RevolutionSF, April 22, 2008.)

Apocalypse Favorites: Cthulhu, Walking Dead, Terminator, The Stand
Our favorite terrible things to ever happen to Earth! (By RevolutionSF , December 21, 2012.)

ArmadilloCon 25: The Good, the Bad, and the Monkey
I don't really remember who brought up the subject of a panel discussion about gorillas. (By Mark Finn, August 18, 2003.)

Armadillocon 27: Armadillos in the Mist
More Revolutionaries in one place than you can shake an ape at! (By Jayme Lynn Blaschke, September 05, 2005.)

Atilla (2001) : A Semi-Appreciation
We semi-appreciate a movie from 7 years ago with Gerard Butler before he was in 300. (By Shane Ivey, December 28, 2007.)

Atreides Ponders White House Bid
Will Atreides seek the Presidency in 2004? (By Alan Riquelmy, October 10, 2002.)

The Authority : An Appreciation
In the first few issues of The Authority, they killed God and saved the world. (By Kenn McCracken, June 26, 2008.)

Avengers Movie Actors Quote-O-Matic
Funny quotes from the Avengers movie actors. (By Joe Crowe, May 01, 2012.)

Avengers: Age of Ultron: Handy Helpful Guide
How can you tell which Avenger is which? Are we here to help? (By Joe Crowe and @revolutionsf, May 01, 2015.)

Aye-Yi-Yi Robot!
Asimov's classic I, Robot is coming to the silver screen! Almost. (By Jayme Lynn Blaschke, March 19, 2004.)

Babylon 5 Sucks / Rocks
Babylon 5 was a pretty good show. Except when it wasn't. Here's a fresh look at the last, best hope for mankind. (By RevolutionSF, August 01, 2007.)

The Babylon Files
If Chris Carter and J. Michael Straczynski had worked together, this would have happened. No, really. (By Shane Ivey, February 07, 2003.)

Back Lots of the Lost: The Implausibility of the Cliched "Lost World"
From Jules Verne to Harry Harrison, Arthur Conan Doyle to Greg Bear to Jurassic Park, the "lost world" took hold of science fiction and never let go. But what would it really be like? (By Paul T. Riddell.)

Baker's Dozen with Bill Fountain
Rick Klaw interviews artist, filmmaker, blues critic and school teacher Bill Fountain, who returned to comics recently with "The Raven." (By Rick Klaw, February 01, 2006.)

Baker's Dozen With Chris Roberson
Rampant chimpanzees, time travel and dirty pictures: All in a days work for writer and publisher Chris Roberson. (By Rick Klaw, August 04, 2005.)

Baker's Dozen with David Anthony Durham
The author of Acacia talks about epic fantasy, and why it seems to come in threes. (By Rick Klaw, June 30, 2007.)

Baker's Dozen with Jeff VanderMeer
Jeff VanderMeer discusses violence, style, music, mushrooms, and of course Ambergris. (By Rick Klaw, October 14, 2009.)

Baker's Dozen With John Lucas
Rick Klaw sits down with the artist of Detective Comics, Legends of the Dark Knight, and Army of Darkness. (By Rick Klaw, December 10, 2004.)

Baker's Dozen with John Picacio
One of our favorite artists talks about engagements, comic books, and of course cover art. (By Rick Klaw, July 03, 2006.)

Baker's Dozen with Lewis Shiner
Writer Lewis Shiner discusses his work on the groundbreaking Fiction Liberation Front. (By Rick Klaw, August 07, 2007.)

Baker's Dozen with Mark Finn
Rick Klaw talks with Robert E. Howard biographer Mark Finn about blood, thunder, and Blood & Thunder. (By Rick Klaw, January 10, 2007.)

Baker's Dozen with Mark London Williams
The author of the Danger Boy series talks time-travel, dinosaurs, and writing for fans young and grown up. (By Rick Klaw, July 27, 2005.)

Baker's Dozen with Norman Partridge
The horror writer talks about Dark Harvest, part crime novel, part campfire tale. (By Rick Klaw, October 28, 2007.)

Baker's Dozen with Patrice Sarath
The acclaimed short story writer discusses her first novel, horses, day jobs, and why it's okay to suck. (By Rick Klaw, September 01, 2008.)

Baker's Dozen With Paul Malmont
The "Chinatown Death Cloud Peril" writer discusses Walter Gibson's height, among other things. (By Mark Finn, July 13, 2006.)

Baker's Dozen with Terry Moore
Popular comics creator Terry Moore discusses life after Strangers in Paradise, his new series Echo, science fiction, and atom bombs. (By Rick Klaw, April 11, 2008.)

Baker's Dozen with the creators of The Damned: Cullen Bunn & Brian Hurtt
The creators from the Damned come clean. (By Rick Klaw, May 25, 2008.)

Baker`s Dozen with James Bond, Cars writer Alan J. Porter
Alan Porter, author of James Bond: The History of the Illustrated 007, sits down with our resident Geek Curmudgeon to discuss comics, Cars, Star Trek and of course Bond. James Bond. (By Rick Klaw, March 26, 2009.)

Baker`s Dozen with Paul Benjamin
Mythology, high school, and myth figures in high school, with Pantheon High writer Paul Benjamin. (By Rick Klaw, March 29, 2007.)

Baker`s Dozen: Rick Klaw Interviews SF Creators
Our interviews with creators of science fiction, fantasy, and such. We ask, they answer. Or else. (By Rick Klaw, November 24, 2008.)

Baker`s Dozen: Bossa Nova Robot Creator Sarjoun Skaff
Our resident ape expert Rick Klaw sits down with the developer of Bossa Nova's gorilla robot! What do cockroaches and penguins have to do with the new line of robotic toys? (By Rick Klaw, September 11, 2009.)

Baker`s Dozen: Robert Vendetti and Brett Weldele, creators of The Surrogates
RevolutionSF editor-at-large Rick Klaw and The Surrogates creators Robert Vendetti and Brett Weldele discuss the future, the seduction of technology, and that which cannot be revealed. (By Rick Klaw, July 20, 2009.)

Baker`s Dozen: Writer Raymond Benson
James Bond novelist on his video game tie-in novels and the workings of flushing toilets. (By Alan J. Porter, February 11, 2011.)

Batman : The Brave and the Bold
Aw, you cartoon making guys! You did not have to make this just for us. So sweet. (By Joe Crowe, November 17, 2008.)

Batman Sucks/Rocks
For all the joy in the newest Bat-movie, we must never forget the pain that came before. (By RevolutionSF Staff, October 27, 2005.)

Battlestar Galactica : RevolutionSF Recall
While we wait on the final episodes to start, here are the big things we wrote about the show so far. (By RevolutionSF, January 15, 2009.)

Battlestar Galactica : The Last Episode Almost-Live Blog
A (mostly) moment by moment look at the final episode. Includes humongous spoilers. (By KaosDevice and Glass Spider, March 20, 2009.)

Battlestar Galactica Almost-Live Blog
We watched and talked about it. Warning: It's got the spoilers, so don't pitch a hissy and say we didn't warn you. (By KaosDevice and GlassSpider, January 21, 2009.)

Battlestar Galactica Last Episode: The Final Curtain
Jayme Blaschke vs. the final episode. Includes humongous spoilers. (By Joe Crowe, March 23, 2009.)

Battlestar Galactica Season 3 Sucks / Rocks
How Battlestar Galactica's season 3 rocked, and how it didn't. (By Gary Mitchel, November 23, 2007.)

'Battlestar Galactica' Sucks/Rocks
'Galactica' sucks? Motherfrakker, are you crazy? But we'll do our best to see both sides. (By RevolutionSF Staff, October 06, 2006.)

Battlestar Galactica: The (Spoiler) of Starbuck
So, that thing with Starbuck. What's up with that? (By Bryan Crowson, March 08, 2007.)

Battlestar Galactica: The New Star Trek
The new "Battlestar Galactica" does right what "Star Trek" put wrong. (By Joe Crowe, May 01, 2006.)

Before Watchmen: RevolutionSF Watercooler
New Watchmen comics are coming. The Internet went all Rorschach. Here are our thoughts. (By RevolutionSF (@revolutionsf), February 03, 2012.)

Behind the Masks with Rick Baker
The legendary makeup master talks about Planet of the Apes, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, and breaking into the biz. (By Jason Myers.)

Big Bang Theory, Wil Wheaton, and Dixie Trek: When Worlds Collide
The Wil Wheaton / Sheldon feud on Big Bang Theory is based on reality. Sort of. (By Ron Nastrom, June 09, 2012.)

Bill Timoney: Legend of the Over-Voice
Veteran anime producer and dubber Bill Timoney talks art, biz, and paying the bills in this exclusive RevolutionSF interview. (By Kevin Pezzano, July 04, 2002.)

The Black Dawn: Review and Interview
A virus turns the sky black, the survivors thereof freak out, and we talk to the producer. (By Joe Crowe, December 09, 2009.)

Black Hole and Saturn 3 : Robots From The Id
1970s movie robots as mirrors of the dark regions of the human psyche. (By Adrian Simmons, January 11, 2010.)

Blindfolds and Cigarettes : Confessions of a General Bookseller
When you go shopping for books, you don't have to limit yourself to the geek sections. (By Peggy Hailey, September 18, 2003.)

Blindfolds and Cigarettes: Mythago Wood
This classic is out of print, and one Revolutionary wants to know WHY. (By Sara Sutterfield Winn.)

Blindfolds and Cigarettes: NESFA, SFBC, Sturgeon, FoxAcre Press
Looking for good sf? One Revolutionary says you might not have to look as hard as you thought... (By Robert R. Chase.)

Blindfolds and Cigarettes: Reliving the Golden Age
Publishers know a lot of the old stuff is good. Here's a suggestion to make the good stuff worth publishing. (By Ian Banks, May 13, 2002.)

Blindfolds and Cigarettes: Throwing Down the Literary Gauntlet
Got a beef with the quality of sf literature? You're not alone. (By Peggy Hailey.)

Book Probe : Go, Mutants!
Buy me! This is a funny novel about the son of a 1950s-movie style alien invader in a town with humans and aliens like the ones in those movies. (By Joe Crowe, June 24, 2010.)

Book Probe: Bloodspell & Bloodcraft, Eternal Echo
"I am not crazy. I am the sanest man I have ever met." (By Joe Crowe and @revolutionsf, January 22, 2016.)

Book Probe: Coloring Books! Edgar Allan Poe and Creepy Christmas
Edgar Allan Poe and creepy Christmas coloring books. You know you want them. (By Joe Crowe and @RevolutionSF, October 14, 2016.)

Book Probe: Tomorrow's Cthulhu, Written in Fire
Read. GROW LARGE with books! (By Joe Crowe and @yojoecrowe, January 22, 2016.)

Brad Meltzer : RevolutionSF Interview
Already a bestselling author, Brad Meltzer now faces a new challenge: taking over Green Arrow after Kevin Smith's phenomenal run. (By Jayme Lynn Blaschke.)

Bridge Publications Announces Fanfic Writers of the Future Line
"We're trying to encourage a whole new generation that may be writing the Buffy the Vampire Slayer and The Fifth Element novelizations of tomorrow," says rep. (By Edgar Harris, June 17, 2002.)

Buffy Season 8, Issue 1
The 8th season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer starts up, in convenient comics form. (By Paul Benjamin, March 05, 2007.)

Buffy the Vampire Slayer : The RevolutionSF Guide
The full list of all the stuff we've written about Buffy the Vampire Slayer. (By Joe Crowe, October 12, 2010.)

Cabin in the Woods: RevolutionSF Interviews Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard
Co-creators of Buffy and Angel tell us about their horror movie: "This was an entire movie of I wish we could." (By Steve Wilson, April 24, 2012.)

Can't See the Forest #70
"Casanova," "Eternals," and Archie-like vampires. (By Alan J. Porter, July 13, 2006.)

Can't See the Forest #72-73
Deadman without red tights, Xena, and what happened to the Martian junk after the War of the Worlds? (By Alan J. Porter, August 29, 2006.)

Can't See the Forest #74
Reviews of "Battlestar Galactica," "Blade," "Criminal," "Ultimate Power," and the "Lone Ranger" in convenient comic book form. (By Alan J. Porter, September 28, 2006.)

Can't See The Forest #76
Reviews of Civil War,New Avengers,Star Wars: Legacy, and Wisdom, and a metric ton of others. (By Alan J. Porter, February 15, 2007.)

Chance: An Interview with Amber Benson
Buffy veteran Amber Benson discusses her new film, debuting at the 2002 Sidewalk Motion Picture Festival in Birmingham. (By Kenn McCracken, September 18, 2002.)

Charmed: A Voluptuous Appreciation
Truly, Alyssa Milano was the boss. (By James Palmer, May 31, 2006.)

A Child's Garden of Artificial Life
Their love is not real, but they are: RevolutionSF has an in-depth look at creepy-cool robots you can buy here and now. (By M. Christian.)

China Mieville : RevolutionSF Interview
The author of Perdido Street Station and Iron Council discusses living cities, world-building, the difficulty of politics in fantasy, and much more. (By Andrew Kozma, September 14, 2004.)

Christian Gossett : RevolutionSF Interview
Christian Gossett invented Darth Maul's lightsaber and created The Red Star, one of the best comics on the market. A while back he sat down to talk to us about it. (By Kenn McCracken.)

Christmas Countdown : Funnest Christmas List Ever, #20-12
#21 through 12 of Christmas songs not about death. (By Joe Crowe, December 24, 2008.)

Christmas Countdown : Funnest Christmas List Ever, #30-21
Guaranteed to not make you weep like the Christmas shoes song, here are 30 through 21 of the funniest Christmas songs ever. (By Joe Crowe, December 24, 2008.)

Christmas Countdown : Funniest Christmas List Ever, #11-1
You will like these Christmas things unless you are a damned soulless automaton. (By Joe Crowe, December 24, 2008.)

Chronicles of Riddick: An Appreciation
This DVD set has more Vin Diesel than is good for you. (By Kevin Pezzano, August 02, 2006.)

Chuck : Save Show While Eating Fancy Bread, Meats
The campaign to save Chuck from the bitter sting of cancellation is here. (By Joe Crowe, April 27, 2009.)

Chuck Season 2 Episode 1 Almost-Live Blog
Chuck is back on, and we all said Amen. Then one of us wrote about it while they watched. (By Joe Crowe, October 01, 2008.)

City of Heroes / City of Villains Sucks / Rocks
We have played these games for years. Please let us talk about them for a minute. (By Gary Mitchel and Deanna Toxopeus, February 09, 2008.)

Cleaning Up After the Storm: Black Widow in Avengers Age of Ultron
The controversy still rages, much like The Hulk. (By Michael Falkner and @womprat99, May 12, 2015.)

Coast to Coast AM
Something on the radio, for all those who believe. (By Todd Shearer, December 31, 2007.)

Comic Book Conventions: Pros and Cons
Go to a sci-fi convention. You deserve it. (By Sarah Arnold, October 21, 2011.)

Comic Books : RevolutionSF`s Best of 2008
Our list of Superman, Captain America, and the other good stuff in comics for 2008. (By Jay Willson, December 31, 2008.)

Comics of 1986 # 4: Watchmen
22 years before there was a movie, we were all over naked blue Dr. Manhattan. So to speak. (By Chris Roberson, April 25, 2008.)

Comics of 1986 # 5 : Fantastic Four
Byrned out: the Fantastic Four series ruled back in 1986. (By Jay Willson, February 27, 2008.)

Comics of 1986 # 6: Teen Titans
DC's Teen Titans made it how high up in the 1986 countdown? (By Alan J. Porter, January 15, 2008.)

Comics of 1986 #10: Squadron Supreme
Hyperion, Nighthawk, and the Whizzer (yes, The Whizzer) took over their world, and revolutionized superhero comics. (By Chris Roberson, June 28, 2007.)

Comics of 1986 #11: Uncanny X-Men
Rachel Summers! Cable! Stories that never ended! (By Alan J. Porter, June 27, 2007.)

Comics of 1986 #12: Avengers
An evil guy ripped up a picture of Captain America's mom in 1986. Not cool. (By Joe Crowe, May 17, 2007.)

Comics of 1986 #13: Amazing Spider-Man
The Hobgoblin bedeviled Spidey in the prehistoric days before Venom. (By Alan J. Porter, May 15, 2007.)

Comics of 1986 #14: Swamp Thing
Alan Moore got back to nature for his take on Swamp Thing in 1986. (By Jay Willson, April 23, 2007.)

Comics of 1986 #15: Dark Horse Presents
Dark Horse set the standard for anthologies with early appearances of Sin City and Concrete. (By Rick Klaw, April 22, 2007.)

Comics of 1986 #16: Groo the Wanderer
"Did I err?" (By Jens H. Altmann, March 05, 2007.)

Comics of 1986 #17: Legends
Superman, Dr. Fate, and the Shazam guy all on the same Earth. Mmmmm... comic books. (By Joe Crowe, March 05, 2007.)

Comics of 1986 #18: Miracleman
Miracleman is the best thing ever. (By Chris Roberson, February 15, 2007.)

Comics of 1986 #19: Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe
Marvel's Handbook brings us closer to true nerdity. (By Joe Crowe, February 15, 2007.)

Comics of 1986 #20: Saga of Swamp Thing
Alan Moore's Swamp Thing comics are less silly-ass than the Swamp Thing movies. But they're great reading anyway. (By Jay Willson, January 16, 2007.)

Comics of 1986 #21: Action Comics
John Byrne, Superman, rinse, repeat. (By Jay Willson, January 16, 2007.)

Comics of 1986 #22: American Flagg!
One of the most iconic and snarky books of the 1980s. (By Mark Finn, December 19, 2006.)

Comics of 1986 #23: Classic X-Men
Journey back to the day when there were fewer than 37 X-Men titles every month. (By Alan J. Porter, November 30, 2006.)

Comics of 1986 #24: Daredevil
Daredevil from back when no one had ever heard of Ben Affleck. (By Jay Willson, November 28, 2006.)

Comics of 1986 #25: Epic Illustrated
"Epic Illustrated" managed to do what Heavy Metal often did not: It made sense. (By Mark Finn, October 27, 2006.)

Comics of 1986 #26: New Mutants
A reminder of two great things about being a teenager: Angst and superpowers. (By Paul Benjamin, October 27, 2006.)

Comics of 1986 #27: The Shadow
Howard Chaykin, Uzis, and a flopped 1980s revival of the legendary pulp hero. (By Mark Finn, October 19, 2006.)

Comics of 1986 #28: Thor
SKRAKATA-SKRAKATA-BOOM! Verily, this was good stuff that started to fade in 1986. (By Jay Willson, September 19, 2006.)

Comics of 1986 #29: Who's Who
Thrill to the exploits of Balloon Buster and other DC Comics legends. (By Joe Crowe, September 19, 2006.)

Comics of 1986 #30: X-Factor
Yes, the comic where Marvel threw their greatest story ever right in the crapper. (By Shane Ivey, September 12, 2006.)

Comics of 1986 #31: All-Star Squadron
Dozens and dozens of superheroes, all beating Nazis so hard they starved to death rolling. (By Joe Crowe, August 11, 2006.)

Comics of 1986 #32: Batman
How the Caped Crusader changed our comic editor's life. No, seriously. (By Alan J. Porter, August 11, 2006.)

Comics of 1986 #33: Batman and the Outsiders
See, Geo-Force had earth powers. Hence the Geo. (By Jay Willson, August 11, 2006.)

Comics of 1986 #34: Booster Gold
Twenty years ago, Booster Gold arrived to show us the way. (By Paul Benjamin, August 11, 2006.)

Comics of 1986 #35: Cloak and Dagger
A superhero duo and the cheap sales stunts that messed 'em up. (By Alan J. Porter, July 23, 2006.)

Comics of 1986 #36: DP7
Let us remember Marvel's New Universe and its incredibly obvious thought balloons. (By Paul Benjamin, July 22, 2006.)

Comics of 1986 #37: DESTROY!!
A loving look back at the "LOUDEST COMIC BOOK IN THE UNIVERSE." (By Jay Willson, July 20, 2006.)

Comics of 1986 #38: Detective Comics
In which Batman struggles with vampire chicks and a descent into lameness. (By Jay Willson, July 02, 2006.)

Comics of 1986 #39: Longshot
An original Marvel character that stayed cool? That'd be a Longshot. (Sorry.) (By Paul Benjamin, June 19, 2006.)

Comics of 1986 #40: Love and Rockets
Comic-book females who acted like real people. Who knew such a thing was possible? (By Jay Willson, May 31, 2006.)

Comics of 1986 #41: Marvel Fanfare
Marvel Fanfare: The book that fans in 1986 hated so much they bought every issue. (By Joe Crowe, May 26, 2006.)

Comics of 1986 #42: Moonshadow
The fantastic and surreal "Moonshadow" ushered in a new era of horror comics. (By Rick Klaw, May 08, 2006.)

Comics of 1986 #43: Omaha the Cat Dancer
After this title arrived in 1986, we would never look at kitty cats the same way again. (By Jay Willson, May 08, 2006.)

Comics of 1986 #44: Power Pack
See, it's brothers and sisters, and their last name is Powers, and they have powers.... (By Paul Benjamin, March 27, 2006.)

Comics of 1986 #45: Secret Origins
DC revises its history! Stop the presses and call grandma! (By Joe Crowe, March 20, 2006.)

Comics of 1986 #46: Secret Wars II
The omnipotent Beyonder comes to Earth -- and learns how to pee. Thanks, Spidey! (By Alan J. Porter, March 02, 2006.)

Comics of 1986 #47: Superman
Say, what did happen to the Man of Tomorrow? (By Jay Willson, February 27, 2006.)

Comics of 1986 #48: Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man
Four-color crack. It's all Peter Parker's fault. (By Alan J. Porter, February 20, 2006.)

Comics of 1986 #49: The Spirit
Will Eisner. What else is there to say? (By Alan J. Porter, February 16, 2006.)

Comics of 1986 #50: X-Men/Alpha Flight
This mini-series saw one of Kitty Pryde's shining moments. Or did it? (By Paul Benjamin, February 13, 2006.)

Comics of 1986 #7: Elektra Assassin
In 1986, there was no Elektra movie. Bill Sienkiewicz's miniseries is good stuff. (By Paul O. Miles, July 13, 2007.)

Comics of 1986 #8: Heroes Against Hunger
A zillion comic creators got together for a charity jam comic in 1986. (By Jay Willson, July 13, 2007.)

Comics of 1986 #9: History of the DC Universe
DC's post-Crisis history all made sense for about five minutes. (By Jay Willson, June 30, 2007.)

Comics of 1986: The Best Year Ever
Take a look back to a single year that changed comics forever. (By Alan J. Porter, February 13, 2006.)

Comics Screed : January`s Over
Sating your need for comic book stuff, including Demo, Scalped, Batman, and Captain America. (By Jay Willson, February 06, 2008.)

