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RevolutionSF Reviews
Senior Editor: Joe Crowe

Star Wars: The Last Jedi
The Force is strong with this one. (No spoilers.) (Movie review by Stanley Brandt, December 16, 2017.)

Book Probe: BattleMaster, Wade of Aquitaine, Kriendria of Amorium
You need new books. Do not panic. We got this. (Book review by Joe Crowe and @RevolutionSF, April 18, 2017.)

Logan feels like the movie Hugh Jackman always wanted to make. (Movie review by Alan J. Porter and @AlanJPorter, February 19, 2017.)

Book Probe: All Our Wrong Todays, Cubit Quest, Esper Files
Need new SF, fantasy, or horror books? OF COURSE YOU DO. Find them here. (Book review by Joe Crowe and @revolutionsf, February 03, 2017.)

Like Lost in Space, if you were supposed to root for Dr. Smith. (Movie review by Alan J. Porter and @alanjporter, January 01, 2017.)

Book Probe: This Way to the End Times, Ocean of Storms
Spend money on books! DO IT. (Book review by Joe Crowe and @revolutionsf, November 26, 2016.)

Arrival forces us to re-evaluate our standards of greatness. (Movie review by Xander Johnson and @xanjohn55, November 13, 2016.)

Dr. Strange (2016)
The hoary hosts of Hoggoth smile upon this film. (Movie review by Gary Mitchel and @gary_mitchel, November 06, 2016.)

Dr. Strange (1978)
Way before Benedict Cumberbatched, Dr. Strange was in live action in the swinging 70s. (TV review by Joe Crowe and @yojoecrowe, November 05, 2016.)

Blair Witch Project: Scariest Movie Ever
I would have welcomed barfing. (Movie review by Joe Crowe and @yojoecrowe, September 16, 2016.)

Book Probe: Tinker and the Fold, Provectus, Ursula LeGuin
You need books. We recommend books. Here are good ones! (Book review by Joe Crowe and @RevolutionSF, August 29, 2016.)

Suicide Squad
A definite casualty of corporate desperation. (Movie review by Alan J. Porter and @alanjporter, August 06, 2016.)

Ghostbusters 2016: 4-Word Review
Four words. One movie. A million man-tears. Let`s do this. (Movie review by Various RevSF Artists, July 21, 2016.)

RevolutionSF Podcast: DC Comics Rebirth
DC relaunches yet again, and we are here to talk for hours about it. (Comics review by Various RevSF Artists, July 15, 2016.)

Your childhoods are safe! (Movie review by Michael Falkner, July 15, 2016.)

Book Probe: Star Trek Guide, Trekonomics
All your Star Trek book needs in one place. (Book review by Joe Crowe, July 02, 2016.)

Book Probe: Children of the Different, Nethergrim, Dreadwillow Carse
Fantasy novels with maps. Sci-fi with neural implants. These books have it all! (Book review by Various RevSF Artists and @RevolutionSF, June 08, 2016.)

Captain America: Civil War 4-Word Reviews
"D'awwww! Vision and Wanda!" (Movie review by Various RevSF Artists, June 04, 2016.)

Roger Zelazny`s Jack of Shadows
A long out-of-print classic (and Amber forefather) gets new life. (Book review by Van Allen Plexico and @VanAllenPlexico, June 02, 2016.)

Lois Lane: Double Down and Fallout
Lois Lane in a YA action-adventure book. You need it. (Book review by Joe Crowe and @yojoecrowe, May 11, 2016.)


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