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RevolutionSF Fiction Writer's Guidelines

RevolutionSF Fiction made its debut in October 2001. Since then it has featured stories by Michael Moorcock, Neal Barrett, Jr., Joe R. Lansdale, Gene Wolfe and many others.

RevolutionSF is looking for literate, strongly plotted science fiction, fantasy, and horror stories between 1,000 and 10,000 words, on a variety of subjects and themes. Original fiction and reprints are equally welcome. We want to intrigue our readers with mind-broadening, thought-provoking stories. Characterization is crucial. Stories must be written in clear, understandable prose. Currently, RevolutionSF does not offer payment for stories.

It is impossible for us to judge a story's quality without seeing the complete manuscript. If you have a story you think fits our requirements, submit it for consideration. But please do not send more than one story at a time; wait for a response on one before submitting another.

RevolutionSF encourages alternative forms of fiction such as comics, audio files, limited animation and hypertext. We do not accept submissions for poetry. We will consider a self-contained story that is part of a novel or film, or may later be developed into one.

Fiction submissions should be attached *.rtf files sent to revolutionsfsubs@gmail.com . Put "Submission:" and the title of your story in the subject line. The name of the attached file should be THE SAME AS THE STORY TITLE.

Please use standard manuscript format. Please include a brief bio and credits, if any, in the body of your email. Queries are welcome.

Submit comics as attached *.jpg files.

Audio files must be attached MP3s. Query for files larger than ten MB.

Query for animation of excessive size.

All levels of a hypertext story must be typed out (as outlined above) with links obvious and explained. A sample of the hypertext must be included as an attachment.

We usually respond within five to eight weeks after receiving a submission. Depending on numerous variables, however, it can sometimes take longer. Please give us ample time before inquiring about a submission's status.

If you have any questions, please send them to revolutionsfsubs@gmail.com.

If you feel that you must send a snailmail submission, mail it to RevolutionSF Subs, 3311 Lafayette Ave., Austin, TX 78722, USA.




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