Comics Screed : War Heroes, The Stand, Shazam! for kids
A new publisher, and the return of Congorilla! (By Jay Willson, March 21, 2008.)

Comics Screed : Items!
Spider-Man continuity gets flipped and flopped, and other buzz from the comics. (By Jay Willson, January 14, 2008.)

Comics Screed : JMS, Demo, and Defenders
Comics in Straczynski's future, and Captain Britain and Demo are set to return. (By Jay Willson, March 10, 2008.)

Comics Screed: 2008 Preview
A look at what's to come in 2008's comics. (By Jay Willson, January 02, 2008.)

Coming Out : Confession of a Destroyer Fan
Our Books Editor reveals a surprising secret. She hopes you'll still respect her in the morning. (By Peggy Hailey, January 01, 2008.)

Coming to RevSF: Jeff VanderMeer, Michael Moorcock, and Friends
Join us Thursday for a one-of-a-kind meeting with some of the hottest voices in fantasy! (By RevolutionSF, June 11, 2002.)

Conan Examined
A critical look at the incarnations of Robert E. Howardís most famous creation. (By Mark Finn, September 14, 2003.)

The Conan RPG Interview: Paul Tucker
Our own grim barbarian Mark Finn corners the Conan RPG developer for a chat about chicken, Cheetos, and adapting a swords-and-sorcery icon to gaming. (By Mark Finn, March 30, 2004.)

Conan The Barbarian: How To Pronounce His Name
RevolutionSF went to an expert to answer this burning question. (By Joe Crowe, August 19, 2011.)

Conan The Commercial : Seeking Robert E. Howard in His Most Famous Creation
RevSF's resident Conan-ologist looks at Conan stories in recent collections. (By Mark Finn, January 07, 2008.)

Confessions of an Unrepentant Champions Guru
An ode to old-school superhero gaming. (By Weldon Adams, October 09, 2003.)

'Cover Story' Preview Gallery
A stunning gallery of John Picacio's award-winning art. (By John Picacio, June 27, 2006.)

Cowboys and Aliens: RevolutionSF Interviews Writer Paul Benjamin
A look at the creation of Cowboys and Aliens from a guy who was there, Paul Benjamin. (By Joe Crowe, August 11, 2011.)

CrossGen Comics - Bucking The System
One year, five books, twelve issues each, every one on time and most of them pretty damn good. CrossGen is worth checking out. (By Kenn McCracken.)

CrossGen, Cross Country
Things get interesting when CrossGen Comics takes the floor. (By Kenn McCracken.)

The Dangers of Toys 'R' Us: An Explanation of the Guidelines
With so many variables to consider, toys and collectibles deserve a rating system all their own. Here's how it works. (By Paul T. Riddell.)

Dark Knight
That's not Batman! (By Van Plexico, July 20, 2008.)

David Goyer II: (Just David Goyer II)
Goyer! Myers! The rematch! The screenwriter talks Blade 2, Blade 3, the Blade TV series, Ghost Rider, Phoenix Without Ashes, Murder Mysteries, Sandman, Evermere, and more. (By Jason Myers.)

David Goyer: Stripped to the Bone
Set the Wayback Machine to summer 2000: Jason Myers interviews David Goyer on Blade, Ghost Rider, Blade 2, Dark City, Zigzag, and more! (By Jason Myers.)

David Letterman and the Helpful Power of Goofiness
David Letterman, inspiration and goofiness. (By Joe Crowe and @yojoecrowe, May 20, 2015.)

DC Comics 2005: Crisis? What Crisis?
Everybody's talking about the next big DC shake-up. But just getting there has been fun enough. (By Daniel Robert, October 18, 2005.)

DC Comics Fans Are Upset Over Wonder Woman`s Female Lead
Angry Wonder Woman fans speak out, at long last! (By Jayme Blaschke and @JaymeBlaschke, April 08, 2016.)

DC Comics Relaunch 2011: A RevolutionSF Retort
Our comics fan rebuts the DC relaunch. (By Sarah Arnold, September 08, 2011.)

DC Comics Revamp Crisis 2011: A RevolutionSF Special Retort
Our nerds react to DC Comics' crazy-ass plan. (By RevolutionSF, June 03, 2011.)

Dear Aby
Helpful advice from the lord of the underworld. (By The Lord of the Abyss, December 18, 2004.)

Dear Aby
What to do about perverted sandwiches? (By The Lord of the Abyss, February 18, 2005.)

Dear Aby
So, you've been offered dominion over the Earth? (By The Abyssal Lord, May 03, 2005.)

Dear Aby
Dear Aby #5: Of mullets and millions. (By The Abyssal Lord, September 29, 2005.)

Dear Aby
Dreams, in-laws, and a little hellish reading. (By The Abyssal Lord, February 16, 2006.)

Death and Morons: The Jhonen Vasquez Story
RevolutionSF Hosts Jhonen Vasquez, October 26, 2001. Get the full transcript here. (By Shane Ivey.)

Deep Space Nine : The Final Episode
Deep Space Nine ended with a whimper, and a bang, but not the kind you are thinking of. (By Joe Crowe, May 06, 2009.)

DeepSouthCon 40: Joe Goes South
Because it's not the size of the Con, it's what you do with the panels. (By Joe Crowe, July 26, 2002.)

Diana Prince: Wonder Woman
This collection shows off 1968's Wonder Woman, with no powers, but retaining her bad taste in men. (By Jorge de la Cova, February 16, 2008.)

Diary of a Mad Man: Adventures at Comic-Con 2001
Legends, fans, and adventures in air travel. RevolutionSF covers Comic-Con! (By Kenn McCracken.)

Disney Classics: The RevolutionSF Revamps
Classic Disney movies, matched up with comic book creators, revamped by us. You're welcome, Walt. (By RevolutionSF, July 01, 2008.)

Doctor Who : The Comparative Lives of the Doctor
The Doctor`s behavior in each regeneration is totally natural. (By S. Matthew Doner - Pond, May 12, 2010.)

Doctor Who: 45th Anniversary Sucks / Rocks
"Splendid chap, all of them." (By RevolutionSF, December 14, 2008.)

Doctor Who: A Brief History
A little history of Who. (By Alan Porter, March 20, 2006.)

Doctor Who: Time Crash
Doctor Whos five and ten meet. Good stuff. (By Gary Mitchel, November 18, 2007.)

Dollhouse Almost-Live Blog : First Episode
We watched the first Dollhouse, and here is what we thunk. (By Deanna Toxopeus , February 20, 2009.)

Donnie Darko Q&A
The director and star of Donnie Darko discuss the vision behind it, moviemaking on a budget, and getting big-name stars for a small-name film. (By Jason Myers.)

The Dorkus Factor: Making the Jump to Shark Speed
17 ways sci-fi gets it wrong. We're talking to you, Star Trek Nemesis! And Spider-Man. And Frankenstein. (By Adrian Simmons, March 04, 2008.)

Dracula 2000 : An Un-Appreciation
If I hear Dracula pronounced Drakoolia one more time... . (By Kenn McCracken, November 10, 2009.)

Dragon*Con 2001 Gallery: Fear the Photos
Funny costumes. Funny words. What else do you want out of life? (By Joe Crowe and Shane Ivey.)

Dragon*Con 2001: Stop Dragon My Heart Around
The crushing, sweaty mobs... the phalanxes of Stormtroopers... John-Rhys Davies and Peter David... it's DragonCon 2001! (By Joe Crowe.)

Dragon*Con 2002: RevolutionSF vs. Jefferson Starship
The Avengers, Khan's sidekick, and Jefferson Starship. Just another year at Dragon*Con for Joe Crowe. (By Joe Crowe, September 06, 2002.)

Dragon*Con 2003: Keep the Geek Fire Burning
RevolutionSF survived another year at Dragon*Con. This is their story. (By Joe Crowe, February 16, 2004.)

Dragon*Con 2003: Spiked at Dragon*Con
A con report by revolutionary Gary Mitchell. (By Gary Mitchel, February 16, 2004.)

Dragon*Con 2003: The RevSF Experience
All the sights, sounds, and smells of DragonCon! (But without the sounds and smells.) (By Joe Crowe and Shane Ivey, February 16, 2004.)

Dragon*Con 2004 Gallery
Fear the photos! (By RevolutionSF Staff, November 25, 2004.)

Dragon*Con 2004: Best Costume Party Ever
Chaos reigns — at the best costume party in the Southeast. (By Shane Ivey, November 25, 2004.)

Dragon*Con 2004: Delusions of Semi-Grandeur
Delusions of grandeur on the part of our humor editor. (By Joe Crowe, November 25, 2004.)

Dragon*Con 2004: The Firefly Panel
Best con panel EVER. (By Kevin Pezzano, November 25, 2004.)

Dragon*Con 2005 Photo Gallery
We're not just laughing at you, we're laughing WITH you. (By Joe Crowe, October 18, 2005.)

Dragon*Con 2005: Best of Show
Hardcore fans do what hardcore fans do best. (By Kevin Pezzano, October 18, 2005.)

Dragon*Con 2005: Everybody Sci-Fi Con Tonight
So you want to be on panel discussions at sci-fi conventions. (By Joe Crowe, October 18, 2005.)

Dragon*Con 2005: Fandom, Fun and Fear
Strange days at the South's biggest con. (By Rachel Ivey and Shane Ivey, October 18, 2005.)

Dragon*Con 2006 Photo Gallery
Who knows what evil lurks in the heart of DragonCon? (By Joe Crowe, December 06, 2006.)

Dragon*Con 2006: The Search For Swag
Follow this advice if you want to live (through a sci-fi convention). (By Gary Mitchel, September 23, 2006.)

Dragon*Con 2006: The Wrath of Con
Invisible monkeys, Robert E. Howard, and Star Trek trivia? Just another year at Dragon*Con. (By Joe Crowe, September 21, 2006.)

Dragon*Con 2007: RevolutionSF Shows The Love
We put our stuff on the geek nation at DragonCon in 2007. (By Joe Crowe, September 09, 2007.)

Dragon*Con 2007: Spreading the RevolutionSF Gospel
RevolutionSF forages amid the surging throng at Atlanta's sci-fi convention. (By Joe Crowe, August 31, 2007.)

Dragon*Con Through The Ages
A look at the little-known history of the Atlanta sci-fi convention. (By Van Allen Plexico, August 30, 2007.)

DragonCon 2000: Our First Time
Our look back at the first convention RevSF did our thing at. (By Joe Crowe, June 29, 2008.)

DragonCon 2001 Gallery
(By Joe Crowe.)

DragonCon 2001 Gallery
(By Joe Crowe.)

DragonCon 2001 Gallery
(By Joe Crowe.)

DragonCon 2001 Gallery
(By Joe Crowe.)

DragonCon 2001 Gallery
(By Joe Crowe.)

DragonCon 2001 Gallery
(By Joe Crowe.)

DragonCon 2001 Gallery
(By Joe Crowe.)

DragonCon 2001 Gallery
(By Joe Crowe.)

DragonCon 2001 Gallery
(By Joe Crowe.)

DragonCon 2001 Gallery
(By Joe Crowe.)

DragonCon 2001 Gallery
(By Joe Crowe.)

DragonCon 2001 Gallery
(By Joe Crowe.)

DragonCon 2001 Gallery
(By Joe Crowe.)

DragonCon 2001 Gallery
(By Joe Crowe.)

DragonCon 2001 Gallery
(By Joe Crowe.)

DragonCon 2001 Gallery
(By Joe Crowe.)

DragonCon 2002
Anime Editor Kevin Pezzano finds that DragonCon isn't all it's cracked up to be. Still, the dealer's room just may have made the whole trip worthwhile... (By Kevin Pezzano, September 05, 2002.)

Durham's Retrophantasma
RevSF spotlights David Cronenberg and a little piece of geek heaven in North Carolina. (By Laura Eldred, July 06, 2005.)

RevolutionSF gives you the skinny on the 2001 Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles, and tells you how to sneak into next year's big videogame extravaganza. (By Harrison Bergeron.)

Earth: Final Conflict, Beastmaster, Tracker, and Sheena
Let us now reflect on some cancelled syndicated sci-fi shows. You watched them, and you know it. (By Joe Crowe, October 02, 2002.)

Election 2012: Loki Elected President
Loki Bless America! (By Joe Crowe and @revolutionsf, November 13, 2012.)

Election 2012: Vote Atreides For President 2012
A paid political advertisement from HADERACHPAC. (By Alan Riquelmy (@ariquelmy), November 06, 2012.)

Enterprise: The Preview
This fall, crewmembers of the Starship Enterprise will boldly put their hands where no Star Trek hands have gone before - in their pants. (By Alan Gratz.)

Epic Pooh
RevolutionSF proudly presents Michael Moocock's classic critique of modern fantasy, the epic and the heroic in all their sloppy grandeur. (By Michael Moorcock.)

Eureka: I`m Glad I Found It!
Eureka moments abound in this very human, very fun series. (By Rhetta Akamatsu, September 13, 2007.)

An Evening with Brian Froud
The legendary fantasist tells all about Labyrinth, Faeries, The Dark Crystal, and working with Jim Henson. (By Jason Myers, August 22, 2002.)

Everything Nominated for Saturn Awards
And we mean everything. (By Joe Crowe.)

Evil Dead: The Musical
New York City just got a hell of a lot deader. (By Laura Eldred, January 12, 2007.)

Ex-Heroes Book Series: Ex-Purgatory
Zombies vs. superheroes. Win the whole series! (By Joe Crowe (@yojoecrowe) and @revolutionsf, January 16, 2014.)

Facepalm Monday: Alan Moore, Batman, Godzilla
Yesterday was Palm Sunday. So today is Facepalm Monday. (By Joe Crowe, April 18, 2011.)

Facepalm Monday: Captain America, Green Lantern, Superman
After Palm Sunday comes Facepalm Monday. It just got real. (By Joe Crowe, April 18, 2011.)

Facepalm Monday: Star Trek
After Palm Sunday comes Facepalm Monday. Take that, Internet! (By Joe Crowe, April 18, 2011.)

Fandom Sound and Fury
If a Trekkie complains in a forest and Rick Berman's not around to hear it, does it really make any difference? (By Paul T. Riddell.)

Fanfic: The Nekkid Truth
Got fic? Joe Crowe takes us on an intimate exploration of the worlds of fan fiction. (By Joe Crowe, June 02, 2002.)

Farscape : Crackers Do Matter
Time to do your part for Farscape. If a horror author cares enough to do it, shouldn't you? (By Caitlin R. Kiernan, September 09, 2002.)

Farscape, Buffy, X-Files : Sidekick Season 2002
Spoiler warning: Sidekicks beware. (By Shane Ivey.)

Farscape: Three-Sentence Farscape Stories
"Close Encounters, my ass." (By Joe Crowe, December 11, 2009.)

Favorite Vampire Books : Fangs for the Memories
Got a thing for night owls with sparkling smiles and whiff of danger? Peggy Hailey introduces us to her favorite children of the night. (By Peggy Hailey, August 22, 2002.)

Felicia Day Not Really A Gamer
"Nerd rage echoed across Comic-Con." (By Peter Padraic O`Sullivan, July 29, 2011.)

A Few Good Christmas Books
Looking for some cheery sci-fi for your holiday reading? These classics will keep you in the spirit! (By Robert R. Chase.)

Filkin' A!
At this award ceremony, everybody got filked up. (By Joe Crowe, November 07, 2003.)

Finn`s Wake : How To Be A Hipster Without Investing In Popular Culture
Mark Finn takes aim at those who take gleeful delight in informing the rest of us that Star Trek is not any good. (By Mark Finn, May 15, 2009.)

Finn`s Wake : A Sci-Fi Convention Manifesto
A sci-fi convention manifesto! (By Mark Finn, November 20, 2003.)

Finn`s Wake : All About the Quorn
"Quorn is apparently the Devil." (By Mark Finn, August 22, 2002.)

Finn`s Wake : Confessions of an All-Male Drama Queen
Confessions of an all-male drama queen! (By Mark Finn, October 19, 2003.)

Finn`s Wake : Finn and the Art of Bookstore Maintenance
Finn and the Art of Bookstore Maintenance. (By Mark Finn, August 08, 2002.)

Finn`s Wake : They Don`t Call It A Wedding March For Nothing
They don't call it a wedding march for nothing. (By Mark Finn, September 14, 2003.)

Finn`s Wake : Turkey Science
“Big whoop, Finn, you cooked a turkey.” (By Mark Finn, December 04, 2003.)

Finn`s Wake: Mark Finn on Nerd Issues
Editor at large, contributing editor, and Conan expert expounds upon items of a nerdly nature. (By Mark Finn, November 26, 2008.)

Flash Gordon (1980): Rock Opera Extraordinaire, or Tale of Karmic Woe for Ming The Merciless?
Go, Flash! (By Lloyd A. Woodall, March 25, 2008.)

Flouting Authority: The Tony Lee Interview
The writer of the upcoming Dr. Who comic book talks Doctors, companions, and the new TV series. (By Alan J. Porter, April 14, 2006.)

Four Groovy Flicks from the '70s Wayback Machine
Today's science fiction film fans are woefully ignorant of the genre's heritage. Sherman, set the Wayback machine to 1970! (By Jayme Lynn Blaschke, February 11, 2006.)

Fraggle Rock: On Fraggles And The Keeping of Them
A reasonable reaction to finding a civilization of Muppets. (By Matt Cowger, February 04, 2011.)

Frank Beddor Interview: Following the Glow
"The Looking Glass Wars" and "Hatter M" contain Alice and Wonderland, but there's no tea party. Although they do have murder. (By Alan J. Porter, September 18, 2006.)

Frank Cho and Scott Kurtz : RevolutionSF Interview
We cornered the cartoonists behind PvP and Liberty Meadows and made them talk. The results, like their comics, are mighty funny. (By Jayme Lynn Blaschke, November 04, 2002.)

Free Comic Book Day: RevolutionSF Preview
One of our guys writes the Cars comic book, and it is cost-free at Free Comic Book Day. (By Jay Willson, May 02, 2009.)

Frell the Sci-Fi Channel
We're to blame for the cancellation of "Farscape." Give us hell, Sci Fi! (By Aaron Davis, March 14, 2003.)

Fringe: Our Favorite Walter Bishop Quotes
Win the companion book to Fringe! Character facts! Fringe science! Things in amber! (By RevolutionSF (@revolutionsf), January 24, 2013.)

Frozen Iceman Killed By Arrow About A Zillion Years Ago
Take an arrow in the shoulder and see how YOU like it. (By Joe Crowe.)

Futurama Q&A
Futurama premieres December 9! RevolutionSF presents Matt Groenig and the Futurama creators on the shows, games, movies, and more! (By Jason Myers.)

Galaxy Quest : An Appreciation
Grabthar's hammer compels you to watch this movie. (By Shane Ivey, November 07, 2008.)

Game Probe: Space Cadets, Dungeon Command
Tabletop games for space and dungeon. (By Various artists, March 29, 2013.)

Garth Ennis: As Nasty as He Wants to Be
Garth Ennis is a madman. Thank goodness. (By Kenn McCracken.)

Gavin Grant of Small Beer Press: RevolutionSF Interview
Some say the small presses are publishing some of the best science fiction around. Gavin Grant's Small Beer Press is one reason why. (By Jeff Topham, July 18, 2002.)

Geek Confessions
Laugh at yourself. But more importantly, laugh at other people. (By RevolutionSF, August 09, 2012.)

Geek Gift Guide 2010 : Sandman, Superman, Six Million Dollar Man
Buy the Six Million Dollar Man on DVD right now. You deserve it. (By Rick Klaw, Sarah Arnold, December 10, 2010.)

Geek Gift Guide : DC Vault, Gaming Table, Wookiee Suit
More gift ideas for more geeks. Includes gaming table delivered straight from Heaven. (By RevolutionSF , November 29, 2008.)

Geek Gift Guide : Farscape, Star Trek, Fantastic Tales
Farscape, Robert E. Howard, and other nerd related gift ideas. (By Rick Klaw, November 26, 2009.)

Geek Gift Guide : Halloween
Could there be a geekier holiday than Halloween? (By Geek Gift Gurus, October 25, 2007.)

Geek Gift Guide : Saga
More gifts for more geeks. Buy often! (By Sarah Arnold, December 19, 2013.)

Geek Gift Guide : Star Trek, Wild Wild West, Looney Tunes, Harryhausen
You must shop for nerds. We can help. Gratuity not included. (By Rick Klaw, November 25, 2008.)

Geek Gift Guide : Vader Toaster, Cylon Poster, Chuck Shirt
I want that toast, not excuses! (By Deanna Toxopeus, December 13, 2010.)

Geek Gift Guide: Back to School
School for geeks is often hellish. But with these things, at least you'll look neat. (By The Geek Gift Gurus, August 28, 2007.)

Geek Gift Guide: Dread Pirate Roberts, Justice League, t-shirts
Everyone needs the Dread Pirate Roberts action figure. (By Deanna Toxopeus, November 30, 2009.)

Geek Gift Guide: Father's Day
Your dad likes the sci-fi. Normal ties and socks will never do. (By Geek Gift Gurus, June 11, 2007.)

Geek Gift Guide: Mother's Day
Get your mom something cool for Mother's Day using this list. Or else. (By The Geek Gift Gurus, May 07, 2007.)

Geek Gift Guide: Shirts, Soap, Personal Satellite Kit
Gifts for your nerds, including things they will need most, such as shirts, soap, and personal satellite kits. (By Gary Mitchel, Matthew Bey, December 19, 2010.)

Geek Gift Guide: Wedding Anniversary
Gifts for a geek aren't easy. We're here to help. (By The Geek Gift Gurus, April 24, 2007.)

Geek Movies Not On DVD, A through K
These geek-tested, geek-approved movies need to be on DVD right now, and that's a big 10-4, good buddy. (By Staff and Contributors, February 23, 2007.)

Geek Movies Not On DVD, L through Z
A second treasure hoard of geek-tested and geek-approved movies that are not on DVD. But they should be. Right now. Don't make us come over there. (By Staff and Contributors, February 23, 2007.)

Geek TV 2013: New, Old, and Canceled
Here is everything you need to know about the new TV season. (By Joe Crowe, August 29, 2013.)

The Geek Who Saved Christmas
Sometimes, one can make all the difference. (By Joe Crowe, December 24, 2004.)

Gen Con 2001
The products, the trends, the rumors, the babes, and a chance to win the Next Big Thing! (By Jeff Quick.)

Gerard Jones : RevolutionSF Interview
The author of Men of Tomorrow explores the dreamy, seedy roots of comic books. (By Mark Finn, November 12, 2004.)

Get To Know Us : Jason Myers, Andrew Kozma, Ubalstecha, Sneezy the Squid
If you want to someday escape your humdrum existence, like we did, get to know us! (By Jason Myers, Andrew Kozma and Deanna Toxopeus, Gary Mitchel, February 21, 2008.)

Get To Know Us : Rick Klaw, Matthew Bey, Jay Willson
What are our likes? Our dislikes? Get to know a contributing writer, our comics editor, and one of our fiction editors. (By Rick Klaw, Matthew Bey and Jay Willson, February 14, 2008.)

Get To Know Us : Shane Ivey, Joe Crowe
What makes us us? Click here to find out about the news guy and the grand poobah. (By Shane Ivey, Joe Crowe, February 24, 2008.)

Get To Know Us: Mark Finn, Peggy Hailey, Dave Farnell
Your handy, helpful guide to RevolutionSF co-conspirators, including a contributing editor, our books editor, and our message board producer. (By Mark Finn, Peggy Hailey and Dave Farnell, February 08, 2008.)

Ghost of Honor
His dream was to build a canal city, to host his glorious Convention. This is his story. (By Mike Simanoff, January 27, 2003.)

Gift Guide 2013
Gifts for geeks. Buy them often! (By Matt Cowger and @kaosdevice, December 16, 2013.)

Glass Hammer Strikes Again
An interview with Glass Hammer's Steve Babb. (By Amy H. Sturgis, October 17, 2002.)

God Shop: Interview with Alan J. Porter
What would you do with the powers of a god? We would interview the writer of a comic about using the powers of a god. (By Jay Willson, August 23, 2008.)

The Good Old Days Done Come and Gone and Ain't Gonna Come Back No Kinda Way
Fresh from ArmadilloCon, Joe Lansdale expounds on the state of science fiction. (Hint: It rhymes with "ducks" and doesn't start with "F.") (By Joe R. Lansdale, August 29, 2002.)

Gordath Wood Contest: Now With Winners Who Know Their Horses
Two winners proved they dug horses with this tantalizing trivia trial of equestrian queries. (By Joe Crowe, September 05, 2008.)

Grant Morrison - Bigger is Better
He invented The Invisibles, he breathed life into JLA, and now he's breathing life into the X-Men: Grant Morrison is a writer who reminds us why those titles became classics in the first place. (By Kenn McCracken.)

The Green Lantern Movie, Geoff Johns, and Me: An Exploratory Essay
Women do not get Green Lantern, and other observations. (By Mark Finn, June 29, 2011.)

Grimm Contest: Win Grimm Novel, Insiders Guides!
Win more Grimm books than you can shake a Hexenbiest at. (Please do not shake the Hexenbiest.) (By RevolutionSF and @revolutionsf, March 18, 2014.)

Gundam : The History
Wing? Waltz? Mobile what? Don't worry! You can get the whole sordid story here. (By Kevin Pezzano.)

Halloween : The RevolutionSF Watercooler
RevolutionSF's personal and terrifying tales of Halloween costumes, tricks, treats, and blood spurting gore. (By RevolutionSF and @revolutionsf, October 31, 2008.)

Halloween Probe : Stan Lee, Bruce Springsteen
Don't rot inside a corpse's shell! Go here for fun Halloweenie things from Stan Lee and Bruuuuuuce. (By Joe Crowe, October 31, 2008.)

Halloween Top 13: Favorite Horror Flicks of the 2000s
Thirteen of our favorite horror flicks. Naturally, includes Shaun of the Dead. (By RevolutionSF, October 31, 2010.)

Halloween Top 6.66: Zombies, Aliens, Vampires, Psychos, Evil Computers
Spend Halloween with the undead spirits of the damned! (By RevolutionSF (@revolutionsf), October 21, 2008.)

Harlan and Hypoglycemia: A BayCon Quest
All Peter wanted was an autograph and a kind word. He was lucky to escape with his life. (By Peter Padraic O'Sullivan, July 26, 2002.)

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Sucks/ Rocks
Dobby! And some other stuff in the second Potter book was OK, too. (By RevolutionSF, July 18, 2007.)

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Sucks / Rocks
Last one, we promise. (By RevolutionSF, August 02, 2007.)

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Sucks / Rocks
"Someone's breaking into Snape's office on a regular basis. Should we set a trap or something? Naaah." (By RevolutionSF, July 20, 2007.)

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Sucks / Rocks
Spoilers!!!Bruce Willis is really a man! End spoilers!!! (By RevolutionSF, July 21, 2007.)

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Sucks / Rocks
Angst! Death! PADFOOT! (By RevolutionSF, July 20, 2007.)

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Sucks / Rocks
Harry Potter's dad is much cooler than Harry. And other good things about book 3. (By RevolutionSF, July 18, 2007.)

Harry Potter and the Sorceror's Stone Sucks / Rocks
The first Harry Potter book rules. Except when it doesn't. (By RevolutionSF, July 17, 2007.)

Harry Potter and the Sudden Sucking Void in His Absence
SPOILERS out the yin-yang and the wazoo. A look at the Potter effect amid SPOILERS. (By Mark Finn, July 22, 2007.)

Harry Potter Books : RevolutionSF Reviews
RevolutionSF takes you back to that strange time when we were forced to imagine what Harry looked like. (By RevolutionSF, July 17, 2009.)

Harry Potter Movies: The RevolutionSF Reviews
Our reviews of the Harry Potter movies, all together for your convenience. (By RevolutionSF, July 17, 2009.)

Headline Studios : Behind the Scenes of an Anime Studio
Headline Studios' founder details the company's history. (By Joe DiGiorgi, May 31, 2006.)

Help Nathan Buy Firefly: A Look At The Awesome Plan by Firefly Fans
Crazy Firefly fans do something crazy. Sign us up. (By Gary Mitchel, February 21, 2011.)

Heroes Season 1 Sucks / Rocks
The first season of Heroes was good. Except for when it wasn't. (By RevolutionSF, September 24, 2007.)

Heroes Season 3 Episode 1 Almost-Live Blog
"Being able to turn anything into gold would start to suck after awhile." Go here for more smart-assy insight into the first non-rerun of season 3. (By KaosDevice and Glass Spider, September 23, 2008.)

Hey Kids! Let's Draw Comics: Tom Nguyen's Incredible Comics
Comics art instruction from the artist of Adolescent Radioactive Black Belt Hamsters. Seriously. (By Jay Willson, March 10, 2008.)

Hey Kids, Books About Comics!
There's gold in them thar hills! (By Mark Finn, November 12, 2004.)

Hey Kids: Let`s Draw Some Comics!
A look at Ben Caldwell's Action Cartooning. (By Jay Willson, February 05, 2008.)

Hide and Creep: Behind the Undead
Friends of ours filmed a zombie flick and a flesh-ripping good time was had. (By Kenn McCracken and Bryan Crowson, May 10, 2006.)

The High-Verbals
An evening with Harlan Ellison, Peter David, Neil Gaiman, and MIT. (By Alex Jay Berman.)

How I Saved D&D
A mostly true retelling of one humble man's contributions to 3rd Edition. (By Jeff Quick.)

How Many of These Convention Panels Have You Attended?
Are you a true sci-fi convention attendee? Take this quiz to find out! (By Joe Crowe and @classictrack, July 04, 2016.)

How To Pronounce Shannara : A RevolutionSF Adventure
Shuh NAIR uh? Shuh NAR uh? The truth from Terry Brooks is here! (By Joe Crowe, Shane Ivey and @yojoecrowe, @shaneivey, January 03, 2016.)

Hugo Awards 2001 In a Nutshell
Robert Heinlein, Bob Eggleton, Ang Lee, and Harry Potter?! They'll argue over this one for months. (By Peggy Hailey.)

Hulk 2003 Movie Sucks / Rocks
It's so easy for everybody to pile on and criticize the 2003 Hulk movie. So let's get started! (By RevolutionSF, June 11, 2008.)

Hulk : Great Moments in History
Nobody loves the Hulk, except for you and me. (By Joe Crowe, June 27, 2008.)

Hulk Comic Books Suck / Rock
Comics fans knew Hulk first. Some of us dug the Hulk, some of us didn't. But he was ours before he was yours. How do you like that, normals? (By RevolutionSF, June 11, 2008.)

Hulk TV Show Sucks / Rocks
We investigate the David side and the Hulk side of that 1970s show. (By RevolutionSF, June 11, 2008.)

I Can See Your House From Here, v 2.49
Kenn's been in the huffable chemical closet again -- must be the heat. (By Kenn McCracken, August 29, 2002.)

I Spent The Night With Mazinga, Shogun Warrior
The fact that he had those giant, gleaming metallic glide-wings welded right to his back I have to admit did a lot for me. (By Chris McCaleb, August 08, 2003.)

If This Be My Destiny... Then Roll a 14 or Better to Hit
He thought he was out of the life. Leave it to Spider-Man to pull him back in. (By Mark Finn.)

Incinerate My Flying Fire-breathing Regenerating Rabid Wombat, Baby
A gonzo gamer's introduction to Magic: The Gathering. (By Jason Myers.)

Indiana Jones 4 : RevolutionSF News Countdown
A collection of all the news over the years about Indy 4, in convenient countdown form. (By Joe Crowe, May 20, 2008.)

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade Sucks / Rocks
They got us. Here are the good and the bad things about the third Indy. (By Jason Myers and Deanna Toxopeus, May 23, 2008.)

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Sucks / Rocks
In the second Indy movie, anything went. (By RevolutionSF, May 22, 2008.)

Indy Comics Showcase: Noah Van Sciver
"Maybe a homeless man was following me around or something." (By Jay Willson, April 21, 2009.)

Indy Comics Showcase: Runners by Sean Wang
Our comics guy interviews the Tick artist and creator of The Runners webcomic. (By Jay Willson, June 20, 2009.)

The Innsmouth Look
H.P. Lovecraft wrote about fish beings bred with humans. The strain lived on in Hollywood. (By KaosDevice, January 01, 2008.)

International Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts 31 : Academics Gone Wild!
Our scholarly geek meets other scholarly geeks, including Peter Straub and Joe Haldeman. (By Dave Farnell, March 29, 2010.)

The Invasion Movie Poster Contest
Nicole Kidman and the new James Bond. On a movie poster! For free! (The movie comes out Aug. 17). (By Joe Crowe, August 07, 2007.)

Iron Man: Great Moments In Iron Man History
"He's a cool exec with a heart of steel." (By Joe Crowe, May 01, 2008.)

It Is So Hot Jokes: Super-Nerdy Edition
How hot is it? (By Craig Isley and Joe Crowe, July 25, 2010.)

Jack Kirby Characters : The Top 10
"I'll put a barrelful of lumps on you! I've no time to coddle your neuroses!" (By Jay Willson, May 28, 2008.)

Jane Espenson Superstar : The RevolutionSF Interview
Summer, 2000: Joe Crowe, Shane Ivey, DragonCon, and an hour with Buffy the Vampire Slayer writer Jane Espenson! (By Shane Ivey and Joe Crowe.)

Japanese Dream
You'd think it would be easy for an American to find quality anime in Japan. (By Alan Riquelmy, September 17, 2002.)

Jeff VanderMeer Interviewed: VanderView
Jeff Topham talks art and the state of genre writing with Jeff VanderMeer. Now with extra squid! (By Jeff Topham, October 04, 2002.)

Jeremy Bulloch : RevolutionSF Interview
What the heck has the man behind Boba Fett been up to since 1983? Plenty! Get the latest with the Revolution interview. (By Amy H. Sturgis.)

Jim Munroe: RevolutionSF Interview
Ivan Lerner interviews Jim Munroe, author of Everyone in Silico. (By Ivan Lerner, November 30, 2002.)

Joe Quesada and Marvel Comics
Joe Quesada set out to save Marvel Comics. Go figure; he's doing it. (By Kenn McCracken.)

Joe R. Lansdale 67-Word Weird Horror Contest Winners : Day 1
The first winner of our 67-word weird horror contest! (By RevolutionSF contest survivors, April 05, 2010.)

Joe R. Lansdale 67-Word Weird Horror Contest Winners : Day 2
More weird horror in only 67 words. RevolutionSF contests rule. (By RevolutionSF contest survivors, April 06, 2010.)

Joe R. Lansdale 67-Word Weird Horror Contest Winners : Day 3
Weird horror in 67 words. We are so convenient. (By RevolutionSF contest survivors, April 06, 2010.)

Joe R. Lansdale 67-Word Weird Horror Contest Winners : Day 4
Another winner in our 67-word weird horror contest. (By RevolutionSF contest survivors, April 06, 2010.)

Joe R. Lansdale 67-Word Weird Horror Contest Winners : Day 5
The contest: Write a weird horror story in only 67 words. Here are more weird, winning stories. (By RevolutionSF contest survivors, April 06, 2010.)

John Allison`s Scary Go Round
Here there be goblins, devil bears, various cults, witches, long-lost gods, and mad science. (By Andrew Kozma, December 31, 2007.)

John Carpenter and Ghosts of Mars
John Carpenter talks Ghosts of Mars, rates his most underrated flicks, and dishes balls-out horror. (By Jason Myers.)

John Carter of Mars Totally Rules
A bold introduction to why John Carter of Mars is awesome. (By Joe Crowe (@revolutionsf), March 09, 2012.)

John Dies at The End : Review and Interview
Our review of John Dies at the End, and we interview the the guy who wrote it. (By Matt Cowger and Becky Panovich, March 15, 2010.)

Joss Whedon: Questions & Answers
Giles, Amy, the Buffybot, and more! (By Jason Myers.)

Judd Winick : RevolutionSF Interview
From Barry Ween to Green Lantern, RevolutionSF hits Judd Winick with all the hard questions. (By Kevin Pezzano and Joe Crowe, September 29, 2002.)

Justice League Q&A
The creators of Cartoon Network's new Justice League tell all about the development of the show, their plans for the heroes, and what villains we can expect to see! (By Jason Myers (Q&A) and Joe Crowe (Footnotes).)

Karas: The Revelation DVD Contest
The latest in the anime action series is on DVD, and five RevolutionSF fans have won it from us. (By Joe Crowe, October 17, 2007.)

Killer Klowns From Outer Space Sequel Sucks / Rocks
More killer klowns is always a good thing. OR IS IT? (By Deanna Toxopeus, Gary Mitchel and Matt Cowger, January 02, 2012.)

King Kong: The Radio Play
The Violet Crown Radio Players are putting on a live audio production of King Kong. And hey -- I think we love it. (By Rick Klaw, December 07, 2005.)

Klingon Night Before Christmas
He passed around ale, the Romulan kind, and o`erflowing casks of the finest blood wine. (By Tom Bessellieu, December 26, 2010.)

Knight Rider Episode 1 Almost-Live Blog
A minute by minute look at our attempt to survive the first episode. (By Joe Crowe, September 26, 2008.)

Life on Mars and This Time They Mean It
Yep. There are dots. (By Joe Crowe.)

Like Moles, Like Rats: Interview with Director Jim Torres
In the movie Like Moles Like Rats, the first baby since the apocalypse is about to be born. (By Joe Crowe, March 06, 2008.)

Live Action Fanfic Theatre : Xena vs. Highlander vs. MASH vs. Fat Albert
Get ready! RevolutionSF brings you full scripts in convenient text form for the fan fiction you always wanted to see! (By Joe Crowe, August 28, 2008.)

Lone Gunmen : Lone Gun Salute day 1
The fans respond. (By Joe Crowe, April 22, 2002.)

The Lone Gunmen Live
It's all a big conspiracy. (By Jason Myers, April 22, 2002.)

Lone Gunmen: Lone Gun Salute Day 2
Reaping the whirlwind continues. (By Joe Crowe.)

Lone Gunmen: Lone Gun Salute, Day Two, Part Two: "Why isn`t Scully there?"
Joe Crowe on the [SPOILER!] of the Lone Gunmen. (By Joe Crowe.)

Lone Gunmen: The RevolutionSF Interview
We interviewed the Lone Gunmen before their show was quickly canceled. (By Joe Crowe & Shane Ivey, January 22, 2016.)

Lord of the Rings for Atari 2600
An old-school fantasy deserves an old-school game. Atari was there for us... almost. (By Joe Crowe and Ryan Silva.)

The Lord of the Rings: The Houghton Mifflin Preview
New footage, new interviews, and snippets of the fantastic score: a Rings preview hits bookstores nationwide. (By Rachel K. Ivey.)

The Lord of the Rings: The Novelization
The novel based on the movie based on the book: an exclusive RevolutionSF preview! (By Joe Crowe, January 17, 2002.)

Lost : RevolutionSF Recall
While we pine desperately away for the new episodes of Lost to start, here is what RevolutionSF thunk about the show so far. (By RevolutionSF, January 21, 2009.)

Lost Dick-McCaffrey Collaboration Found
DRAGONVALIS: Behind the legendary project which has never seen print. Until, perhaps, now... (By Jesse Walker, June 10, 2002.)

Lost Season 3
So, the third season of Lost. What was up with that? (By Gary Mitchel, June 06, 2007.)

Lost Season 4 Sucks / Rocks
Awesome things about Lost season 4, and others not so much. (By Dave Sharp, June 02, 2008.)

'Lost' Sucks/Rocks
The warring camps of "Lost" fans come together at last to show what makes TV's biggest genre show great -- and a great big pain. (By RevolutionSF Staff, October 04, 2006.)

Lost Thoughts : The Package
Jin and Sun, sittin` in a tree. (By Peggy Hailey and Mark Finn, April 06, 2010.)

Lost Thoughts : Ab Aeterno
If the island is a cork to the underworld, it is not a very good one. (By Peggy Hailey and Mark Finn, March 26, 2010.)

Lost Thoughts : Episode 6: Dr. Linus
Nobody does it better than Michael Emerson. (By Peggy Hailey, March 15, 2010.)

Lost Thoughts : Everybody Loves Hugo
Hurley = rules. (By Peggy Hailey and Mark Finn, April 21, 2010.)

Lost Thoughts : LA X
RevolutionSF folks debate the black powder, Sayid, Juliet, and Esau McSmokey. (By Peggy Hailey and Mark Finn, February 09, 2010.)

Lost Thoughts : Re-Con
Re-Con. Oh, Lost. You are so clever. (By Peggy Hailey, March 22, 2010.)

Lost Thoughts : The Candidate
when Hurley cries, a unicorn dies. (By Peggy Hailey and Mark Finn, May 11, 2010.)

Lost Thoughts : The Final Season
Our Lost fans try to figure out what in the world happened in the last season of Lost. (By Peggy Hailey and Mark Finn, May 24, 2010.)

Lost Thoughts : The Last Recruit
Wishing Kate was dead, and other commentating about the latest Lost. (By Peggy Hailey and Mark Finn, April 29, 2010.)

Lost Thoughts : The Substitute
Locke is back. Good times. (By Peggy Hailey and Mark Finn, February 18, 2010.)

Lost Thoughts : What Kate Does
How is it that Kate has time for a scenic tour of LA in the midst of her jailbreak? (By Peggy Hailey, February 15, 2010.)

Lost Thoughts: Across the Sea
What the @#$% was that? (By Peggy Hailey and Mark Finn, May 17, 2010.)

Lost Thoughts: The Lighthouse
Our Lost nerds discuss Earth-2 Jack getting better and Earth-1 Jack smashing mirrors. (By Mark Finn and Peggy Hailey, February 26, 2010.)

Lost Time : A RevolutionSF Love Letter
Polar bears, a kid with special powers, miracle cures, secret scientific experiments, a crazy lady in the woods, characters who die, yet pop up again like malevolent one-eyed jack-in-the-boxes -- how can you not love this? (By Peggy Hailey, December 31, 2007.)

Lovecraftian Doings
Ah, autumn. Where hearts turn to thoughts of Lovecraft. (By Amy H. Sturgis, October 31, 2005.)

Magic Words: An Interview With Amy H. Sturgis
We talk with Amy Sturgis, translator of "The Magic Ring," a long-lost link of fantastic fiction. (By Joe Crowe, July 15, 2006.)

Making of An American Geek, Part 3
The Making of an American Geek, Part 3: Cubby! Annette! (By Mark Finn, July 26, 2002.)

Making of An American Geek, Part 4
The making of an American geek, part 4: Brother Lovecraft's Travelling Salvation Show! (By Mark Finn, August 01, 2002.)

The Man Behind Samurai Jack
Genndy Tartakovsky, creator of Dexter's Laboratory, unveils his latest creation, Samurai Jack, a strange action cartoon influenced by Kurosawa movies, Asian culture, and Thundarr the Barbarian. (By Jason Myers.)

Mars: Still No Water
Water on Mars? Nope. (By Joe Crowe.)

Marvel's Agent Carter Season 2
Season 2 post-mortem: Jarvis gets the mustard. (By Beck Pano and @glassspiider, January 22, 2016.)

Marvel`s Agents of SHIELD Heartbreaking Death Deadpool
Who dies gut-wrenchingly on Marvel`s Agents of SHIELD? Place your bets! (By Joe Crowe and @revolutionsf, September 26, 2013.)

Mass Effect : Sucker Punching Gravity
You'll want to play the game for sixty hours, bumming around, helping out the galaxy and collecting mineral samples, (By Dharma Bum, November 25, 2007.)

Masters of Science Fiction DVD Contest Has Winners : That's What She Said
Tiny Brian Dennehy reveals our winners of a season set of DVDs. (By Joe Crowe, September 03, 2008.)

Masters of Science Fiction Producer Keith Addis: The RevolutionSF Interview
Masters of Science Fiction's executive producer talks about Stephen Hawking and Harlan Ellison. (By Joe Crowe, August 11, 2007.)

Michael Hoffman, Scary Tales Director: RevolutionSF Interview
RevSF asks Michael Hoffman, director of Scary Tales, a coupla stupid questions. (By Jason Myers.)

Michael J. Walsh of Old Earth Books: RevolutionSF Interview
Robert R. Chase interviews Michael J. Walsh on E.E. "Doc" Smith, Lucius Shepard, Edward Whittenmore, Being Gardner Dozois, and the perils and pleasures of small press publishing. (By Robert R. Chase.)

Push them in the alligator pit! And cover them with bacon! (By KaosDevice, December 31, 2007.)

The Mothman Prophecies Q&A
Mothman director Mark Pellington discusses the film, the mythology, and kicking actors in the ass. (By Jason Myers.)

Movie Probe: Day People, Prism
Moral ambiguity. A floating robot. These short films have it all. (By Joe Crowe and @RevolutionSF, January 22, 2016.)

Mullets of Sci-Fi And Beyond
Business in the front. Party in the back. Roddy Piper! Van Damme! Uncle Jesse! (By Tegan Hendrickson and @artful_username, April 02, 2014.)

MuppetFest Part II
In which the performers pick up their puppets to explain the origins of the characters. And—who knew?—the Muppet crew make HUTA jokes too. (By Jason Myers, June 27, 2002.)

MuppetFest, Part I
In which everyone explains how they joined Team Muppet! (By Jason Myers, June 24, 2002.)

My Zombie Journal
A free excerpt from a book of geeky poetry and other short things. BUY IT NOW. (By Matt Betts and @Betts_Matt, April 13, 2016.)

Namesake Star Explodes, Wreaks Havoc
Baby namesake star explodes in blast of unprecedented violence. (By Don Mowbray, March 12, 2004.)

Neil Gaiman : RevolutionSF Interview
From Sandman to American Gods, Neverwhere to Coraline: Neil Gaiman discusses his famous fantasies of comics, novels, and the screen. (By Jayme Lynn Blaschke, May 28, 2002.)

Nerdy Shirt Probe: Monty Python, Middle-earth, The Flash, Conan
Celebrating the very best shirts that show off our geekiness while hiding our torsos. (By Deanna Toxopeus, April 11, 2012.)

New Avengers: Spider-Man, Wolverine, and Their Amazing Friends
The New Avengers are neither new, nor really Avengers. Discuss. (By Van Plexico, September 28, 2005.)

New Directions: A Look at Fantasy's Post-Rings Future
Lou Anders talks to authors David B. Coe, Alex Irvine, and Terry McGarry, and screenwriter Gary Goldman (Minority Report, Total Recall) about the influence of the Rings movies on film and fiction. (By Lou Anders.)

New Directions: Catching a Wave
There's a groundswell going on, a convergence of genres and media and authors. But will the Next Wave really change science fiction? (By Lou Anders.)

New Directions: Chocolate in My Peanut Butter
From gaming to comics to novels and back, authors Terry McGarry, Alex Irvine, Paul Di Filippo, Chris Roberson, David B. Coe, and John Grant (whew!) discuss the convergence of media in storytelling. (By Lou Anders, May 25, 2002.)

New Directions: Decoding the Imagination of Charles Stross
Charles Stross—one of the most dynamic, thought-provoking talents on the sci-fi scene—let us borrow his brain for a little while. Now it's yours to enjoy. (By Lou Anders.)

New Directions: Mind the Gap
It may be too much to ask that sci-fi on the screen live up to sci-fi on the page. But can't more of it at least be science fiction? (By Lou Anders.)

New Directions: Whom the Writers Read
Snapshot: a few of the hottest authors and the books in their hands. (By Lou Anders.)

New Horizons: Sci-Fi Books For Fall 2002: The Long List
An all-you-can-eat buffet of books for you to choose from. (By Peggy Hailey, September 05, 2002.)

New Who Review: End of Season 3
A look at the end of a spectacular season, with the return of someone who's not very nice. (By Alan Riquelmy, July 15, 2007.)

New Who View: 'Rise of the Cybermen' and 'The Age of Steel'
Cybermen! And other Doctor Who fun for the Who-deprived U.S. audience. (By Alan Riquelmy, July 06, 2006.)

New Who View: Season 3 Mostly Spoiler-Free
Our Who guy gives a mostly spoiler-free preview of season 3. (By Alan Riquelmy, May 03, 2007.)

New Who View: The Rest of Season 2
More Who than you can shake a sonic screwdriver at, in the rest of the new Doctor's season 2. (By Alan Riquelmy, October 25, 2006.)

News from Comic-Con 2001: DC Comics
The Dark Knight Strikes Again, a new Wildstorm imprint, Paul Dini on Zatanna, and much more. (By Kenn McCracken.)

News from Comic-Con 2001: Marvel Comics
Kevin Smith on Black Cat, Rucka and Amano on Wolverine and Electra, Jill Thompson on Night Nurses, and tons more news! (By Kenn McCracken.)

Newsblast Archives : Spider-Man, Justice League, Mists of Avalon
Sci-fi news from the misty past of November 28, 2001. (By Joe Crowe.)

Newsblast Archives : Steal New Thieves World Books
Jan. 24, 2000: Steal these books. (By Joe Crowe.)

Newsblast Archives: Matt Damon In Planet of the Apes, Please!
From June 8, 2000: Matt loves the apes! (By Joe Crowe.)

No Tights, No Flights : DC Comics TV Series Not Coming Soon To A TV Near You
A fair and balanced look at five DC properties coming soon to a television near you! (By Jayme Lynn Blaschke, October 13, 2003.)

Not Just the Halo 3 Beta: Why I Love Crackdown
A rumination on video games and art. (By Navin Vembar, July 02, 2007.)

OmegaCon 2008
RevolutionSF hometown invaded by sci-fi convention. How we made it out alive. (By Joe Crowe, March 17, 2008.)

OmegaCon 2008: RevolutionSF Preview
A biggie-size convention comes to RevolutionSF's hometown in March 2008. (By Joe Crowe, January 03, 2008.)

On Iconic Superhero Costumes
For superhero costumes, design is everything. (By Ian Watson, December 31, 2007.)

The One: Morgan and Wong Tell All
Filmmakers Glen Morgan and James Wong on producing The One, rewriting Final Destination, killing the Lone Gunmen, and more. (By Jason Myers.)

Origins Awards 2005 : Forgot the Best
An all-new selection process. An all-new list of nominations. Are the 2005 Origins Awards a return to gaming excellence? (By Matthew Pook, April 22, 2006.)

Oscar Predictions 2003: RevolutionSF Edition
We know what we WANT to win. Here's what WILL win. (By RevolutionSF Staff, February 28, 2004.)

Our Love / Hate Relationship with Star Wars
A gaggle of RevSF zealots look at our history with Star Wars. (By Various RevolutionSF Artists, December 15, 2015.)

Pacific Rim Haiku!
Awesome folks wrote haiku about giant robots and giant monsters. (By RevolutionSF, July 09, 2013.)

Paul Dini: Jayme Blaschke Interviews
Green Lantern! Duck Dodgers! Batman! Jingle Belle! Paul Dini spills all! (By Jayme Lynn Blaschke, August 14, 2004.)

Planet of the Apes 40th Anniversary : The Wisdom of Zaius
Heed the words of the greatest ape ever there was. (By Deanna Toxopeus, January 01, 2009.)

Planet of the Apes : Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa Interview
Hollywood veteran Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa discusses his role in Planet of the Apes, the secret of Charlton Heston's role, and who looks most like a monkey. (By Jason Myers.)

Playing Undead: Part 1 of 3
RevSFer Jason Myers takes you into the world of Live-Action Role Playing. Brace yourself. (By Jason Myers, August 29, 2003.)

Playing Undead: Part 2 of 3
Wait, you mean you can role-play AND go out on a Saturday night (with girls) AT THE SAME TIME? (By Jason Myers, October 21, 2003.)

Playing Undead: Part 3 of 3
Vampires with coloring books. (By Jason Myers, February 03, 2004.)

Postcards from the Event Horizon : Charlemagne: By The Sword and The Cross
Christopher Lee sings awesomely. (By Desmond Reddick, May 13, 2010.)

Postcards from the Event Horizon : Issue Zero
Our new column guy references eXistenZ. (By Desmond Reddick, April 22, 2010.)

Postcards from the Event Horizon : Stephen Hawking Wants Our Planet
Stephen Hawking is a robot! (By Desmond Reddick, August 15, 2010.)

Postcards From the Event Horizon : Stephen Hawking Warned Us
When a guy who talks like a robot plainly warns against provoking an invasion, I am wont to listen. (By Desmond Reddick, May 19, 2010.)

Posts of Christmas Past
With the holidays crammed all around us, this is a perfect time to look back at how we've celebrated over the year. Just try not to anger the mutant reindeer. (By Shane Ivey and Joe Crowe, December 23, 2005.)

The Pudding List
The proof is in here. (By Joe Crowe, August 20, 2004.)

Pulpy Goodness : The Spider, The Shadow, Doc Savage
Pulp heroes return with better paper. (By Jay Willson, November 16, 2008.)

Pushing Daisies Season 2 Episode 1 Almost-Live Blog
Flibbertigibet! (By KaosDevice and GlassSpider, October 02, 2008.)

Q&A with J.C.
J.C. talks about Halloween, and why he owes everything to William Shatner. (By Jason Myers, February 19, 2003.)

R. A. Lafferty: Effective Arcanum
There was magic in those words. Don Webb examines the uniquely familiar style of the late, great Lafferty. (By Don Webb.)

Raiders of the Lost Ark Sucks / Rocks
RevolutionSF looks back at Raiders of the Lost Ark, and gives it both the idol and the whip. (By RevolutionSF, May 21, 2008.)

The Rear-Ending of Farscape
Thoughts on the last episode of "Farscape." Note: Story may include spanking. (By Jayme Lynn Blaschke, March 29, 2003.)

Rebel Leaders of Sci-Fi
Somebody has to keep the X-wings gassed up. Here's a countdown of the best rebel leaders ever. (By Adrian Simmons, January 24, 2007.)

Red Sonja Devises Stimulus Plan
A word from the Institute for Cultural, Anthropological, and Aesthetic studies of Barbarian Warrior Women. (By Bryan Crowson, February 27, 2009.)

Remembering The Crow: To Build A Temple To Sadness
"The emotion overwhelms any criticism I might offer." (By Kenn McCracken.)

Revolution SF Does Armadillocon 24
The stars at night really DO shine big and bright at Austin's annual SF Convention. (By Peggy Hailey, August 21, 2002.)

RevolutionSF Adventures: DragonCon 2014
RevSF hosted the American Sci-Fi Classics Track at DragonCon 2014. And it was spectacular. (By RevolutionSF and @revolutionsf, March 14, 2015.)

RevolutionSF Adventures: I Am Norman Bates
RevolutionSF writer dresses in drag, fails to kill lady in shower. (By Joe Crowe, January 27, 2010.)

RevolutionSF Adventures: The Saga of Hulk Cologne
If you always wondered what Hulk smelled like. (By Joe Crowe and @classictrack, @yojoecrowe, August 28, 2014.)

RevolutionSF at DragonCon 2013: The Podcasts
RevolutionSF hosts a whole track at DragonCon. We recorded lots of panels. Listen now. DO IT. (By Various artists, April 16, 2014.)

RevolutionSF at DragonCon 2015: The Podcasts
Listen to us and our pals talk for hours at DragonCon 2015. (By Classic Track Irregulars, January 22, 2016.)

RevolutionSF at the Movies: Definitive Year-in-Review 2005
For your renting pleasure, a list by rating of every 2005 movie. Even non sci-fi ones. (By The RevolutionSF staff, May 31, 2006.)

RevolutionSF Celebrates the Comics of 1986
Check out the 50 best comic books of 1986, the very best year in comics. (By Alan J. Porter, February 13, 2006.)

RevolutionSF Cologne Probe : The Lovecraft Collection
Now you can smell like a Great Old One! (By Joe Crowe, January 14, 2010.)

RevolutionSF Comics Preview : Wednesday Comics
A new DC comic every week that looks like the Sunday funnies, but without the crushing depression of Funky Winkerbean. (By Jay Willson, April 20, 2009.)

RevolutionSF Contest : Art Print by Cthulhu Artist Paul Carrick (Now With Winners)
Win a signed fantasy art piece by Cthulhu Mythos artist Paul Carrick! Warning: Not responsible for insanity. (By RevolutionSF, July 08, 2010.)

RevolutionSF Contest : Best Things About The Apocalypse
The post-apocalypse animated flick has swag. And we have contest winners! (By Joe Crowe, August 13, 2009.)

RevolutionSF Contest : Easy Winnable Post Apocalypse Battles to the Death
Win the Hunger Games in paperback AND a $25 Visa Cash card! (By Joe Crowe, June 29, 2010.)

RevolutionSF Contest : Guardians of Ga`Hoole Book Contest Winners
Win the book before the movie! (By RevolutionSF, September 08, 2010.)

RevolutionSF Contest : Han Solo Makes Everything Better
Our Millennium Falcon book contest shot first. (By Joe Crowe, November 11, 2010.)

RevolutionSF Contest : Heaveworld Gross Horror Contest Winners
Three winners won a gross horror book by writing something gross, scary, and fun. (By RevolutionSF, February 06, 2010.)

RevolutionSF Contest : Krod Mandoon DVD Sword and Sorcery Story Winners
Win the funny sword and sorcery series. All you have to do is ... (By Joe Crowe, April 03, 2010.)

RevolutionSF Contest : Least Likely Things To Cause An Apocalypse
Three fortunate and delightful RevSF fans won the new Suzanne Collins book Catching Fire, the sequel to Hunger Games. (By RevolutionSF, September 01, 2009.)

RevolutionSF Contest : Win Morpheus Road: The Light
Win Morpheus Road! (By RevolutionSF, April 10, 2010.)

RevolutionSF Contest : Win Six Million Dollar Man on DVD
Win The Six Million Dollar Man TV series on DVD. You deserve it. (By Joe Crowe, December 27, 2010.)

RevolutionSF Contest : Win The Best of Joe R. Lansdale
Win the best of weird horror writer Joe R. Lansdale. All you have to do is write something short and weird. (By RevolutionSF, March 12, 2010.)

RevolutionSF Contest : Win The Molting by Terrance Zdunich
Win The Molting, the comic book from the creator of Repo! The Genetic Opera. (By RevolutionSF, August 27, 2010.)

RevolutionSF Contest : Win the Surrogates Comic Book (Now With Winners)
Win the Surrogates comic book before your robot duplicate gets it. (By RevolutionSF, September 22, 2009.)

RevolutionSF Contest Winners: Jeff Vandermeer Squid Art
Squid art! Presenting the winner of the Jeff Vandermeer Ambergris series contest. (By RevolutionSF, November 20, 2009.)

RevolutionSF Contest: A Wrinkle In Time 50th Anniversary Edition Winner
Our favorite entries from our contest to win A Wrinkle In Time. (By RevolutionSF (@revolutionsf), February 24, 2012.)

RevolutionSF Contest: Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter Art Book Winners!
Win the movie art book from this presidential documentary. (By RevolutionSF (@revolutionsf), June 28, 2012.)

RevolutionSF Contest: Falling Skies Survival Kit: Now Includes Winners!
These winners won a grab bag full of Falling Skies stuff! (By RevolutionSF, August 07, 2011.)

RevolutionSF Contest: Lost and Found Book By Shaun Tan Book Winners
Win the collection of stories by Shaun Tan, creator of the 2011 Oscar winning animated short The Lost Thing. (By Joe Crowe, March 07, 2011.)

RevolutionSF Contest: The Prisoner Saturday Morning Cartoon
We have a winner! Their number is . . . (By RevolutionSF , November 10, 2009.)

RevolutionSF Contest: Win A Wrinkle In Time 50th Anniversary Edition
Win the fancy anniversary edition of this science fiction and fantasy classic! (By RevolutionSF (@revolutionsf), January 26, 2012.)

RevolutionSF Contest: Win Brad Meltzer Prize Pack
Win Brad Meltzer`s Decoded and his newest book before the black helicopters get you. (By RevolutionSF and @revolutionsf, May 27, 2015.)

RevolutionSF Contest: Win Brandon Sanderson Book FIREFIGHT
WIN THIS: New superhero novel by Brandon Sanderson! PLAY HERE! (By RevolutionSF, February 09, 2015.)

RevolutionSF Contest: Win Catherine Fisher Relic Master Book 1: Dark City
Win the first in the new series by Incarceron writer Catherine Fisher! Don`t cost nothin`. (By Joe Crowe, May 22, 2011.)

RevolutionSF Contest: Win Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken
Win books starring telekinetic teens in a world gone mad! (By RevolutionSF and @revolutionsf, September 09, 2014.)

RevolutionSF Contest: Win Dozois, Justice League, or Harryhausen: Now With Winners!
You won something from us! Several of you, anyway. You know who you are. (By Joe Crowe, May 28, 2008.)

RevolutionSF Contest: Win Dystopia Novel Legend by Marie Lu
Win the first book in Marie Lu`s sci-fi dystopia series Legend. (By RevolutionSF ( @revolutionsf), October 26, 2012.)

RevolutionSF Contest: Win Heir Chronicles Fantasy Novels by Cinda Chima
Win a huge series of fantasy novels. Play now. DO IT. (By RevolutionSF, October 20, 2014.)

RevolutionSF Contest: Win Jeff Vandermeer`s Ambergris Novels
Win all three novels in the Ambergris series. All you have to do is draw a squid. (By RevolutionSF, October 13, 2009.)

RevolutionSF Contest: Win Lord of the Rings Trivia And Quiz Book
These haiku are pleasing to Sauron. (By RevolutionSF and @revolutionsf, July 14, 2014.)

RevolutionSF Contest: Win Malice!
Win Malice: part thriller, part comic book. (By Joe Crowe, December 07, 2009.)

RevolutionSF Contest: Win Paranorman Swag
Win swag from the movie Paranorman! (By RevolutionSF, August 16, 2012.)

RevolutionSF Contest: Win Surrogates Movie Stuff (Now With Winners)
Win stuff from the Surrogates movie. Robot body for yourself not included. (By RevolutionSF, September 21, 2009.)

RevolutionSF Contest: Win The Strain on DVD!
Tentacle to mouth. (By RevolutionSF and @revolutionsf, December 19, 2014.)

RevolutionSF Contest: Win Zodiac Legacy by Stan Lee
Win Stan Lee`s new YA book series now! (By RevolutionSF, January 24, 2015.)

RevolutionSF Contest: Winners of Kazu Kibuishi Novel Amulet
Fox-men. Rabbit-men. Robots. A magic amulet. Win this young adult graphic novel from us! (By RevolutionSF, October 19, 2011.)

RevolutionSF Contest: Winners of Too Much Coffee Man Omnibus
Win 500 pages of Too Much Coffee Man! (By RevolutionSF, October 18, 2011.)

RevolutionSF Contests: The Big List
A look at the winners and the entries in a pile of fun contests hosted by our site. (By RevolutionSF, June 21, 2012.)

RevolutionSF Definitive 2004 Movie Year in Review
The power of RevSF compels you. (By Jason Myers, May 05, 2005.)

RevolutionSF Film Awards 2001
The votes are in! Join us in celebrating the best of the year's movies, and giving a little well-earned misery to the rest. (By Joe Crowe and Shane Ivey.)

RevolutionSF Has An Opinion : Doctor Who Regeneration Limits
Doctor Who kicked continuity in the junk. Our Doctor Who guru reacts. (By Alan Riquelmy, October 22, 2010.)

RevolutionSF Has An Opinion : McDonalds, Marvel vs. Killjoys
Kids, do not paint yourself silver and surf through the galaxy. (By Mark Bousquet, August 15, 2010.)

RevolutionSF Has an Opinion : Star Wars The Force Awakens Spoilers
Podcast Queen Deanna discusses the behavior of the Internet about Star Wars spoilers. (By Deanna Toxopeus and @ubalstecha, January 03, 2016.)

RevolutionSF Has An Opinion: Black Widow and Joss Whedon
A call to action about the Black Widow / Joss Whedon craziness. (By Mark Finn and @finnswake, May 07, 2015.)

RevolutionSF Has An Opinion: Where Did The Geek Excitement Go?
Breaking down geek reactions in this brave post-Guardians era. (By Tegan Hendrickson and Mark Finn, August 02, 2014.)

RevolutionSF Holiday Special: Must Be Hulk
Song make Hulk not angry. Turning back... to puny Banner. (By Tom Bessellieu, December 11, 2015.)

RevolutionSF Interview : Dirt Dauber Creator Steve Daniels
An odd little film influenced by Shub Niggurath, the black goat in the woods with a thousand young. (By Matt Cowger, December 13, 2010.)

RevolutionSF Interview : Fantasy Artist Paul Carrick
Illustrator Paul Carrick discusses the Cthulhu Mythos and the drawing thereof. (By Matt Cowger, June 28, 2010.)

RevolutionSF Interview : Girls With Slingshots creator Danielle Corsetto
A talk with the creator of a sitcom webcomic about graphic novels and funny stuff. (By Sarah Arnold, December 16, 2010.)

RevolutionSF Interview : Iron Sky Director Timo Vuorensola
Kick some Nazi arse! We interview the director of the space Nazi sci-fi comedy Iron Sky. (By Matt Cowger, June 01, 2010.)

RevolutionSF Interview : Peter Straub
An interview with horror master Peter Straub. (By Derek A. Johnson, March 08, 2010.)

RevolutionSF Interview : Radium Director Daniel Fallik
We interview the director of Radium, a sci-fi movie filmed in Israel. (By Matt Cowger, June 07, 2010.)

RevolutionSF Interview : Rogue Blades Editor Jason Waltz
Heroic fantasy anthology editor addresses tough topics, such as broads and swords. (By Joe Crowe, July 14, 2010.)

RevolutionSF Interview : The Molting Creator Terrance Zdunich
Repo! The Genetic Opera creator talks about his comic book, art classes, and cockroaches. (By Matt Cowger and Rebecca Panovich, August 27, 2010.)

RevolutionSF Interview : Writer Barry Reese
RevSF talks to the writer of The Rook, who fights zombie pirates and Nazi vampires. (By Joe Crowe, May 12, 2010.)

RevolutionSF Interview: Absence Movie Director Jimmy Loweree
We talk with the director about staging UFO sightings and guerrilla filmmaking. (By Joe Crowe and @revolutionsf, June 27, 2013.)

RevolutionSF Interview: Alan Dean Foster
An interview with the veteran sci-fi novelist. (By Alan J. Porter, February 24, 2011.)

RevolutionSF Interview: Apes of Wrath Editor Rick Klaw
RevSF co-conspirator talks about his all-ape anthology. (By Alan J. Porter and @alanjporter, February 28, 2013.)

RevolutionSF Interview: Cars writer Alan J. Porter
RevolutionSF writer Alan J. Porter writes the new Cars comic book. Awesomely, we must add. (By Jay Willson, January 09, 2010.)

RevolutionSF Interview: Derek J. Goodman
Derek J. Goodman discusses his debut novel and what it's like being a horror and fantasy writer from Wisconsin. (By Matthew Bey, November 07, 2009.)

RevolutionSF Interview: Displacement Movie Director Ken Mader
Talking to the director of a sci-fi flick featuring Superman 2`s Sarah Douglas. (By Joe Crowe and @revolutionsf, June 05, 2013.)

RevolutionSF Interview: Hawk the Slayer Director Terry Marcel
We interview the director of the 1980 sword and sorcery classic and talk about the upcoming sequel! (By Joe Crowe and @RevolutionSF, September 11, 2015.)

RevolutionSF Interview: Makeup and Costume Creator Todd Tucker
We interview the effects and makeup wizard from Smurfs and Sons of Anarchy (yes. both.) (By Joe Crowe @revolutionsf, February 01, 2013.)

RevolutionSF Interview: Sharknado Writer Thunder Levin
The writer of Sharknado interviewed. YES SIR. (By Joe Crowe and @Revolutionsf, August 18, 2013.)

RevolutionSF Interview: Star Trek Rock Band Warp 11
If you read only one interview with a Star Trek rock band this week, make it this one. (By Joe Crowe (@revolutionsf), October 26, 2011.)

RevolutionSF Interview: Today in Geek History
A producer of the Today in Geek History app talks about geek facts and the applications thereof. (By Deanna Toxopeus, May 13, 2011.)

RevolutionSF Interview: White Lily Film Creators Oldfeld, Reynolds
Talking to the creators about their sci-fi short film. (By Joe Crowe, August 25, 2013.)

RevolutionSF Loves Sci-Fi Conventions 2014
RevolutionSF hosts a whole track at DragonCon and we recorded it. Listen to us being awesome. (By @revolutionsf, August 28, 2014.)

RevolutionSF Movie Previews: Spring-Summer 2004
Clip and save this handy and dandy guide to 2004 sci-fi movies and stuff. (By RevolutionSF Staff, March 24, 2004.)

RevolutionSF Newsblast : Girl Detectives, Samurais, and Cowboys
Sci-fi news on Kelly Link, Doug Clegg, and Cowboy Curtis making the moves on Cleopatra 2525's Hel. (By Joe Crowe.)

RevolutionSF Newsblast Archive : Hannibal Writer Likes To Get Money
Tales from the misty mists of sci-fi news, September 10, 1999. (By Shane Ivey, August 31, 2004.)

RevolutionSF Newsblast: Comicon 2006
News for the rest of us, from top nerdathon San Diego Comicon 2006. (By Joe Crowe, August 04, 2006.)

RevolutionSF Podcast : Agents of SHIELD
May vs. Anti-May! We talk for an hour about it. (By RevolutionSF, March 10, 2015.)

RevolutionSF Podcast : The Flash
The Flash TV show discussed on our podcast. Also the Metamorpho theme song. But mostly Flash. (By RevolutionSF, October 30, 2014.)

RevolutionSF Podcast: Bewitched!
Summer blockbuster edition! We preview and review all that stuff. (By Various RevSF artists, September 02, 2015.)

RevolutionSF Podcast: Daredevil Season 1: Happy to See You!
A loving look at season 1 of Daredevil. (By Various RevSF Artists, July 22, 2016.)

RevolutionSF Podcast: Doctor Who, Three Months of Movies
Doctor Who discussion and movie previews for your ears. (By RevolutionSF, February 15, 2015.)

RevolutionSF Podcast: Geeky Movies of May & June 2015
New podcasts! A plethora of movies and what we say about them. (By Various RevSF artists, June 01, 2015.)

RevolutionSF Podcast: Gotham and 2 Months of Movies
What the Fish just happened? (By Various RevSF Artists, October 25, 2015.)

RevolutionSF Podcast: Gotham and Arrow Reviewed
Arrow! Gotham! Two hours of podcast discussion. Listen now or you have failed this podcast. (By RevolutionSF and @RevolutionSF, March 04, 2015.)

RevolutionSF Podcast: Librarians
The wrath of Larroquette! (By RevolutionSF, April 02, 2015.)

RevolutionSF Podcast: Marvel Throws Down Infinity Gauntlet
Marvel and DC movies. We talk about all the things. (By RevolutionSF and @revolutionsf, November 11, 2014.)

RevolutionSF Podcast: October 2014 Movies
October movie preview / review / somewhat on-topic discussion. (By RevolutionSF and @revolutionsf, November 03, 2014.)

RevolutionSF Podcast: Pity The Fool: 80s Action TV
MANIMAL. Other TV shows were on in the 80s, too, I guess. (By revolutionsf and @revolutionsf, December 19, 2014.)

RevolutionSF Podcast: Red Dwarf Revisited
Smeggin` podcast. (By RevolutionSF, March 20, 2015.)

RevolutionSF Podcast: RevolutionSF Remembers Terry Pratchett
Our look at the amazing career and life of the creator of Discworld. (By RevolutionSF, April 18, 2015.)

RevolutionSF Podcast: Shadowy Men With 80s Hair
The 80s were a special time. We talk about Remington Steele on this podcast. (By RevolutionSF and @revolutionsf, March 04, 2015.)

RevolutionSF Podcast: The Flash
Run, don`t walk to our two-part look at the Flash TV show. (By Various RevSF Artists, July 29, 2015.)

RevolutionSF Podcast: Where Are You Coming From, Spider-Man?
Two podcasts! The news about Spidey joining Marvel movies and a look at movies of March 2015. (By RevolutionSF, March 20, 2015.)

RevolutionSF Podcasts: Robin Williams, Doctor Who, DragonCon 2014
Podcast plethora about Doctor Who, Robin Williams and new TV and movies. (By RevolutionSF Revcast Cast, September 25, 2014.)

RevolutionSF Presents Funny Lists: Top Ten Sci-Fi Yo Mama Jokes
Filmed live at a convention, RevSF presents these top ten lists for your jocularity. (By Joe Crowe, October 19, 2012.)

RevolutionSF Presents: Continuum Music Video by Quinn Archer!
Presenting soul singer Quinn Archer`s video, as seen on the Syfy show Continuum! (By Joe Crowe (@yojoecrowe), June 20, 2014.)

RevolutionSF Preview: Witches of Echo Park by Amber Benson
Preview Amber Benson`s new book in convenient audio! (By RevolutionSF and @revolutionsf, January 06, 2015.)

RevolutionSF Quote - O - Matic : Chuck, Dresden Files, Doctor Who
"The future? You murdered the future!" (By RevolutionSF, February 06, 2010.)

RevolutionSF Remembers Andy Hallett from Angel
A look at the fun performances of the actor and singer who played Lorne. (By RevolutionSF, March 31, 2009.)

RevolutionSF Remembers Anne McCaffrey
We remember the classic science fiction writer of the Pern series. (By Deanna Toxopeus, November 23, 2011.)

RevolutionSF Remembers Bea Arthur
A look at the career of the Golden Girl and Star Wars cantina bartender. (By Joe Crowe, April 25, 2009.)

RevolutionSF Remembers Bettie Page
The legendary pinup queen passed away. (By RevolutionSF, December 12, 2008.)

RevolutionSF Remembers Charlton Heston
We remember the man who looked for it, even though Zaius told him he might not like what he found. (By Joe Crowe, April 06, 2008.)

RevolutionSF Remembers David Bowie and Alan Rickman
Thoughts and memories of the influence of two superstars. (By Various RevSF artists, January 21, 2016.)

RevolutionSF Remembers David Eddings
We remember the creator of the Belgariad novels. (By RevolutionSF, June 04, 2009.)

RevolutionSF Remembers Donald E. Westlake
Some memories of one of the greatest crime writers. (By RevolutionSF, January 03, 2009.)

RevolutionSF Remembers Eartha Kitt
A look at performances from the singer and Catwoman. (By Joe Crowe, December 31, 2008.)

RevolutionSF Remembers Elisabeth Sladen, Sarah Jane from Doctor Who
Remembering Elisabeth Sladen, Sarah Jane from Doctor Who. (By RevolutionSF, April 20, 2011.)

RevolutionSF Remembers Forry Ackerman
The inventor of the term "sci-fi" has died. (By RevolutionSF, December 07, 2008.)

RevolutionSF Remembers Gary Gygax : Dice Rolls and Gold!
High school survival, in this memory of Gary Gygax. (By Dave Farnell, March 04, 2008.)

RevolutionSF Remembers Gary Gygax : Imaginations and Intellects
'Maybe my thieving skills are not such a great example of Gygax's influence on me.' (By Todd Shearer, March 04, 2008.)

RevolutionSF Remembers Gary Gygax : Just Passing Through
"Be careful around the Hall of Characters That Died Without A Saving Throw." (By , March 04, 2008.)

RevolutionSF Remembers Gary Gygax : Sex, Drugs, and DnD
"There is, granted, a lot of junk food consumed." One of our fiction editors talked to Gygax in 1998. (By Steve Wilson, March 05, 2008.)

RevolutionSF Remembers Gary Gygax : Sparking Synapses
If not for Gary Gygax, there would be no RevolutionSF. (By Shane Ivey, March 05, 2008.)

RevolutionSF Remembers Joe Kubert
Far too few words about comic book legend Joe Kubert. (By Mark Finn, August 13, 2012.)

RevolutionSF Remembers Majel Barrett Roddenberry
Remembering Lwaxana, Nurse Chapel, and the voice of the computer. (By Joe Crowe, December 31, 2008.)

RevolutionSF Remembers Patrick McGoohan
Remembering Number Six from The Prisoner. (By RevolutionSF, January 14, 2009.)

RevolutionSF Remembers Philip Jose Farmer
We look at the creator of Riverworld, the World of Tiers, and the Wold Newton family. (By RevolutionSF, February 25, 2009.)

RevolutionSF Remembers Ray Bradbury
One writer and reader looks at the influence of Ray Bradbury. (By Peggy Hailey, June 13, 2012.)

RevolutionSF Remembers Ray Harryhausen
The special effects godfather and King Kong fan remembered by Mark Finn. (By Mark Finn and @finnswake, May 08, 2013.)

RevolutionSF Remembers Ricardo Montalban
The actor and Corinthian leather salesman who brought Mr. Roarke and Khan to life has died. (By RevolutionSF, January 15, 2009.)

RevolutionSF Remembers Richard Matheson
Honoring legendary science fiction and terror writer Richard Matheson. (By RevolutionSF, June 25, 2013.)

RevolutionSF Remembers Robert Asprin
We remember Robert Asprin, writer of Myth Adventures and editor of Thieves World. (By RevolutionSF, May 23, 2008.)

RevolutionSF Remembers Simon MacCorkindale, Star of Manimal
Remembering the actor who brought awesome life to Manimal. (By Joe Crowe, October 15, 2010.)

RevolutionSF Remembers Stan Winston
We look at the sci-fi works of the special effects wizard. (By Gary Mitchel, Peggy Hailey, June 17, 2008.)

RevolutionSF Remembers Thunderbirds Creator Gerry Anderson
Remembrances from fans and friends of the creator of Thunderbirds. (By RevolutionSF, December 26, 2012.)

RevolutionSF RevCast : Flash, Star Wars and EG Daily
Flash. Dottie. Star Wars. Three hours of items for your ears. (By Various RevSF Artists, January 03, 2016.)

RevolutionSF RevCast: Arrow & Geek TV 2015 Preview
Two months of movies and the season finale of ARROW. Cram these podcasts in your ears! (By Various artists, October 25, 2015.)

RevolutionSF RevCast: Captain America: Civil War: Backpack Full of Feels
Hey, Stucky, listen to us talk about best friend vs. best friend over previous best friend. (By Various RevSF Artists, May 06, 2016.)

RevolutionSF RevCast: Sci Fighters Live: Star Trek vs. Star Wars
The most important discussion you will ever listen to. (By Various RevolutionSF Artists and @RevolutionSF, October 14, 2016.)

RevolutionSF RevCast: Superman v Batman: Just Kiss Already!
Hey, Martha, listen to what we thought about Batman vs. Superman, before and after we saw it. (By Various RevSF Artists, May 06, 2016.)

RevolutionSF Roundtable: Promos for our Podcast
Promos for the RevolutionSF podcast. They are fun. Listen often. (By Deanna Toxopeus, March 26, 2011.)

RevolutionSF Sci-Fi Quote - O - Matic : Life On Mars, Harvey Birdman, Supernatural
"Look! Air!" (By Joe Crowe, April 05, 2010.)

RevolutionSF Sci-Fi Quote-O-Matic : Wil Wheaton, Time Bandits, Beetlejuice
Our first collection of our favorite things said in or about sci-fi. (By RevolutionSF staff, April 12, 2007.)

RevolutionSF Team-Up: Carnage in the Comic-Book Cinema!
Join us for a moment's reminiscence filled with fondness, laughter, and stark raging hate. (By RevolutionSF Staff, July 26, 2003.)

RevolutionSF vs. Guy Who Changed His Name to Julius Andreas Gimli Arn MacGyver Chewbacka Highlander
We call out the guy who changed his name to something long and nerdy. (By Joe Crowe, September 22, 2009.)

RevolutionSF vs. DragonCon 2008
Another year, another chilling tale of RevolutionSF's sci-fi convention survival horror. (By Joe Crowe, September 27, 2008.)

RevolutionSF vs. DragonCon 2009
An exploding Winnebago, Hulk cologne, and John from V. (By Joe Crowe, September 24, 2009.)

RevolutionSF vs. Imagicon 2010
RevolutionSF was late to a convention 20 minutes from our house. (By Joe Crowe, July 14, 2010.)

RevolutionSF vs. Sci-Fi Convention 2010 : Nerds on Film
Ookla the Mok. A bikini girl sword fight. And -- oh, you clicked already. (By Joe Crowe, September 23, 2010.)

RevolutionSF vs. Sci-Fi Convention 2010 : Stump the Geeks
RevolutionSF came. We saw. We finished Ghostbusters quotes. (By Joe Crowe, September 21, 2010.)

RevolutionSF vs. Sci-Fi Conventions 2011: Dragon Blank
Joe and Gary invade DragonCon in Atlanta. Dancing ensues. (By Joe Crowe, September 13, 2011.)

RevolutionSF vs. Sci-Fi Conventions : The Ultimate Guide
The master list of RevolutionSF `s journeys into the heart of dorkness. (By Joe Crowe, September 14, 2010.)

RevolutionSF Watercooler : Dead Han Solo
Harrison Ford wishes Han Solo died. Bummer. (By RevolutionSF, November 12, 2010.)

RevolutionSF Watercooler : Disney Buys Lucasfilm, Internet Cracks In Half
MOAR clever discussion about Disney swallowing Star Wars much like the Sarlacc Pit. (By RevolutionSF , November 08, 2012.)

RevolutionSF Watercooler : Dungeons and Dragons Corrupts Murderers
Our musings on a badly written story linking Dungeons and Dragons (poorly) to a killer. (By RevolutionSF, February 17, 2010.)

RevolutionSF Watercooler : HP Lovecraft and Racism
A gaggle of RevSF folks discuss HP Lovecraft, racism, and HP Lovecraft's racism. (By RevolutionSF, May 07, 2012.)

RevolutionSF Watercooler : The New Doctor Who`s First Episode
Police box crashes in the back garden and only one little girl goes out to check? (By RevolutionSF, April 19, 2010.)

RevolutionSF Watercooler: Disney Buys Lucasfilm
HOLY FORCING SITH! We discuss the relevant issues of the Star Wars / Mickey Mouse deal. (By RevolutionSF , November 02, 2012.)

RevolutionSF Watercooler: Spider-Man 2012 Movie Costume
The 1970s salt shaker eyes are back! (Includes looks at the new Spider-Man movie costume.) (By RevolutionSF, July 15, 2011.)

RevolutionSF Watercooler: Superman Movie Costume
We totally, very seriously analyze the new guy in the Superman movie costume. (By RevolutionSF, August 31, 2011.)

RevolutionSF Wish List 2003 : Mark Finn
We've been nice. Honest. (By Mark Finn, December 17, 2003.)

RevolutionSF Wish List 2007 : Ellen Datlow
Editor Ellen Datlow checks in with her wish list for 2007. (By Ellen Datlow, December 28, 2007.)

RevolutionSF Wish List 2007 : Mark Finn
It's Christmas time for the geeky. RevolutionSF wish lists can help. (By Mark Finn, December 18, 2007.)

RevolutionSF Wish List 2007 : Sneezy the Squid
Ring-a-ling. Hear geeks ring. Soon it will be Christmas Day. (By Gary Mitchel, December 20, 2007.)

RevolutionSF Wish List 2007: Peggy Hailey
Thumpety thump thump. Thumpety thump thump. Look at this geek Christmas wish list go. (By Peggy Hailey, December 20, 2007.)

RevolutionSF Wish List 2007: Ubalstecha
Do you geek what we geek? Find out with another RevSF wish list. (By Deanna Toxopeus, December 23, 2007.)

RevolutionSF.com Contest: Win Half Bad by Sally Green!
WIN THIS: Which side will the hero choose? (By RevolutionSF, January 12, 2015.)

RevolutionSF`s Joe Crowe Meets Christopher Lloyd
An interview with Back to the Future`s Christopher Lloyd, who was not harmed by Joe nerding out. (By Joe Crowe, September 21, 2011.)

RevSF Podcast: Drowning in Moonlight: Remembering Carrie Fisher
The princess remembered. (By Various RevSF Artists, March 24, 2017.)

RevSFPod: Christmas Music For The Rest Of Us
A guide to Christmas music to make you holly and/or jolly. (By Joe Crowe, December 22, 2005.)

The Ring Q&A
Picking the brains of screenwriter Ehren Kruger, and producers Walter F. Parkes and Laurie MacDonald. (By Jason Myers, October 11, 2002.)

Robert E. Howard : Hemingway with a Dick
Drop that wimpy "high fantasy" and the latest Tolkien rip-off. If you want sword and sorcery, Robert E. Howard is still the Man. (By Mark Finn.)

Rudy Rucker : With a Name Like Rucker, It Has to Be Good
Mathematician/author Rudy Rucker goes beyond cyberpunk and brings back Transrealism. (By Ivan Lerner, August 31, 2002.)

Sam Raimi: The Spider-Man Q&A
Sam Raimi talks Spider-Man, Bruce Campbell, and the business of filmmaking! (By Jason Myers.)

San Diego 2001: The JLA / Avengers Panel
The long-awaited crossover is finally happening! (By Kenn McCracken.)

San Diego Comic Con 2004
So... much... Con...! (By Andrew Kozma, August 20, 2004.)

Save Farscape!
Got 30 seconds? Help us keep this terrific show on the air. (By RevolutionSF, September 09, 2002.)

Scariest Scenes In Horror Movies: American Werewolf, The Ring, The Thing
Jack and David get ambushed, in our look at the scariest scenes in horror flicks. (By Mark Finn, October 31, 2011.)

Sci Fi Channel Preview 2008-2009
We take a very, very serious look at what Sci Fi has in store. (By Joe Crowe, August 14, 2008.)

SCI FI Channel to Resurrect "SCI FI" Magazine
USA purchases the channel's house magazine. (By Paul T. Riddell.)

Sci Fi Convention Survival Guide : What To Take to A Con
We are here to help you attend sci-fi conventions, with this completely serious supply list. (By RevolutionSF, April 21, 2008.)

Sci Fi Countdown of Death
While you agonized over the government and your money, RevSF looks at the other thing that is inevitable. (You did remember to fill out line 15G, right?) (By Joe Crowe, April 14, 2008.)

Sci Fi Dads : Dr. Venture, The Phantom, Donkey Kong
Dads in sci-fi stuff provide positive examples and sterling advice, when they are not beating up super-villains or secretly being them. (By Joe Crowe, June 13, 2010.)

Sci Fi Dads : D`argo, Superman, Bail Organa
Some dads are not space warriors or werewolves. But most are, we are sure of it. (By Joe Crowe, June 18, 2009.)

Sci Fi Dads : Emerson Cod, Worf, Chuck`s Dad
Worf put his hands on that Betazoid lady while teaching Alexander to be proud. (By Joe Crowe, June 19, 2010.)

Sci Fi Dads : HRG, Superman, Sisko, D`Argo
More of our favorite dads from nerd-related things. (By Joe Crowe, June 17, 2010.)

Sci Fi Dads : Midichlorians, Walter Bishop, Kirk`s Dad
With our combined strength, we can end this destructive conflict and bring order to the galaxy. (By Shane Ivey and Joe Crowe, June 21, 2010.)

Sci Fi Dads : The Ultimate List
A link-fest of all our favorite sci-fi dads. (By Joe Crowe , June 17, 2010.)

Sci Fi Dads: Batman, Henry Jones
They saved us from the Emperors of the world who tried to drop us down the shafts of life. (By Joe Crowe , June 16, 2012.)

Sci Fi Dads: Darth Vader
Mr. Darth Vader is the best father in all of science or fiction. (By Shane Ivey and @shaneivey, June 15, 2014.)

Sci Fi Hall of Lame : Sookie Stackhouse
Oh, Sookie. Sookie, Sookie, Sookie. (By Joe Crowe, June 15, 2010.)

Sci Fi Hall of Lame : Star Wars Roger-Roger Droids
Roger Roger! (By Joe Crowe, June 23, 2010.)

Sci Fi Hall of Lame : The Archives of Lameassery
The complete list of all consigned to the Sci-Fi Hall of Lame. So that we shall never forget. (By Joe Crowe, September 02, 2010.)

Sci Fi Hunks 2008
This one is for the likers of men. (By Deanna Toxopeus, June 26, 2008.)

Sci Fi Hunks Vol. 4
From sci-fi-ish things straight to Mary Sue fanfic: Another gaggle of sexy genre for the likers of men. (By Deanna Toxopeus, December 01, 2008.)

Sci Fi Love : Cheap Dates
Ah, sci-fi love. Here are the top 5 who will do stuff with anything. (By Deanna Toxopeus, February 14, 2008.)

Sci Fi Love : Married Couples
A sci-fi institute that even Lost in Space cannot disparage. (By Deanna Toxopeus, March 03, 2008.)

Sci Fi Love : Triangles
Sci-fi three-ways. (Calling all porn spammers.) (By Deanna Toxopeus, June 05, 2008.)

Sci Fi Love : WTF Couples
Some couples in sci-fi make us say you know what. (By Deanna Toxopeus, April 04, 2008.)

Sci Fi Love: Slash Couples
A look at sci-fi guys that launch a thousand fanfics. (By Deanna Toxopeus, February 25, 2008.)

Sci Fi Love: Unrequited Love
Unrequited love is the best kind. Well, maybe second best. (By Deanna Toxopeus, March 10, 2008.)

Sci Fi Moms : Alien, Aunt May, Carol Marcus, Horta
The sci-fi Web site version of a cheesy, belated card. (Not for use with your real mother.) (By Joe Crowe, May 09, 2005.)

Sci Fi Moms : Big Bang Theory, Lost, Star Trek
Moms in sci-fi have it rough. But these rare few refuse to be kidnapped and blown up. (By Joe Crowe, May 07, 2010.)

Sci Fi Moms: Lost, Heroes, Star Wars
Word to your moms. We came to drop bombs. (By Joe Crowe, May 09, 2009.)

Sci Fi TV in Convenient Comic Book Form: Chuck, Buffy, Heroes, Supernatural
Comic books and sci-fi TV: It's like watching a TV show but you don't have to listen. (By Joe Crowe, July 06, 2008.)

Sci-Fi Books To Look For : Holiday 2005
Books editor Peggy Hailey gives you some gift suggestions for the holidays. (By Peggy Hailey, December 09, 2005.)

Sci-Fi Bunnies : Captain Carrot, Watership Down, Monty Python
"What`s he do? Nibble your bum?" (By Joe Crowe, March 22, 2008.)

Sci-Fi Bunnies: Buffy, Lost, Bunnicula
Bunnies! It must be bunnies. (By Joe Crowe, April 07, 2012.)

Sci-Fi Bunnies: Frank, Usagi Yojimbo, Night of the Lepus
Stupid man suits, and other favorite bunnies from nerd-related movies, TV, comics, and games. (By Joe Crowe, April 22, 2011.)

Sci-Fi Bunnies: Jaxxon the Green Star Wars Rabbit
A green man-bunny in Star Wars? Yes, please! (By Joe Crowe and @revolutionsf, April 19, 2014.)

Sci-Fi Bunnies: Night of the Lepus
That night. THAT NIGHT! (By Joe Crowe and @revolutionsf, April 05, 2015.)

Sci-Fi Channel Name Change: The True Name of Syfy
Instead of a name change, we suggest a comb-over. (By Deanna Toxopeus, March 19, 2009.)

Sci-Fi Dads : Jango Fett, Elrond, Kyle Reese, Darkseid
Sci-fi dads better like ties with sailboats on them, because that is what they are getting. (By Joe Crowe, June 11, 2010.)

Sci-Fi Dads: Midichlorians
It is so easy to pile on the Star Wars prequels. So let`s do it. Happy Father`s Day! (By Joe Crowe and @yojoecrowe, June 17, 2016.)

Sci-Fi Dads: Ming, Dr. Venture, Sisko
Raising a child in sci-fi is a challenge for any father. We children have only begun to discover our power. Join him, and he will complete our training. With our combined strength, we can end this destructive conflict and bring order to the galaxy. (By Joe Crowe, June 15, 2008.)

Sci-Fi Fan Just Doesn't Get It
Science fiction fan Melvin Frye just doesn't understand a few things. (By Radioactive Fanboy, January 24, 2003.)

Sci-Fi Hall of Lame : Anakin Skywalker
Yippeeeeeee! (By Joe Crowe, March 23, 2010.)

Sci-Fi Hall of Lame : Christine
The Hall of Lame welcomes an old, scary car. (By Kenn McCracken and Joe Crowe, October 22, 2010.)

Sci-Fi Hall of Lame : Jar Jar Binks
The Hall of Lame did not exist, so Jar Jar caused us to invent it. (By Joe Crowe, December 18, 2009.)

Sci-Fi Hall of Lame : Lost in Space, Crusade
A place to besmirch sci-fi's most besmirchable: The boring, cliched, and condescending fear the Lameassery! (By Joe Crowe, April 07, 2007.)

Sci-Fi Hall of Lame : Replacement Supermen
After Superman came back from the dead, these guys still will not go away. (By Joe Crowe, September 03, 2010.)

Sci-Fi Hall of Lame : Samantha Mulder
The Lameassery welcomes Mulder`s sister. (By Joe Crowe, September 16, 2010.)

Sci-Fi Hall of Lame : Smallville
The Hall of Lame is like the Phantom Zone, except the cast of Smallville can never escape. (By Joe Crowe, March 09, 2010.)

Sci-Fi Hall of Lame : Vanilla Ice from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2
Go, ninja! Go ninja! Go! (By Joe Crowe, June 08, 2007.)

Sci-Fi Hall of Lame : Wesley Crusher
Wil Wheaton is awesome. Wesley Crusher, not so much. (By Joe Crowe, July 28, 2010.)

Sci-Fi Hall of Lame : Ysalamiri from Star Wars
We welcome a salamander to the ranks of the Hall of Lame. (By Joe Crowe, November 08, 2011.)

Sci-Fi Hall of Lame: Michael, Walt, Jack, Kate
So no one shall ever forget: Four new inductions into the Sci-Fi Hall of Lame. (By Joe Crowe, November 10, 2009.)

Sci-Fi Hall of Lame: Tuvok
The slap-assingest sci-fi characters find their spot in the Hall of Lame. (By Joe Crowe, January 24, 2008.)

Sci-Fi Hunks 2004
This is for the likers of men. (By Amy H. Sturgis, April 26, 2004.)

Sci-Fi Hunks Vol. 2
More for the likers of men. (By Deanna Toxopeus, August 07, 2008.)

Sci-Fi Hunks Vol. 3
One more, for the likers of men. (By Deanna Toxopeus, September 11, 2008.)

Sci-Fi Love : Star-Crossed Couples
Sci-fi love means guaranteeing you will someday not be there. (By Deanna Toxopeus, March 22, 2008.)

Sci-Fi MacGuffins
Looking for their stuff gives sci-fi folks something to do. Here are the best ones. (By John Galt, Joe Crowe, May 26, 2008.)

Sci-Fi Mentors Vol. 1 : Kenobi, Gandalf, Merlin, Morpheus
From a certain point of view, some of them tell the truth. (By Adrian Simmons, September 04, 2008.)

Sci-Fi Mentors Volume 2
More about a group that gets its kicks by luring unsuspecting young people out of their safe homes and into ADVENTURE, while clucking their tongues, and stroking their beards. (By Adrian Simmons, September 19, 2008.)

Sci-Fi Moms : Terminator, Star Trek, Slither, Futurama
Word to your moms! Check out this super-sweet list of our favorite sci-fi moms. (By Becky Panovich, May 11, 2012.)

Sci-Fi Moms: Bewitched, Buffy, Scarlet Witch
When your female authority figure says you don't have to get her anything for Mother's Day, it means you have to get her something. In case you were wondering. (By Joe Crowe, May 10, 2006.)

Sci-Fi Moms: Darla, Catwoman, Chick From Species
Remind your mom how easy she had it because she didn not have to fight or blow up aliens. (RevolutionSF not responsible for hospital bills.) (By Joe Crowe, May 10, 2008.)

Sci-Fi Moms: Godzilla (1998)
Danke Schoen, 1998 Godzilla. (By Joe Crowe and @yojoecrowe, May 06, 2016.)

Sci-Fi Moms: Heroes, Xena, V
Embrace the moms! Or they will shoot you. (By RevolutionSF, May 07, 2007.)

Sci-Fi Moms: Keiko from Deep Space Nine
The best mom in Star Trek. (By Joe Crowe, May 11, 2014.)

Sci-Fi Moms: Malla from the Star Wars Holiday Special
Let the wookiee mom win. (By Joe Crowe and @yojoecrowe, May 11, 2014.)

Sci-Fi Movie Preview : 2009-2012
Nerd-related movies for the next four years, all in one convenient guide. (By Joe Crowe, February 24, 2009.)

Sci-Fi Movie Preview : Fall 2007
A look at things to do in a dark theater with popcorn. (By Joe Crowe, August 23, 2007.)

Sci-Fi Movie Preview : Jonah Hex, Toy Story 3, Twilight Eclipse
The new Twilight is here! The new Twilight is here! And our previews of the rest of June. (By RevolutionSF, May 27, 2010.)

Sci-Fi Movie Preview : Robin Hood, Shrek, Prince of Persia
Our smarty-pants - ified preview of Robin Hood, Shrek Forever AFter, Prince of Persia, and Survival of the Dead. (By RevolutionSF, May 04, 2010.)

Sci-Fi Movie Preview June 2005 : Howl`s Moving Castle, Batman Begins, War of the Worlds
It's Father's Day again. That's impossible! We forgot to steal one of his ties! (By RevolutionSF, June 20, 2005.)

Sci-Fi Movie Preview Spring 2005 : Sin City, Hitchhikers Guide, Revenge of the Sith
Your preview of sci-fi between now and June 2005. The Guide! The Gaiman! The last Star Wars ever! (By RevolutionSF Staff, March 23, 2005.)

Sci-Fi Movie Preview: Fall 2005
We'll always love you, sci-fi! Even when it's not summer! (By RevolutionSF Staff, August 09, 2005.)

Sci-Fi Movie Preview: Fall-Winter 2004
At long last we get to see the big-screen version of -- Man-Thing? (By RevolutionSF Staff, August 01, 2004.)

Sci-Fi Movie Showcase : Groundbreaking Special Effects
Our favorite sci-fi movies that broke ground in special effects. (By Various RevolutionSF artists, January 06, 2011.)

Sci-Fi Movies : The Sargasso Of January
It's January, and the yearly movie dump has begun! RevolutionSF is here to help you sort the dreck from the gems. (By Paul T. Riddell.)

Sci-Fi Remake Newsblast : The Big List
Sci-fi remake news all in one place. Some even may get made. (By Joe Crowe, August 21, 2009.)

Sci-Fi Theorizer: Angry Ghosts
Sci-Fi Theorizer, June 7, 2006. (By Joe Crowe.)

Sci-Fi TV 2009-2010 : RevolutionSF Preview
What got canceled, what got renewed, and what sci-fi -ish shows the TV networks pimp at us this fall. (By Joe Crowe, May 24, 2009.)

Sci-Fi TV 2011 : Alcatraz, The River, Chuck
Sci-fi TV 2011: A roundup of new shows, renewed shows, and canceled shows. (By Joe Crowe, May 25, 2011.)

Sci-Fi TV Actors 2009-2010: Sock, Inara, Galen, Fred, Kurgan
Massive link-stravaganza featuring sci-fi actors that got jobs in fall 2009-2010 TV shows. (By Joe Crowe, May 27, 2009.)

Sci-Fi TV Cancelled Before Its Time : Five Unforgotten
Joe Crowe (with a few friends) takes a look at the top 5 (recent, but not too recent) sci-fi shows cancelled before their time. (By Joe Crowe.)

Sci-Fi TV Fall 2008 : The RevolutionSF Reviews
We watched every sci-fi anything on TV in fall of 2008 before they could cancel it. (By RevolutionSF, November 25, 2008.)

Sci-Fi TV Not Canceled Yet 2008 : When The New Shows Start
Here is when the new sci-fi-ish shows start. Let the countdown to cancellation begin! (By Joe Crowe, September 17, 2008.)

Sci-Fi TV Not Not on DVD : GI Joe, Transformers, X-Men, Parker Lewis
Release dates and linkage for some nerd-related TV shows we never thought would be on DVD. Includes Gigantor, the space age robot. (By Joe Crowe, April 10, 2009.)

Sci-Fi TV Not Not on DVD: Man From Atlantis, Roddenberry, Mighty Mouse
Early work by the Ren and Stimpy guy is on DVD. And the show where Bobby Ewing got wet! (By Joe Crowe, October 13, 2009.)

Sci-Fi TV Preview 2011: Alcatraz, Being Erica, Locke & Key
A zillion sci-fi shows are in the works for 2011. Some of them may actually make it to TV. These are their stories. (By Joe Crowe, February 21, 2011.)

Sci-Fi TV Preview 2011: Poe, 17th Precinct, Wonder Woman
Sarah Michelle Gellar and Wonder Woman may get new TV shows. We love you, television. (By Joe Crowe, March 02, 2011.)

Sci-Fi TV Preview : Fall 2001
Get EVERYTHING you want to know about upcoming shows in the RevolutionSF Sci-Fi TV Preview! (By Rachel K. Ivey.)

Sci-Fi Women: Why Can`t You Be Eowyn?
There are an awful lot of sexy, ass-kicking heroines around these days. So why don't they want a little more respect? (By Laura Sorenson.)

Science Fiction Convention Scavenger Quest
Earn points and, of course, street cred, when you cruise the 2005 sci-fi convention circuit. (By RevolutionSF Staff, July 14, 2005.)

Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame
Spacier than Bill Gates and the Space Needle -- and in Seattle, that's saying something! (By Gary Mitchel, October 18, 2005.)

Scientists Report: Scientists Don't Know Anything
Take THAT, Einstein! (By Joe Crowe.)

SciFighters! Arya Stark vs. Katniss Everdeen
Mystique or Boromir`s daughter? (By @gary_mitchel, @ubalstecha, April 13, 2014.)

SciFighters! C-3PO vs. Marvin the Paranoid Android
R2D2`s manservant vs. a brain the size of a planet. WHO WON? (By Gary Mitchel, Deanna Toxopeus, February 10, 2014.)

SciFighters! Darth Vader vs. Severus Snape!
Luke`s dad or Harry`s mom`s biggest fan? WE HAVE A WINNER. (By @gary_mitchel , @ubalstecha, March 11, 2014.)

SciFighters! Jayne from Firefly vs. Daryl from Walking Dead
Which awesome fightin` guy won? You voted. Find out here! (By Gary Mitchel, Deanna Toxopeus, February 17, 2014.)

SciFighters! Loki vs. Beetlejuice
The loony ghost or the puny god? WE HAVE A WINNER! (By @gary_mitchel , @ubalstecha, May 01, 2014.)

SciFighters! Men in Black vs. Agents of SHIELD
Agent Kay or Agent May? WE HAVE A WINNER. (By @gary_mitchel, @ubalstecha, May 26, 2014.)

SciFighters! Scrappy-Doo vs. Jar Jar Binks
The one everyone hates vs. the other one everyone hates. WE HAVE A WINNER! (By @gary_mitchel, @ubalstecha, March 27, 2014.)

SciFighters! The Borg vs. Aliens
WE HAVE A WINNER between the face huggers and the Picard assimilators! (By @gary_mitchel, @ubalstecha, March 04, 2014.)

SciFighters! The Bride vs. Black Widow
You decided! Who won when the Avenger fought the Bill collector (see what I did there?) (By Gary Mitchel, Deanna Toxopeus, February 24, 2014.)

SciFighters! The Ultimate List
Check out all our historic clashes in one place (right here.) (By @gary_mitchel, @ubalstecha, March 14, 2014.)

SciFighters! Who would win: Jem or Dazzler?
Singing 70s comic book superhero vs. singing 80s cartoon superhero! WE HAVE A WINNER (By @gary_mitchel , @ubalstecha, May 12, 2014.)

SciFighters! Who would win: Sam Gamgee vs. Dr John Watson
Battle of best friends! Who would win? YOU DECIDE. (By @gary_mitchel , @ubalstecha, June 06, 2014.)

SciFighters! Wonder Woman vs. Xena
The warrior princess or the one in satin tights fighting for our rights? WE HAVE A WINNER. (By @gary_mitchel, @ubalstecha, March 19, 2014.)

SciFighters: Joss Whedon vs. George RR Martin
We have a winner! Someone you love is going to die. (By @gary_mitchel , @ubalstecha, April 04, 2014.)

SciFighters: R2-D2 vs. K-9
Robot fight! WE HAVE A WINNER. (By @gary_mitchel , @ubalstecha, April 24, 2014.)

Scott Pilgrim
A slacker, his friends, and ninja battles. (By Jay Willson, November 10, 2008.)

Secret Origins of the Transformers
Ah... Hasbro's Transformers! A classic cartoon and toy series from... Japan?? (By Kevin Pezzano, April 05, 2004.)

SeriousUSA: Playing their Cardz Right
Cardboard's still strong, but it might need to make a little room for the next thing in collectibles. (By Kenn McCracken.)

SETI@Home Discovers Deep Space File Swappers
Astronomy community shocked; recording industry outraged. (By Don Mowbray, August 26, 2003.)

Shatnerquake : RevolutionSF Interviews Writer Jeff Burk
An interview with Shatnerquake writer Jeff Burk brims with Shatneity. (By Joe Crowe, September 01, 2009.)

Shelf and Screen: An Expedition to Barlowe's Alien Planet
Jayme Lynn Blaschke explores two amazing looks at the same alien planet, one on television and the other in print. (By Jayme Lynn Blaschke, February 03, 2006.)

Shoiji Kawamori : A Brief Look Into the Mind of a Mecha God
In anime, if it's a giant robot that transforms, it was probably designed by Shoji Kawamori. Take a little peek into what makes him tick, in this mini-interview conducted at the recent Anime Expo 2002 con. (By "Webmistress Lizzard", August 29, 2002.)

Simcoe and O'Bannon: A Farscape Q&A
Farscape may be going into reruns until January, but you can get your fix now. Rockne S. O'Bannon and Anthony Simcoe tell all about D'Argo, Zhaan, Jool, and the importance of dysfunction. (By Jason Myers.)

Simian Cinema 2.0
In celebration of The Rise of the Planet of the Apes, our resident gorilla movie expert Rick Klaw revisits Simian Cinema. (By Rick Klaw, August 03, 2011.)

Simian Cinema: Sci-Fi Ape Appreciation
King Kong Vs. Godzilla is fun because it's a giant ape versus a fire breathing mutant dinosaur. The WWE wishes it had stars and action as cool. But like the WWE, it just ain't that good. (By Rick Klaw, May 12, 2003.)

Simpsons, Futurama Show The Love For The Geeks
A look back at how Futurama and The Simpsons show the love to sci-fi. (By Joe Crowe, June 02, 2002.)

So You Want To Win RevolutionSF Contests
Secrets and tips on how to play without bringing disgrace upon yourself or your family. (By Joe Crowe, April 05, 2003.)

Speed Racer Sucks / Rocks
Why the demon on wheels rules, and reasons why he crashes like Chim Chim after a banana bender. (By RevolutionSF, May 09, 2008.)

Spider Man Movie: The RevolutionSF Watercooler
The RevolutionSF brain trust discusses the most important topics affecting your life. Namely, the Spider-Man movie. (By RevolutionSF, January 13, 2010.)

Spider-Man: A Tingling Appreciation
RevolutionSF talks about Spider-Man on Electric Company, in bracelets, and with Ms. Lion. (By RevolutionSF staff, April 30, 2007.)

The Spirit TV movie (1987)
While everyone else goes bitch-cakes over the new Spirit movie, RevolutionSF looks at the other time they tried it, with Flash Gordon and Major Kira in 1987. (By Joe Crowe, December 17, 2008.)

Standing Up to the Cool Kids
Now that he's reviewed all of the nominees for this year's Arthur C. Clarke Awards, Jonathan McCalmont puts his money where his mouth is with a few predictions. (By Jonathan McCalmont, May 16, 2006.)

Star Trek 40th Anniversary: Treks of Choice
RevolutionSF chooses the best episodes of the show that put miniskirts in space. (By RevolutionSF staff, September 08, 2006.)

Star Trek : Hope For Humans Yet
The original Trek presented possibility of good stuff happening in our future, but only if we put on our big boy pants. (By Gary Mitchel, May 07, 2009.)

Star Trek Movie : RevolutionSF Recall
Star Trek survived the voyage from Voyager, and RevolutionSF was there. (By RevolutionSF, May 08, 2009.)

Star Trek Movie : RevolutionSF Roundtable
We talk about the Star Trek movie, without benefit of round table. (By RevolutionSF , May 19, 2009.)

Star Trek Movie : The RevolutionSF Watercooler
Verbal intercourse about the first pictures from the new Star Trek movie. (By RevolutionSF, October 17, 2008.)

Star Trek on TV : RevolutionSF Recall
Watching the Star Trek TV shows sometimes required massive faith of the heart. (By RevolutionSF, May 08, 2009.)

Star Trek: The Experience
The Las Vegas attraction that almost makes you forget about those hollow-eyed strung-out chain-smoking grannies clutching a slot machine pull-bar in one hand and a big cup of nickels in the other. (By Jason Myers, October 01, 2002.)

Star Trek: Video Probe
New Kirk and New Spock and Old Spock have a word for Trekkies via SNL. (By Joe Crowe, May 12, 2009.)

Star Wars : Clone Wars Series
The TV series has more Roger, Roger droids. Lots more. (By Kenneth Carter, October 07, 2008.)

Star Wars Episode II: Our Two Creds
Gather round, young Padawans, as the RevolutionSF staff—and a busload of our closest personal friends—take a second look (and a third, and a fourth, and...) at Attack of the Clones. (By RevolutionSF and Friends, May 20, 2002.)

The Star Wars Generation
With Episode II in theaters, Jason Myers takes a look back at the 1997 re-release of Star Wars. (By Jason Myers, May 15, 2002.)

Star Wars Memories: The Phantom Menace
One fan`s journey through Star Wars: It was the best of times. It was the worst of times. (By Mark Finn and @FinnsWake, January 03, 2016.)

Star Wars Sucks/Rocks
With the last movie coming out, has Star Wars got you conflicted? Here's why -- everything that sucks and rocks about every Star Wars movie. (By RevolutionSF Staff, May 17, 2005.)

Star Wars Sucks/Rocks: A New Hope
Proof that Episode IV sucks -- and rocks. (By RevolutionSF Staff, May 17, 2005.)

Star Wars Sucks/Rocks: Attack of the Clones
Proof that Episode II sucks -- and rocks. (By RevolutionSF Staff, May 23, 2005.)

Star Wars Sucks/Rocks: Return of the Jedi
Proof that Episode VI sucks -- and rocks. (By RevolutionSF Staff, May 18, 2005.)

Star Wars Sucks/Rocks: Revenge of the Sith
Proof that Episode III sucks -- and rocks. (By RevolutionSF Staff, May 25, 2005.)

Star Wars Sucks/Rocks: The Empire Strikes Back
Proof that Episode V sucks -- and rocks. (By RevolutionSF Staff, May 17, 2005.)

Star Wars Sucks/Rocks: The Phantom Menace
Proof that Episode I sucks -- and rocks. (By RevolutionSF Staff, May 20, 2005.)

Star Wars: The Force Awakens: 4-Word Reviews
We review the new Star Wars movie, in which we say nice things about BB-8. (By Various RevSF artists, January 22, 2016.)

Stephen King's Dark Tower
Stephen King's Dark Tower is over, and the emotional power leaves a mark. (By Van Plexico, October 25, 2006.)

Stephen King`s Dreamcatcher: A Book I Have Not Read
Sometimes you HAVE to judge a book by its cover. Books like Dreamcatcher don't make that easy. (By Peggy Hailey.)

Steve Utley Silurian Franchise Now Accepting Bids
Here's YOUR chance to get in on the Steve Utley Silurian franchise! (By Steve Utley, February 09, 2006.)

Strange and Stranger: The World of Steve Ditko / Jack Kirby : King of Comics
The histories of two of comics' greatest creators unreel in two books. (By Jay Willson, November 03, 2008.)

Summer Reading Nonfiction: Mary Shelley, Peter Cushing, Daleks
Putting the science back in science fiction, we recommend some non-fiction reading for your summer enjoyment. (By Peggy Hailey and @peggyhailey, June 04, 2013.)

Summer Reading: Geek Stuff Not In The Geek Sections
This summer, explore delights that await you outside of the sf/ fantasy/ horror section! (By Peggy Hailey, June 08, 2013.)

Summer Reading: Geeky Picture Books
Start your Little Geeks off right with these picture book odes to the awesome and the fantastic. (By Peggy Hailey, June 09, 2013.)

Summer Reading: Middle Grade Edition
Attention geeky or nerdy middle schoolers (or those who love them): here's some fun summer reads for you! (By Peggy Hailey, June 22, 2013.)

Summer Reading: SF/Fantasy/Horror
Summer reads that will make you laugh, cry, shiver, and think. (By Peggy Hailey, June 22, 2013.)

Summer Reading: Teen Edition
Dystopias! Romance! Epic fantasy! A selection of young adult books served up with a side of snark. Guaranteed sparkle-free! (By Peggy Hailey, June 22, 2013.)

Superhero Movie Probe : Green Lantern
The first look at movie Green Lantern is here! The first look at movie Green Lantern is here! (By Joe Crowe, July 16, 2010.)

Superhero Movie Trivia Update : Captain America is the Human Torch
Captain America is on fire! Tee hee, see what I did there? (By Joe Crowe, March 24, 2010.)

Superhero Probe: Smallville
Smallville will have the Justice Society. Here are pictures. (By Joe Crowe, December 02, 2009.)

Superman Movie : The Casting Super-Couch
A serious analysis of the actors in the running for the "Superman" movie. Kind of. (By Joe Crowe, February 27, 2003.)

Supernatural : The Best 10 Episodes
The best episodes of the show that makes scary stuff snarktastic and awesome. (By Dodger Winslow, April 23, 2008.)

Superstar Showcase
Believe it or not, some shows DIDN'T make it to this year's fall sci-fi TV schedule. Take a look! (By Joe Crowe, July 01, 2003.)

Swamp Thing: An Appreciation
Swamp Thing fights everything . . . nasty! (By Joe Crowe, July 24, 2006.)

The Sword and the Sorceror (1983)
Lee Horsley's man-stache! Kathleen Beller not clothed! (By Lloyd Woodall, January 01, 2008.)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: 25 Years of Cutting Us No Slack
A discussion of Renaissance painters and their influence on ninja turtle culture. (By Joe Crowe, April 23, 2009.)

Ten Books for Fantasy and Science Fiction Fans Who Think They've Read Everything
Yes, there are still great ones out there! Here are a few to help get your shopping started. (By Mark Finn.)

Ten Reasons to Read Comic Books
Think of this as a gift. Your life will be a little brighter if you accept it. (By Kenn McCracken.)

Ten Things Geeky: 2001
Good riddance to a year's worth of rubbish. But there were some good things to come out of 2001. Join us to celebrate a few of them! (By RevolutionSF Staff.)

Ten Things I Have Learned at Sci-Fi Conventions
Take these lessons to your next sci-fi convention. They may save your life. (By Joe Crowe, September 28, 2006.)

Thankful Things (2003)
Holiday love putting you to sleep? Or is it just the turkey? We have some recommendations. (By Shane Ivey, November 28, 2003.)

They're Made out of Tarot Cards
The connection between Roger Zelazny's Amber series and... Tarot cards? (By Velvet Delorey, February 07, 2003.)

Thieves World: On the Similarities Between Thieves World and Soap Operas
Serial storytelling is not just for Days of Our Lives anymore. (By Andrew Kozma, February 28, 2011.)

Thirteen Scariest : Vol. 1 and 2
Two lists of the 13 scariest stories in the geek-oriented media. (By RevolutionSF, October 29, 2008.)

Thirteen Scariest Vol. 1
These treats are guaranteed to give you a harrowing Halloween. (By RevolutionSF Staff, October 31, 2005.)

Thirteen Scariest Vol. 2
From King to Lovecraft to Kathy Bates' scary voice, here are 13 stories we guarantee will give you both heebies and jeebies. (By RevolutionSF Staff, October 27, 2006.)

Thor Movie Action Figure Size Disparity Crisis
Size matters in Thor toys. (By Bryan Crowson, March 10, 2011.)

Hoo! (By Gary Mitchel, January 01, 2008.)

Time Bandits : A Boy's Adventure Tale
What children's film blows up a dog? (By Lloyd Woodall, April 28, 2008.)

Top 6.66 Aliens : Blob, Close Encounters, The Thing
When rocks fall from space and crack open to reveal alien goo, it is never a good idea to poke it with a stick. (By Gary Mitchel, October 26, 2009.)

Top 6.66 Devils: Futurama, Legend, Twilight Zone
You! Reading this at home! Worship this list that's of the devil! (By Peggy Hailey and RevolutionSF, October 26, 2007.)

Top 6.66 Evil Computers : HAL, Matrix, Skynet
Programming is so safe and simple, until you feed a computer all of human knowledge. (By Deanna Toxopeus, October 30, 2009.)

Top 6.66 Ghosts : Ghost, Sixth Sense, Devil`s Backbone
This countdown is not full of sheet! Yes, that's what I said. (By Peggy Hailey & RevolutionSF, October 26, 2007.)

Top 6.66 Haunted Houses: Rose Red, Amityville, Hill House
Hey, everybody! Let's spend Halloween with ghosts who write on walls in blood! (By Todd Shearer, October 25, 2007.)

Top 6.66 Maniacs : Myers, Voorhees, Zack
Turning your victims into tasty vittles is one way to get on the RevSF list of favorite maniacs. (By Gary Mitchel, October 26, 2009.)

Top 6.66 Psychos
Our favorite crazy peoples. (By Peggy Hailey, October 29, 2010.)

Top 6.66 Vampires
Hey, everybody! Let's spend Halloween with things that suck! Like going everywhere else on the Net except here. (By RevolutionSF, October 28, 2007.)

Top 6.66 Vampires : Count Floyd, Count Duckula, Dracula
"Ooooh. Rough trade." (By RevolutionSF, October 23, 2009.)

Top 6.66 Werewolves : Fruit Brute, Dog Soldiers, Ginger Snaps
RevolutionSF shows love to the lycanthropes. (By Mark Finn, October 25, 2007.)

Top 6.66 Witches: Sabrina, Piper, Hermione
RevolutionSF counts down magical ladies, warts and all. (By Deanna Toxopeus and Joe Crowe, October 24, 2007.)

Top 6.66 Zombies
A gal may lose her pulse, but she can still dance. These and other lessons in this awesome list. (By Gary Mitchel ( @gary_mitchel), October 30, 2012.)

Top 6.66 Zombies : Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, Left 4 Dead
Our favorite zombies are somewhere between sexy goth and unsettling wrongness. (By Gary Mitchel, October 27, 2009.)

Top 6.66 Zombies: Shark Wrestler, Tarman, Dan Clay
Brains. (By Matt Cowger and Gary Mitchel, October 28, 2007.)

Top 75 Heroines of Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Horror, Part V
At long last, the Top Ten Heroines! (By RevolutionSF Staff, May 12, 2006.)

Top 75 Heroines of Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Horror: Part I
RevolutionSF proudly celebrates the women who define our favorite genre! (By RevolutionSF Staff, April 12, 2004.)

Top 75 Heroines of Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Horror: Part II
In this installment, heroines No. 55 to No. 36: Dr. Susan Calvin to Sarah from "Labyrinth." (By RevolutionSF Staff, June 01, 2004.)

Top 75 Heroines of Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Horror: Part III
In this installment, heroines No. 35 to No. 21: Vasquez to Michelle Yeoh. (By RevolutionSF Staff, August 24, 2004.)

Top 75 Heroines of Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Horror: Part IV
This installment: Marion Ravenwood to Dr. Zira. (By RevolutionSF Staff, January 11, 2005.)

The Top Five Tolkien CDs
Need a fix for your Tolkien multimedia jones? These albums will make everything right. (By Amy H. Sturgis, June 19, 2002.)

Trail of Bones - A Preview
Get a look inside the latest installment in Mark London Williams' Danger Boy series! (By Mark London Williams, July 27, 2005.)

Trailer Probe : Ghostbusters Video Game
This video game has Ghostbusters in it! (By Joe Crowe, December 05, 2008.)

Trailer Probe : Iron Man, Hulk Cartoons
Upcoming Marvel cartoons with superheroes fighting and teen Iron Man. Yep. Teen. (By Joe Crowe, July 19, 2008.)

Trailer Probe : 2012
Roland Emmerich and disaster go together like cornflakes and milk. (By Joe Crowe, November 15, 2008.)

Trailer Probe : 9
Help us, Frodo! I mean, rag doll guy. (By Joe Crowe, January 04, 2009.)

Trailer Probe : Alice in Wonderland
Helena Bonham Carter has a giant head. (By Joe Crowe, December 16, 2009.)

Trailer Probe : Astro Boy
CGI Astro Boy is here! CGI Astro Boy is here! (By Joe Crowe, November 25, 2008.)

Trailer Probe : Avatar
Journey for the first time to Blue Alpaca Man Land. (By Joe Crowe, August 26, 2009.)

Trailer Probe : Battlestar Galactica : The Plan, Caprica
"There are many copies." I didn't know they were talking about new versions of the show. (By Joe Crowe, March 24, 2009.)

Trailer Probe : Battlestar Galactica Season 4.5
"Humans have to suffer." (By Joe Crowe, November 29, 2008.)

Trailer Probe : Beastly
Beauty and the Beast, with a guy who is totally cute, you guys!!!! (By Joe Crowe, December 10, 2010.)

Trailer Probe : Brave and the Bold, Black Panther
Two new superhero cartoons. One looks pretty good, and the other one is Black Panther. (By Joe Crowe, July 28, 2008.)

Trailer Probe : Browncoats: Redemption
Firefly fans whomp up a film for charity. (By Joe Crowe, May 26, 2010.)

Trailer Probe : Clash of the Titans
This is not lacking Kraken. (By Joe Crowe, December 17, 2009.)

Trailer Probe : Coraline
"I am your other mother, silly." (By Joe Crowe, November 25, 2008.)

Trailer Probe : Day The Earth Stood Still
We look analytically upon the trailer of Keanu vs. Earth. (By RevolutionSF, July 06, 2008.)

Trailer Probe : Dead Snow
Two words: Nazi zombies. (By Joe Crowe, December 09, 2008.)

Trailer Probe : Disney`s A Christmas Carol
"YEEAAAAAARGH!" (By Joe Crowe, October 14, 2009.)

Trailer Probe : Doctor Who Season Five
Next he'll date a cheerleader and trade in the TARDIS in for a bitchin` Camaro. (By Joe Crowe, February 24, 2010.)

Trailer Probe : Dollhouse
Dollhouse! (By Joe Crowe, November 07, 2008.)

Trailer Probe : Drag Me To Hell
"Soon it will be you..." (By Joe Crowe, March 14, 2009.)

Trailer Probe : Dragonball The Movie
Live action Dragonball movie trailer! Complete with flippy-doo stuff and Chow Yun Fat. (By Joe Crowe, October 03, 2008.)

Trailer Probe : Eastwick
Not like Charmed, because the girls on Charmed were sisters, thank you very much. (By Joe Crowe, May 27, 2009.)

Trailer Probe : Fanboys
The Chinese Democracy of nerd movies may never be witnessed by human eyes. But we have this trailer. (By Joe Crowe, November 07, 2008.)

Trailer Probe : Flash Forward
Wait just one second. The super-fast running guy the Flash isn't in this show! (By Joe Crowe, May 27, 2009.)

Trailer Probe : Fringe, Dollhouse, Eleventh Hour
Find out which new sci-fi TV show has the most geek parts per million. (By Joe Crowe, May 22, 2008.)

Trailer Probe : Game of Thrones
Winter is coming, it says. Good, because I am a sweaty baby. (By Joe Crowe, June 14, 2010.)

Trailer Probe : Green Hornet
Seth Rogen is Tony Stark! I mean, Green Hornet! (By Joe Crowe, June 24, 2010.)

Trailer Probe : Green Lantern
Hal Jordan! Abin Sur! Tomar Re! Nerd overload! (By RevolutionSF, November 17, 2010.)

Trailer Probe : Green Lantern: First Flight
Green Lantern to get his own cartoon movie. Me to freak out. (By Joe Crowe, April 16, 2009.)

Trailer Probe : Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
RevSF carefully and seriously analyzes the trailer for Harry Potter 6: The Quidditching. (By Joe Crowe, April 17, 2009.)

Trailer Probe : Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
Kid Voldemort! And is that Gandalf? (By Joe Crowe, July 28, 2008.)

Trailer Probe : Harry Potter, The Spirit
Guess which trailer has the line "You are the chosen one." (By Joe Crowe, November 16, 2008.)

Trailer Probe : Hellboy 2, Lost Boys 2, War Games 2
Three sequels. Two Coreys. No Broderick. (By Joe Crowe, April 09, 2008.)

Trailer Probe : Hot Tub Time Machine
In 1560, Nostradamus predicted it. (By Joe Crowe, July 27, 2009.)

Trailer Probe : Human Target
The boyfriend of Olivia on Fringe, the cop from Pushing Daisies, and Rorschach team up to fight crime! (By Joe Crowe, May 27, 2009.)

Trailer Probe : Inception
It looks like everybody is having a ball. (By Joe Crowe, August 28, 2009.)

Trailer Probe : Iron Man 2
"There will be blood in the water." (By Joe Crowe, December 17, 2009.)

Trailer Probe : Land of the Lost
I want a cool Land of the Lost movie. I already have funny Will Ferrell movies. (By Joe Crowe, February 03, 2009.)

Trailer Probe : Legend of the Seeker
A fantasy TV series about the Terry Goodkind books, where a hero will rise and get a sword with cool symbols on it. (By Joe Crowe, August 15, 2008.)

Trailer Probe : Lesbian Vampire Killers
Three words: Lesbian. Vampire. Killers. (By Joe Crowe, March 16, 2009.)

Trailer Probe : Let Me In
How are supposed to know if she is the right one to let in? (By Joe Crowe, July 06, 2010.)

Trailer Probe : Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus
And the Oscar goes to ... (By Joe Crowe, May 15, 2009.)

Trailer Probe : Monsters vs. Aliens
"Suuuuu-san. Ooh, I just scared myself." (By Joe Crowe, November 17, 2008.)

Trailer Probe : Moon
Not a documentary about showing people your butt. This edition of Trailer Probe includes the video for "Major Tom (Coming Home)." Because we like it. (By Joe Crowe, April 16, 2009.)

Trailer Probe : Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe
Watch Mortal Kombat get a few lucky shots on Batman, Flash, and Superman. (By Joe Crowe, September 18, 2008.)

Trailer Probe : New Friday the 13th
"Eeeaaaaaaggh!" (By Joe Crowe, October 31, 2008.)

Trailer Probe : No Ordinary Family
A trailer for a show where the guy from The Shield and Dexter`s wife get super powers. (By Joe Crowe, May 19, 2010.)

Trailer Probe : Outlander, Max Payne
Jesus hunts a space dragon. With Ron Perlman. OMG you guys!!!! (By Joe Crowe, July 13, 2008.)

Trailer Probe : Past Life
"No, his regression told me." (By Joe Crowe, May 26, 2009.)

Trailer Probe : Princess of Mars
Whoa, mama. (By Joe Crowe, November 30, 2009.)

Trailer Probe : Proxima
An SF writer is told his work is real, and hijinks ensue. (By Joe Crowe, June 22, 2009.)

Trailer Probe : Race to Witch Mountain, Monsters vs. Aliens
"We have come to destroy you." (By Joe Crowe, February 02, 2009.)

Trailer Probe : Real Steel
The main event tonight is PAIN! Hugh Jackman + Rock`Em Sock`Em Robots = magic. (By Joe Crowe, December 15, 2010.)

Trailer Probe : Red Riding Hood
My, what a big trailer you have. (By Joe Crowe, October 31, 2010.)

Trailer Probe : Resident Evil Afterlife
In 3D! (By Gary Mitchel , April 10, 2010.)

Trailer Probe : Riverworld
Helo and Supergirl vs. Methos. (By Joe Crowe, October 08, 2009.)

Trailer Probe : Robin Hood
Take that, rich! (By Joe Crowe, December 17, 2009.)

Trailer Probe : Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Undead
Vampires! Shakespeare! Ralph Macchio! (By Joe Crowe, May 28, 2010.)

Trailer Probe : Scott Pilgrim vs. The World
"He seems nice." (By Deanna Toxopeus, March 29, 2010.)

Trailer Probe : Sharktopus
Sharktopus! (By Joe Crowe, July 18, 2010.)

Trailer Probe : Space Battleship Yamato
Live action Star Blazers movie! And it comes out in December! Holy crapcakes! (By Scott Harris, July 01, 2010.)

Trailer Probe : Space Chimps
Analyzing the geekity content of a movie with space and chimps. Space AND chimps! (By Joe Crowe, June 28, 2008.)

Trailer Probe : Star Trek
"Buckle up." (By Joe Crowe, November 17, 2008.)

Trailer Probe : Star Trek, Angels and Demons, Heroes
"Leonard McCoy." (By Joe Crowe, February 02, 2009.)

Trailer Probe : Stargate Universe
Soy capitan! More Stargate! (By Joe Crowe, March 24, 2009.)

Trailer Probe : Street Fighter : The Legend of Chun-Li
This trailer is in Japanese, but the language of flying kicks is beautiful and universal. (By Joe Crowe, January 06, 2009.)

Trailer Probe : Sucker Punch
A giant samurai. A dragon. A girl from High School Musical. (By Joe Crowe, August 20, 2010.)

Trailer Probe : Super 8
A train wrecks. Something knocks on a busted train car. And we have to wait a year. (By Joe Crowe, May 12, 2010.)

Trailer Probe : Surrogates
Respect yourself. Na na na na. Nee nee nee nee. (By Joe Crowe, May 26, 2009.)

Trailer Probe : Terminator Salvation
"This is not the future my mother warned me about." (By Joe Crowe, December 11, 2008.)

Trailer Probe : The Cape
The first trailer for the NBC superhero show The Cape. (By Joe Crowe, May 19, 2010.)

Trailer Probe : The People vs. George Lucas
"George Lucas is a devil disguised as a false prophet." (By Joe Crowe, February 24, 2009.)

Trailer Probe : The Road
Aragorn, a kid, and the girl from Mighty Joe Young are miserable in the post-apocalypse. Yee-haw! (By Joe Crowe, May 15, 2009.)

Trailer Probe : The Smurfs Movie
SMURFIN` A. (By Joe Crowe, June 24, 2010.)

Trailer Probe : The Sorcerer`s Apprentice
"What you just did is impossible!" (By Joe Crowe, December 10, 2009.)

Trailer Probe : The Spirit
Analysis of the geek-splosive capability of the Frank Miller movie. (By Joe Crowe, April 19, 2008.)

Trailer Probe : The Walking Dead
"You know about the dead people. Right?" (By Joe Crowe, August 26, 2010.)

Trailer Probe : The Whisperer in Darkness
"Even now I cannot repeat the terrible things I heard that evening." (By Joe Crowe, October 12, 2010.)

Trailer Probe : Thor
Holy Simonson! I just crapped myself. (By Mark Bousquet, July 31, 2010.)

Trailer Probe : Thor
THOR. (By Joe Crowe, December 15, 2010.)

Trailer Probe : Toy Story 3
Buzz and Woody are back. And sad, too! (By Joe Crowe, October 14, 2009.)

Trailer Probe : Transformers Dark of the Moon
Giant robots on the moon! (By Joe Crowe, December 14, 2010.)

Trailer Probe : Tron Legacy
Oh, sweet mama. (By Joe Crowe, July 24, 2009.)

Trailer Probe : Tron Legacy
Oh mama. (By Joe Crowe, March 09, 2010.)

Trailer Probe : Unborn
Devil kid alert! (By Joe Crowe, January 04, 2009.)

Trailer Probe : V
Juliet from Lost and the cop from 4400 vs. the space hooker from Firefly. (By Joe Crowe, May 27, 2009.)

Trailer Probe : Vampire Diaries
The vampires dress like Angel and pine for a mortal girl. In other words, this is Every Vampire Show. (By Joe Crowe, May 27, 2009.)

Trailer Probe : Warehouse 13
"Come on in. I made cookies." (By Joe Crowe, March 24, 2009.)

Trailer Probe : Watchmen
"I hate it when trailers kick ass." (By Joe Crowe, July 19, 2008.)

Trailer Probe : Where the Wild Things Are
Two hours of a kid being sad! (By Joe Crowe, March 26, 2009.)

Trailer Probe : Wolverine
I know that was Gambit, because Wolverine says "Gambit." (By Joe Crowe, December 16, 2008.)

Trailer Probe : X-Men Origins: Wolverine
Oh my gracious, it appears there will be a bit of action in this film. (By Joe Crowe, March 06, 2009.)

Trailer Probe : Zombieland
"You gotta enjoy the little things." (By Joe Crowe, July 27, 2009.)

Trailer Probe: Buck Rogers Web series
30 seconds of fun. (By Joe Crowe, December 03, 2009.)

Trailer Probe: Caprica
"Something terrible has happened, hasn't it?" A look at before everything turned to poop in the world of BSG. (By Joe Crowe, July 19, 2008.)

Trailer Probe: Chuck Season 3
Chuck is back in January. Here is a preview. Amen. (By Joe Crowe, December 11, 2009.)

Trailer Probe: Incredible Hulk
"See a shrink." (By Joe Crowe, March 12, 2008.)

Trailer Probe: Jumper, One Missed Call, The Ruins, Turok
Watching the trailers for Jumper, One Missed Call, The Ruins, and Turok Son of Stone. (By Joe Crowe, December 29, 2007.)

Trailer Probe: Next Avengers, Nerdcore Rising
Two movies. One is about nerd musicians. The other is about Marvel superheroes. (By Joe Crowe, March 28, 2008.)

Trailer Probe: Rock-afire Explosion
RevolutionSF's critical eye falls upon a movie about the animatronic Showbiz Pizza band. (By Joe Crowe, July 06, 2008.)

Trailer Probe: Season of the Witch
Nicolas Cage AND Ron Perlman! (By Joe Crowe, January 21, 2010.)

Trailer Probe: Terminator Salvation
"I am human." (By Joe Crowe, March 05, 2009.)

Trailer Probe: The Last Lovecraft : Relic of Cthulhu
"There is no such thing as fish people, dude!" (By Joe Crowe, February 05, 2010.)

Trailer Probe: The People vs. George Lucas
Laser-brains! (By Joe Crowe, February 06, 2010.)

Trailer Probe: Transformers 2, GI Joe
Why is that girl crying? (By Joe Crowe, February 03, 2009.)

Trailer Probe: Tucker and Dale vs. Evil
Comedy movie preview: Wash from Firefly and Sock from Reaper vs. teenagers! (By Joe Crowe, November 13, 2009.)

Trainimal : The Ultimate Guide
Everything you ever wanted to know about this long-lost 1970s sci-fi TV treasure. (By Joe Crowe, March 31, 2010.)

Tree of Woe 2008
Contemplate these things that vexed RevolutionSF mightily in 2008. (By RevolutionSF, January 16, 2009.)

Tree of Woe 2009 : Vampires, Watchmen, Conan
Contemplate the worst geeky things of 2009 on the Tree of Woe. (By Mark Finn, December 14, 2009.)

Tree of Woe : The Worst Comic Books of 2000s
RevSF takes no mess from 10 years in the comics industry. (By Jay Willson, December 20, 2009.)

Trek Expo 2001
More unemployed Trek stars than you can shake a phaser at, but Avery Brooks will make it all worthwhile. SIS-KAH! (By Amy H. Sturgis.)

The Trekkie Lists
Win the Trekkies 2 DVD and the soundtrack CD from RevolutionSF and Reboot Music! (By Joe Crowe, October 13, 2004.)

The Trekkies Lists
We had a Trekkies 2 DVD and soundtrack CD. You had jokes. And now: A WINNER! (By Joe Crowe, November 12, 2004.)

The Trials and Tribulations of Comic Book Buying
RevolutionSF comics editor debuts, owns up to owning Pride and Prejudice comics. (By Sarah Arnold, November 18, 2010.)

True Blood : The Drink
We tasted the True Blood drink. And most of us are not even vampires. (By Joe Crowe, January 20, 2010.)

Uncanny Un-Collectibles : Missing Comic Book Trades From 1990s, 2000s
Good stuff from Joe R. Lansdale, Tim Truman, and Mike Mignola, including Jonah Hex, the Lone Ranger, and Batman! (By Rick Klaw, various artists, October 01, 2010.)

Uncanny Un-Collectibles : Missing Comic Book Trades 1940s to 1960s
Comics that have never been put in trade paperbacks, including Sea Devils! Congorilla! And Cave Carson! (By Various RevolutionSF artists, September 28, 2010.)

Uncanny Un-Collectibles : Missing Comic Book Trades from 1960s and 1970s
More comics no one ever put in trade paperback, including Shang-Chi, Master of Kung Fu. (By Rick Klaw, various artists, September 29, 2010.)

Uncanny Un-Collectibles : Missing Comic Book Trades from 1970s to 1980s
1980s toy tie-ins and other comics have never been in trade paperback. We want Micronauts! (By Rick Klaw, various artists, September 30, 2010.)

Uncanny Un-Collectibles : Missing Comic Book Trades from the 1980s
Green Arrow, The Shadow, and early stuff from Grant Morrison and Warren Ellis are among comics from the 1980s that never got trade paperbacks! (By Rick Klaw (editor) and various artists, September 30, 2010.)

Uncanny Un-Collectibles : Missing Comic Book Trades Master List
The master list of comics that should be put in trade paperbacks for our convenience. (By Rick Klaw (editor) and Various RevolutionSF artists, September 28, 2010.)

Uncanny Un-Collectibles Update: Sugar and Spike, Flex Mentallo,
You`re welcome, comics fans! Presenting our list of comics that were collected since we did our big list of long-lost comics. (By Various RevolutionSF artists and Rick Klaw (editor), April 29, 2012.)

Uncanny Un-Collectibles: Missing Comic Book Trades, 1930s to 1940s
These comics have never been collected in trade paperbacks. That is just crazy. (By Rick Klaw (editor) and Various RevolutionSF artists, September 27, 2010.)

Universal Studios : Marvel Superhero Island
There I was, admiring a pair of The Thing boxer shorts. (By Joe Crowe, February 22, 2010.)

Universal Studios Theme Park: Jaws, Twister, E.T.
"Oh no here is the shark hang on everybody we got him yay." (By Joe Crowe, January 28, 2010.)

Universal Studios: Jurassic Park, Seuss Landing
A trip to Universal, complete with dinosaur puns, Cathy, and not barfing. (By Joe Crowe, January 28, 2010.)

Universal Theme Park Probe: Back to the Future, King Kong, Earthquake
Some awesome rides at the Universal theme park are retired. Not cool. (By Joe Crowe, January 28, 2010.)

Up Yours, Cyberpunk!
One cyberpunk fan shares his pain. (By Kevin Pezzano, January 10, 2003.)

Up Yours, Future of Star Wars!
Loved the Clone Wars cartoon trailer. When I saw it two years ago. (By Joe Crowe, June 05, 2007.)

Up Yours, Lost!
Your time on Earth is brief. Should you spare hours and hours of your mortal span catching up on Lost? (By Jens Rushing, September 21, 2009.)

Up Yours, Star Trek: Nemesis!
An analysis of another major sci-fi franchise killing off yet another hero. (By "Sithbane", January 22, 2003.)

Up Yours, Superhero Cartoon DVDs!
"Batman: The Animated Series"? Not on DVD. Warning: Futile rant ahead. (By Joe Crowe, August 18, 2003.)

Vampire Movies: Fright Night, Cronos, Nosferatu
This list has people who suck. Yep. Just wrote that on purpose. (By Mark Finn and @finnswake, October 30, 2013.)

Variety Signs 3-Year 'Quick-Death' Deal With FOX, Sci-Fi Channel
Those protest ads are good for something after all.... (By Shane Ivey, August 01, 2004.)

Vernor Vinge: Singular SF
Vernor Vinge chats with RevolutionSF on his Hugo-award winning novels, the prescient True Names, the Technological Singularity, and what might happen after. (By RevolutionSF Staff.)

From magic to horror, mystery to Westerns to superheroes, Vertigo has hosted some of the most groundbreaking comics of a decade and more. (By Kenn McCracken.)

Video Probe : AT-AT Bed, Adam West Garage Sale
"If you'll take me to Arby's for a Big Beef and Cheddar..." (By Joe Crowe, August 13, 2009.)

Video Probe : Condition: Human
Grading nerd-related videos for your convenience. This time, a guy gets a lifelike robot to fill his every need, and hijinks ensue. (By Joe Crowe, April 22, 2009.)

Video Probe : Green Lantern, Heroes, Twilight
The Green Lantern fan film makes our parts happy. The Twilight sketch and the Heroes parody, too. (By Joe Crowe, May 27, 2009.)

Video Probe : Hellboy 2: The Commercials
So to promote that movie, they made commercials that are fun. Enjoy them with us. Please? (By Joe Crowe, July 13, 2008.)

Video Probe : Lex Luthor, Locke, R2-D2, Benjamin Batman
RevolutionSF grades videos on their nerdy enjoyability or lack thereof. (By Joe Crowe, March 20, 2009.)

Video Probe : Lost Alternate Endings
Short funny stuff from the post-game wrapup show of Lost. (By Joe Crowe, May 24, 2010.)

Video Probe : Night Shift
22 minutes of hijinks with an undead guy who works in a cemetery. (By Joe Crowe, April 11, 2010.)

Video Probe : Regen
The guy has a wrecking ball fist. Zoo-wee mama! (By Joe Crowe, March 26, 2010.)

Video Probe : The Last First Date
This short comedy sketch is about the end of the world and dating thereupon. (By Joe Crowe, December 10, 2010.)

Video Probe : Twilight
Analyzing the fun capacity of nerd-centric videos. This time, Buffy vs. Edward from Twilight. (By Joe Crowe, July 27, 2009.)

Video Probe : Whatever Happened To Bubo, The Golden Owl?
A hard-hitting documentary on the life of owl / actor Bubo from Clash of the Titans. (By Joe Crowe, May 20, 2010.)

Video Probe: Dr. Horrible Invades the Emmys
... Buffering ... (By Joe Crowe, September 21, 2009.)

Video Probe: Fringe
Fox fights Fringe Friday fatalism! (By Gary Mitchel , December 15, 2010.)

Video Probe: He-Man
I do not know why I like this He-Man video. But I do. (By Joe Crowe, June 03, 2009.)

Video Probe: Necronomicon
"If knowing the unknowable is crazy, I do not want to be sane." (By Joe Crowe, January 21, 2010.)

Video Probe: Transformers
Warning: Cover of 80s cartoon soundtrack song ahead. (By Joe Crowe, October 14, 2009.)

Voltaire: Banned on Vulcan
Star Trek-centric filk, including "The U.S.S. Make Sh*t Up." (By Gary Mitchel, December 31, 2007.)

Warren Ellis
Warren Ellis has nearly single-handedly made science fiction cool again in the comics industry. Join us for a look at how he did it. (By Kenn McCracken.)

The Watcher in the Dark
Out here in the courtyard we've completely altered the gloomy reception area for the new intake of acolytes... (By E.N. Taylor, November 20, 2003.)

Watching The Detective
Fun stuff in Philly. (By Joe Crowe.)

Watchmen : The Biggest Film We Never Asked For
"My initial reaction was dread and loathing, for the Geek Nation, and Big Hollywood, respectively." (By Mark Finn, March 05, 2009.)

Watchmen Comic Book : RevolutionSF Recall
The complete collection of things RevolutionSF has whomped up about the Watchmen comic book. (By Joe Crowe, March 05, 2009.)

Watchmen Comic Crossover : A Dream of Rorschach
So you've re-read all the Watchmen comics in anticipation of the movie. But what about the crossover? (By Jayme Blaschke, March 05, 2009.)

Watchmen Movie : Death of an Unhealthy Fanboy Myth
The Watchmen movie defined the geek influence on Hollywood. Um, what there is of it. (By Edward Cowan, March 23, 2009.)

Watchmen Movie : RevolutionSF Recall
There were threats of a Watchmen movie for years. RevolutionSF documented the whole thing. (By RevolutionSF, March 05, 2009.)

Watchmen Movie : RevolutionSF Roundtable
What the ravening hordes of RevolutionSF legions thunk. *OMG! Spoilers!* (By RevolutionSF, March 12, 2009.)

Watchmen Movie : The RevolutionSF Watercooler
The staff and management of RevolutionSF talks about matters of extreme dork importance. This time: Watchmen movie. (By RevolutionSF, July 23, 2008.)

Watchmen vs. Dark Knight : RevolutionSF Has An Opinion
We owe a love letter to a superhero movie director. Guess which one. (By Mark Finn, July 18, 2008.)

Webisode Probe: Heroes, Battlestar Galactica
Heroes and BSG have new stories on the Web! In color! (By Joe Crowe, December 17, 2008.)

A Week in the Life of An Anime Studio, Part 1
Our anime guy gives lip service to the hows, whys, and what-thes behind anime dubbing. (By Kevin Pezzano, May 31, 2006.)

Welcome to the Bootleg Tables
New worlds of entertainment can be yours—all you need is money and a loose interpretation of the law. (By Joe Crowe, July 26, 2002.)

Werewolf Movies: Dog Soldiers, Howling, Ginger Snaps
Check out our werewolf expert`s list of classic horror flicks for some classic hairy folks. (By Mark Finn and @finnswake, October 11, 2013.)

What Is Best in Life (and the Tree of Woe) 2004: Joe Crowe edition
Status quo is the new revolution. Vive l'indifference, baby! (By Joe Crowe, January 27, 2005.)

What Is Best In Life 2006: Gary Mitchel Edition
Staff writer Gary Mitchel has the tongue for the year in geek for 2006. (By Gary Mitchel, January 03, 2007.)

What Is Best In Life 2006: Joe Crowe Edition
Last one, we promise. Joe Crowe reveals the geek-centric things he liked about 2006. (By Joe Crowe, February 02, 2007.)

What Is Best In Life 2006: Mark Finn Edition
Mark Finn drives 2006 before him in this look at things that made us swear at Crom this year. (By Mark Finn, December 20, 2006.)

What is Best In Life 2006: Matthew Pook Edition
Our games editor hears the lamentations of 2006 in role-playing games, TV, and other geekly matters. (By Matthew Pook, January 16, 2007.)

What Is Best In Life 2006: Peggy Hailey edition
Our book empress Peggy Hailey issues forth her rulings on 2006's best from atop her throne of skulls. (By Peggy Hailey, January 04, 2007.)

What Is Best In Life 2006: Rick Klaw Edition
Rick Klaw hears the lamentations of the dorks in his 2006 year in review. (By Rick Klaw, January 02, 2007.)

What Is Best in Life 2007 : Frogwart
Frogwart knows the riddle of Halo 3, Spider-Man 3, and Thor. (By Lloyd A. Woodall, aka Frogwart, January 18, 2008.)

What Is Best In Life 2007 : Joe Crowe
Joe Crowe will drown in lakes of 30 Rock, Chuck, and The Simpsons Movie. (By Joe Crowe, January 13, 2008.)

What Is Best in Life 2007 : KaosDevice
If you do not agree with KaosDevice's picks for the best of 2007, then you know what to do. (By KaosDevice, January 24, 2008.)

What Is Best in Life 2007 : Peggy Hailey
Peggy Hailey has the tongue to praise Enchanted, Acacia, Jungle Book, and Jonathan Coulton. (By Peggy Hailey, January 09, 2008.)

What is Best in Life 2007 : Ubalstecha
2008 is at last at hand! Chuck, Black Canary, Pushing Daisies and other favorite geeky things of 2007 shall all be cleansed. (By Deanna Toxopeus, January 16, 2008.)

What Is Best In Life 2007: Mark Finn
RevSF's Mark Finn has the tongue to praise Transformers, Space Ghost, Nymphadora Tonks, and Fables. (By Mark Finn, January 06, 2008.)

What Is Best In Life 2007: Sneezy the Squid
Sneezy the Squid drives Heroes, Battlestar Galactica, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Burn Notice before him. (By Gary Mitchel, January 15, 2008.)

What Is Best In Life 2008
Witness what RevolutionSF chose as the best things for your nerdliness in 2008. (By RevolutionSF, January 17, 2009.)

What is Best in Life 2008 : Brave and The Bold, Fin Fang Foom
RevolutionSF crushes its enemies and sees 2008 driven before us. (By Joe Crowe, January 07, 2009.)

What Is Best in Life 2008 : Conan, Lost, Clockwork Storybook
2008 was an age undreamed of. Mark Finn details the good nerd parts. (By Mark Finn, January 08, 2009.)

What Is Best In Life 2008 : Cthulhu Dice, Let the Right One In, Pushing Daisies
Between the time the oceans drank Atlantis, Matt Cowger reveals the best geeky things about 2008. (By Matt Cowger, January 10, 2009.)

What Is Best in Life 2008 : Hulk, Stephen King, Raw Nerve, MST3K
Another look at 2008 reigns over us from its mountain. (By Lloyd Allen Woodall, January 14, 2009.)

What Is Best in Life 2008 : Umbrella Academy, The Somnambulist, Wall*E
The Geek Curmudgeon has the tongue for a look at good nerd things from 2008. (By Rick Klaw, January 09, 2009.)

What Is Best in Life 2008: Criminal, Geoff Johns, John Scalzi
No one. No one in this world can you trust. Except Jay Willson's opinions about what nerd stuff was best in 2008. (By Jay Willson, January 10, 2009.)

What Is Best In Life 2009: Star Trek, Lost, House of Mystery, Champions
We drive 2009 before us with back-pats for Star Trek, Lost, Peter and Max, and yes, Twilight. (By Mark Finn, December 14, 2009.)

What is Best in Life : 2002
To crush your favorite shows and authors... to drive them into oblivion... to hear the lamentations of the fans! Join us for a look back at what was best (despite all that) in 2002. (By RevolutionSF, January 05, 2003.)

What Is Best in Life : 2003
Best books. Best movies. Best babies. Look back at what fired us up in 2003. (By RevolutionSF Staff, January 17, 2004.)

What is Best in Life : 2004
The heroes were Astonishing and Incredible, the King returned bigger than ever, and cartoons showed us how Star Wars should be done. (By RevolutionSF Staff, January 05, 2005.)

What Is Best in Life : Galactica, Vandermeer, Whittemore
The secret of steel has always carried with it a mystery, just like the best nerdly things of 2008. (By Peggy Hailey, January 15, 2009.)

What Is Best In Life : Watchmen, Dr. Horrible, Podcasting, Reproducing
Deanna Toxopeus looks at the best nerdy things from 2008 and gives you food, so you have strength when the wolves come. (By Deanna Toxopeus, January 15, 2009.)

What Is Best In Life: Comic Books of the 2000s
RevSF picks the best comics of the decade. (By Jay Willson, December 20, 2009.)

What is Best in Life? : 2005
Kong! Serenity! Lost! Victoriana! Get what you need in our look back at the best of 2005. (By RevolutionSF Staff, January 04, 2006.)

What To Read After Harry : Freak, Uglies, Artemis Fowl
Three to tide you over until Rowling changes her mind about no more Harrys. (By Deanna Toxopeus, April 04, 2008.)

What To Read After Harry : Eragon, Daughter of the Lioness, Spiderwick Chronicles
Tamora Pierce, Holly Black, and yes, Eragon for your post-Harry fix. (By Deanna Toxopeus, October 02, 2007.)

What To Read After Harry: Airborne, Immortals, Secret Under My Skin
Another batch of books to check out now that you're finished re-reading Harry Potter again. (By Deanna Toxopeus, August 30, 2007.)

What To Read After Harry: December 2007
More post-Potter books for your gift-gorging needs, from Isabelle Alende, Nancy Farmer, and Margaret Pearson Haddix. (By Deanna Toxopeus, December 12, 2007.)

What's Your Pacific Rim Jaeger Name?
Change your name, awesome giant robot style. (By Joe Crowe and @revolutionsf, July 18, 2013.)

What's Your Sci-Fi Geek Name?
Finally, a way to choose your One True Name for sci-fi fans who just ain't got the time. (By Joe Crowe, June 12, 2007.)

Whither the Saturns?
For thirty years the Saturn awards have celebrated the worst in science fiction while mainstream awards ignored the best. One columnist has had enough. (By Paul T. Riddell.)

Who Mourns For Enterprise?
Farewell, sweet Bakula. (By Joe Crowe, May 13, 2005.)

Who Said It: Lucille Bluth, Malory Archer, or Morgan Le Fay?
Strange development: Before Lucille Bluth and Mallory Archer, Jessica Walter fought Dr. Strange! (By Joe Crowe and @yojoecrowe, November 04, 2016.)

Who View : Doctor Who Season 5 Preview
A preview of Doctor 11.0. (By Alan Riquelmy, March 31, 2010.)

Who View : Eleventh Hour
Find out how the new guy did in his rookie episode. (By Alan Riquelmy, April 10, 2010.)

Who View : The Beast Below
We review the new guy`s second episode. (By Alan Riquelmy, April 23, 2010.)

Why Aren`t You Reading Hollows by Kim Harrison?
Supernatural folks help society get back on its feet, and a lady detective solves crimes therein. (By Deanna Toxopeus, July 30, 2009.)

Why Aren`t You Reading the Temeraire Series?
Jump on the bandwagon early with this guide to "Horatio Hornblower with dragons." (By Deanna Toxopeus, March 20, 2009.)

Why Do Vampires (and Their Clothes) Turn to Dust?
A Buffy imponderable. (By Jason Myers.)

Why Should I Cut Your Throat When I Can Just Ask You For the Money?
Georgia FantasyCon 1990: Author Jeff VanderMeer looks back at a more innocent time. Well, a time, anyway. (By Jeff VanderMeer, July 26, 2002.)

Win 'Elric: Stealer of Souls'
We have winners! (Of a book with him in it, not Michael Moorcock's last emperor of Melnibone.) BONUS: Enjoy a gorgeous gallery of John Picacio's art from 'Stealer of Souls'! (By Joe Crowe, February 18, 2008.)

Win A Wii From Space Squid (And RevolutionSF)
You can win a Nintendo Wii. All you have to do is write something. (By RevolutionSF, July 13, 2008.)

Win Adam Baldwin and Morena Baccarin (On DVD): Now With Winners
Jayne and Inara from Firefly reunite to fight a demon in the desert. And you can win it from us! (By Joe Crowe, March 08, 2008.)

Win James Bond: The History of the Illustrated 007
Win a book about Bond (James Bond.) (By RevolutionSF, November 12, 2008.)

Win Masters of Science Fiction on DVD : Now With Winners!
Win a season set of the Masters of Science Fiction anthology series in our cultural and highbrow contest. (By Joe Crowe, August 01, 2008.)

Win Ray Harryhausen! (Now With Winners!)
Three of Ray Harryhausen's classic sci-fi movies on DVD! You can't have the actual guy at this time. But keep checking back. (By Joe Crowe, January 10, 2008.)

The Wisdom of K-9
We can learn many things from a robot dog. (By Deanna Toxopeus, March 30, 2009.)

Witchblade Episode 1
We flash back to the first episode of the TV show where the almost nekkid lady from comics wore three layers of clothes. (By Shane Ivey, Kenn McCracken and Joe Crowe, April 13, 2008.)

Wizard World 2001 - The Wrap Up
RevolutionSF hits Wizard World! (And Wizard World hits back!) (By Kenn McCracken.)

Wonder Woman TV Costume : The RevolutionSF Watercooler
RevolutionSF analyzes the most important issues of our day, namely, Wonder Woman`s costume on her new TV show. (By RevolutionSF, March 21, 2011.)

A Workshop Lexicon: The "RevolutionSF" Iteration
For more than a decade, Bruce Sterling's Science Fiction Workshop Lexicon has helped writers improve their craft. RevolutionSF proudly presents the latest iteration. (By Bruce Sterling (originator) and Doug Potter (illustrator).)

World Fantasy 2006: Where To Find Us
World Fantasy Con 2006 is infested with RevolutionSF writers. (By Joe Crowe, November 03, 2006.)

World Fantasy Awards 2003: Winners and Other Leviathans
Winners announced for the 2003 World Fantasy Awards. (By Joe Crowe, November 07, 2003.)

The World's Greatest Comics Stories
If you read nothing else, read these. Then you'll start to understand. (By Kenn McCracken and others.)

WorldCon 2013 / LoneStarCon: Old Con vs. New Con
A RevolutionSF squadron invaded Texas` LoneStarCon. (By Sarah Arnold, September 11, 2013.)

Write Your Own Ain't It Cool News Movie Review!
Just add exclamation points!!!!!! (By Joe Crowe, February 12, 2009.)

X-Files 2: RevolutionSF Survival Guide
X-Files 2! 9 years since we stopped caring in the making! (By Joe Crowe, November 03, 2007.)

X-Files : John Doggett Rules
Robert Patrick's X-Files guy reminded us the show could be good. Briefly. (By Joe Crowe, July 24, 2008.)

X-Files: Who's Scully's Baby Daddy?
Awhile back, we tried to unravel one of the show's slap-assiest storylines. We were so naive. So very, very naive. (By Joe Crowe, Shane Ivey and Kenn McCracken, July 25, 2008.)

X-Men : Dawn of the Age of Superhero Movies
When the X-Men movie debuted, there were no superhero movies every few months. Scary, we know. (By Shane Ivey, Kenn McCracken and Joe Crowe, May 07, 2008.)

The X-Men Movies Suck/Rock
X3 is here, and it's got the critics hatin'. Here's what there is to love and hate about all the X-Movies. (By RevolutionSF Staff, June 07, 2006.)

'X-Men' Sucks/Rocks
Proof that 'X-Men' sucks -- and rocks. (By RevolutionSF Staff, June 07, 2006.)

X-Men: Handy Helpful Ind-X
A guide to telling what the hell is the deal with all the X-Men things. (By Joe Crowe, May 31, 2003.)

'X-Men: The Last Stand' Sucks/Rocks
Proof that 'X-Men: The Last Stand' sucks -- and rocks. (By RevolutionSF Staff, June 07, 2006.)

'X2: X-Men United' Sucks/Rocks
Proof that 'X2' sucks -- and rocks. (By RevolutionSF Staff, June 07, 2006.)

A Year to Look Forward : 2008
Everybody loves lists, right? That's what you want! A cunning list of so many things! Here is one! (By Dharma Bum, January 01, 2008.)

Manimal! (By Joe Crowe, August 26, 2012.)

You Do Not Have To Read Dan Brown
The Da Vinci Code guy did not invent conspiracy theory fiction. Here is what he cannibalized. (By Jens Rushing, October 23, 2009.)

You, Hugh
Star Trek: The Next Generation, the Borg, and linguistic imperialism. (By Dharmini Patel, September 28, 2006.)

Zodiac of Sci-Fi Movies and TV
The old Zodiac had a good run. Our new one has Vultan of the Hawkmen! (By Joe Crowe, January 26, 2011.)

Zombie Haiku: Charlie Higson Enemy Series Contest Winners
Five books about kids vs. zombies. Win them all, right here! (By @RevolutionSF , June 09, 2014.)


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